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Eastwood Theatre

Address: 21145 Gratiot Ave
City: Eastpointe State: MI Zip: 48021 Phone:  
County: Macomb
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Open: 1942 Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 7972

1/29/2016 - Ann Priebe
In 1958 I was was one of the candy girls along with Maryann Douglas and others. Irvin Belinsky was part owner. Mr. Belinsky also owned the Shores in St. Clair Shores and he had a drug store at Harper and Gratiot.

He died in 1997 living in California.
3/26/2013 - Patricia Catallo
I was fifteen years old when I started working at the Eastwood, hired by Chuck, my favorite boss till this day. If you worked at the Eastwood or even just frequented the place you would be familiar with who he was. Chuck spent the better part of his life running the place and we would be remiss not to mention him at least once. Chuck was a huge part of The Eastwood, indeed I would go as far as to say he was the Eastwood Theater, without him it would have closed its doors decades earlier, It was his relentless pursuit to find the best and most current second run films that kept the crowds coming in and the theater afloat. Well, at least until Block Buster took over, that was the end of second run theaters and the end of the buck twenty five, seventy five cents on Sunday mornings that it cost for admittance.

Chuck has moved on to the Gilded Theater in the sky now rubbing shoulders with the stars themselves. Cheers Chuck thanks for bringing the stars a bit closer to us.
10/13/2009 - Ed
The Eastwood Theater was not on the Eastwood Park site. The Eastwood Theater was on the west side of GRATIOT and EASTWOOD PARK was on the east side of GRATIOT.
6/20/2007 - Jason Meinke
OMG this place was my very first job, soo many good times happened here Wow that was a long time ago.

around the early 90''s.
6/6/2005 - Mike Ries
The Wired Frog has actually moved to the old Roseville Theather just off of Gratiot. I went there expecting to see a theater screen.

it was nothing more than a big screen and a DVD projector.
4/21/2004 - Karen P Hunt
The club seems to be closed--there is a for lease sign in the window.
12/30/2003 - Karen P Hunt
The last I heard, it turned into a coffeehouse/teen night club called The Wired Frog.
11/30/2003 - Ross Quinlan
Eastwood Theatre was not part of Eastwood Park. the park was across Gratiot and about a quarter of a mile south ,me and my broither used to go to western matinees there on saturday afternoon in the late forties and early fifties for 14 cents admission.

10/1/2003 - Karen P Hunt
I believe this old theater was part of eastwood park, hence the name, since it was on the location of the amusement park. I went there several times especially on Thursdays when it was a double feature for a dollar One interesting thing, it had murals of roses painted on the insides. Also it only had one screen.
Eastwood Theatre - FROM DAN CUNNINGHAM
Eastwood Theatre - NOW A CLUB

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