Clarkston Cinema

Address: 6808 Dixie Hwy
City: Clarkston
State: MI
County: Oakland
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12/18/2014 - Scott Raby
I grew up in Clarkson and Waterford. And I can remember when the Clarkson Cinema was G-Rated only. Then it was PG or PG-13 only. It was a cool idea that the owners back then tried to keep it a Family oriented Cinema. But the low ticket price was the coolest thing for me and my friends. And it was convenient to that area without having to drive a good ways. I saw movies throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. Forrest Gump was the last movie I saw there in 1994. I miss the memories- I wish they would open it up again.
5/15/2014 - doug kaminsky
I want to purchase this building. Any information would be helpful.
5/1/2014 - Lawrence Sefa
I owned the Clarkston Cinema. It was originally a Jerry Lewis Cinema. Only G-rated movies could be played. That business model didn't work.
11/20/2013 - Tristan
Does anyone know the current owners and how I might reach them? I am actually looking to rent some space and that cinema is close to my home. That would be perfect.
11/18/2013 - Tristan
Does anyone know the current owners and how I might reach them? I am actually looking to rent some space and that cinema is close to my home. That would be perfect.
7/31/2012 - Jazmine
Is this place haunted? In the pictures i see mist and orbs CREEEEPPPYYYY.
11/26/2011 - Penny
Is it for sale? I see it has an attached business in the same building. What about that too?.
4/18/2011 - Chad Turowski
They are right one theater and no hauntings. My family owned it back in the day. I am 30 now and I remember working with my dad as a young child on the projector. Great times.
6/7/2009 - TSTONE
So for me it was the 70''s and Kari is right there was basically nothing in this town for a kid back then.

Summer of 77'' they showed Star Wars every night at 6pm - I must have seen it 50 times that summer.

The following summer - was huge!!! Smokey and the Bandit was on the screen for most of the summer. Clarkston was a huge gear head town and the cars ripping it up all over town.

It stuck with me all these years and I finally broke down and bought my own 77'' Trans Am.

5/13/2009 - Evan
I worked there from the early to mid nineties while I was still in school. Great place for a teenager to work. No hauntings to speak of but we did ride a moped around inside and a few bottle rockets were lit off. There may still be a fifth of Jack Daniels under the large popcorn bucket that is on display. To bad its closed, many fond memories!
3/18/2009 - Kari
The theater does not have two screens, only one. It was the BEST JOB EVER for a teenager in the late 80''s. Never experienced any haunting, just some great nights with good friends. I was always sad that no one was able to resurrect it, it was the only thing going for kids in town when I was a teen.
2/12/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
The Clarkston Cinema was a small 2 screen theatre in north Oakland county. Judging from the posters still present on the outside wall of the theatre, "Space Cowboys" and "Highlander - End Game", the theatre closed sometime in 2000. Several web sites have reported that the Clarkston Cinema is haunted. Reported sightings of people around the cinema. scratching and bumping noises heard every night and shadows of people running on the screen. Also the appearance of a little girl sitting on the stage.
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