Fleet Theatre

City: Watervliet
State: MI
County: Berrien
Owner History: Unknown
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12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
1960 - The Loma Theatre at Caloma has been sold by Mrs. C. C. Alguire and her daughter Ethel Kilmark to Tom Derosa, who will remodel it for use as a furniture store. The Alguire family has operated a theatre at Coloma since 1913 when Claude and Clinton Alguire leased a house, then newly rebuilt after a fire. Clinton Algure took over his brother's interesta year later, and operated the theatre until 1917 when he retired because of ill health. At that time his wife Louise and Mrs. Leon Vogt bought the business. Mrs. Alguire became sole owner on her partner's death and it was subsequently sold to Mrs. Kilmark. The old house was replaced by the Loma in 1935. The building was destroyed by fire in 1943, and rebuilt. Mrs. Kilmark also operated the Fleet Theatre in Watervliet for about three years, disposing of that house about four years ago. Note from Webmaster at WaterWinterWonderland: Clearly the furniture store idea did not happen as the Loma is alive and well today!
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