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5/16/2012 - Rich Johnson
Waterford Hills is alive and well. The 2012 race season begins May 26 & 27 followed by June 9 & 10, July 14 & 15, August 25 & 26, September 15 & 16 and September 29 & 30. Race your street cars during open track day October 14. Vintage Car Races July 28 & 29. www. waterfordhills. com.
2/12/2010 - Tom F
Here is the 2010 Waterford Hills race / open track day schedule
May 1-2 Driver''s School
May 22-23 Race#1
June 5-6 Race #2
June 26-27 Race #3
July 24-25 Race #4
August 28-29 Race #5
September 25-26 Race #6

Open Track Days
April 25
July 11
August 22
October 3
2/14/2008 - Scott Hansen
I''m back.

Open track days are for street cars and/or closed wheel race cars (no open wheel formula cars) and are not a competition. We usually will have five run groups and you are placed in a group based on your experience level. You can be moved around to fit your comfort level throughout the day. Every car gets a bascic tech inspection for safety and you must wear and an approved helmet. We do have instructors available to any driver that would like some instruction on the proper line and some basic driving techniques. Most of these instructors are Waterford Hills racers that have a competition license, so they know their stuff.

You don''t have to change your anti-freeze to water to participate in these events. The majority of the cars are street cars and we will not require you to run water. (It''s a good idea, but not required)

There is no RACING at these events and rules are strictly enforced regarding going off track or any contact. We have a great track record and any incidents that we have had involved one car and a driver getting a little to overconfident. Basically if you hurt your car in some way, it was your own fault.
2/13/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Guess I will then. Open track day is a day that for a fee, if your car is approved you can come out and run Waterford, providing you have the proper safety equipment. I believe they make you run water, no coolant.
2/11/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Explain a little about open track days for the people visiting the ste that don''t know what that means. Also it would be cool to see the Waterford guys make a trip to Autocity Speedway, if only to show people what types of cars run there. Be nice if you guys actually ran an enduro for the 4th open track day. I was there for the one that got done and it was really cool.
1/3/2008 - Scott Hansen
All of the newer pictures from Waterford were taken by some of our regular track photographers, I just picked them from our gallery on our website. The guys who deserve credit for these photos are John Gacioch, John Willyard, Don Castle, Kris Walker and Ed Ho. These guys have a knack for getting some of the greatest action shots.
1/2/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyy nice shots indeed! This is why I have been telling everyone to come out and give the sporty cars a chance. Not only can you see pretty much the entire track from several vantage point''s, but the racing is cool. Yes it''s different from the circle track stuff, but most races are very exciting with different battles going on between cars in class on the same track at the same time.

You would be surprised theat a Mini could pull a vette down the backstretch, but I saw it. If you think about it, that''s more exciting than seeing someone in a superlate check out for 70 laps. In the words of Yoda, "just different in your mind"
1/2/2008 - Randy
NICE SHOTS SCOTT...very cool.
12/21/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Thank you scott! I really enjoyed the enduro at the end of the year in 2006. Please do that again, it was awesome!
12/21/2007 - Scott Hansen
I have bombarded the webmaster with new pics from last season. There is pleny of sedan action, my favorite since I am running with the "Gound Pounders" in my A-Sedan Mustang. I did send a good mix of what we have at every race weekend.

Coming back this season will be the Great Lakes Challenge Series. These cars are all Formula Continental (FC) and Club Formula Continental (CFC) open wheel cars with wings. Starting last season they have included Waterford Hills as part of their championship series and were given their own run group at Waterford. We had about 25 of these cars and they put on one heck of a race. Many of the Waterford regulars run this series, Mike Pace, Steve Meyers, Paul Knight and Melissa Fergus to name just a few. I will post the date that the GLC Series will be at Waterford once they have confirmed their schedule.
12/20/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
It would be great if the track was widened in some places to accommodate some bigger cars, although it is a great track anyway. I loved seeing the formula atlantic out there a few years back and I really miss the historic races. Seeing Harry Gant''s old Hardee''s ride was cool. I''d love to see factory Stocks run at waterford. I can just picture Mike Whalters 73 Nova going through swamp. I love being able to see 90% of the racing on a road course that the Great Sterling Moss is reputed to have said was very challenging from what he observed when he came to visit in 59 and drove the course reportedly at high speed for quite a few laps in a dodge loned by a local dealership.
12/20/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
That''s great, but in the mean time it''s a battle royal trying to turn people onto it that only like circle track. Just send Gary some relevant Sedan action shots of tight close racing, please

From the webmaster - I have received a bunch of pics, I will post them in the next few days.
12/20/2007 - Randy
Yes, I agree with Sean...Scott - post some newer pics of the racin out there!!!
12/19/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Scott for the love of snoopy, would someone please!!!!!!! post some modern photo''s of all the classes on this site!!! Nothing sells like pictures. The link isn''t working but you can send em straight to Gary and he will post em. Sean
12/3/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I went and looked at Steve''s ITB Prizm yesterday. What a beautiful car. I need a honda or a neon or a toyota for the street and was thinking it could be streetable, but that would be a crime. Someone buy this car and race it. Wish I could afford too.
1/23/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
The new schedule for waterford race weekends is out. This is the race schedule for Waterford 07 Go to the website to print out coupons for free admission. Pack a lunch, sit up on the hill. You can pretty much see the entire one and half mile course from there. Please support this wonderful facility in our own backyard or else it to may disappear someday. Race 1 - May 5-6.Race 2 - June 2-3 Race 3 - June 30-July 1 Race 4 - July 28-29 Race 5 - Aug. 25-26 Race 6 - Sept. 29-30
8/6/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Excellent racing last Sunday, especially when rain, the great equalizer appeared. Three of the features were started on rain tires which worked great until the groove dried out, then it was run of line or risk doing a little agriculrural racing if you were on rain tires. The Cauley and Southern Motors corvettes were especially fun to watch.
10/18/2005 - Sean Fitzgerald
The third photo is the paddock out from the false grid onto the track. There arent any pictures of the closed wheel groups which make up the majority of the cars at Waterford. ITB is(improved touring B) is especially interesting, everything from Porches to Neons and Volvos and Hondas and Mazdas and Mustangs. Wish there were some photos of those cars.
6/27/2005 - Sean Fitzgerald
Today i watched two corvettes race side by side, cleanly, around Waterford for a lap and a half. Thats two miles door handle to doorhandle through a total of 18 turns. Unreal, thats all i can say. What a great place to spend a Sunday
11/16/2004 - Sean Fitzgerald
People have no idea what a gem this place is. Its about the only place I know where you can have a picnic and watch some awesome racing for the sake of racing. Its almost like a trip bck to the 60s, when people raced for the love. Thank you oakland county sportsman for this place. Please for the love of racing check this place out and dont ever let it close. Oh yeah, if your one of the smart people that built a house next to it so you could complain, sell me your house so I can walk to the track! Waterford has made my saturdays and Sundays heaven.

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