Fremont Cinemas

Address: 1027 W Main St
City: Fremont
State: MI
County: Newaygo
Owner History: Unknown
Number of visits to this page: 4057
Info Updates:
4/7/2014 - Daniel Longcore
Fremont Cinemas has been bought by new owners, they are upgrading the theater to digital projection, and it is expected to reopen by this summer.
6/16/2013 - Vaughn Guild
Sadly, this theatre closed on June 14, 2013, perhaps forever. Its last film was a sneak preview showing of the 2013 Superman movie on June 13, 2013. Presently (6/15) there is a sign on the door saying it will re-open, but there are no details. Another sign on the door advises vendors how to collect the machines in the theatre lobby.
1/30/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This tiny multi-plex appears to be located in a shopping center, which is unfortunate as Fremont once had a nice art deco house downtown that is now gone.
Fremont Cinemas - INTERIOR CONCESSION (newer photo)
Fremont Cinemas - AUDITORIUM (newer photo)
AUDITORIUM (newer photo)
Fremont Cinemas - Photo from 5/9/2010
Photo from 5/9/2010
Fremont Cinemas - SPRING 2008
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