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Grand Rapids Motor Speedway (Kamp's Speedway) - Wyoming MI

Address: 3610 36th St SE
City: Wyoming
State: MI
Zip: 49508
County: Kent
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General Information:

Source: Richard Honholt

Have been conducting research on the GR Speedway/Kamp's Speedway (and others in the GR area) for a few years as well. Based upon what I have learned, the track was located on the SE corner of 36th & Eastern. Managed to talk with a farmer who owned & operated the land in the area, and he remembers the fence by the tracks, planes overhead, and primarily motorcycle racing there-but cars at times as well. Unforunately, he has no pictures. Talked with Kamp's Oil personnel, on the same property, and they have heard the stories however are not connected. It sure would be great if someone could produce a picture or two! Keep up the good work everyone!.

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Info Updates:
4/19/2013 - rizok
There was a fairgrounds track between 36th and 32nd but it is. 85 of a mile. Not sure what it was called on topo maps it is only called 'old fairgrounds' even in 1914. viewable on historicaerials. com.
8/8/2012 - Randy
and added note, the Kamp Motor Speedway in IN was dirt. again, coincidental.
8/8/2012 - Randy
To Richard H: Not sure if there is a relation or not, but there is/was a Kamp Motor Speedway in Boswell, IN. Here is info I found. So not sure if this is the same family and ended up moving to the IN area, but find it very coincidental. Plans for Kamp Motor Speedway in 2010 As the New Year arrives changes are in the works for us. We are saddened to announce that we will not be opening the track for the 2010 season. This decision is from health reasons both here and in Paducah Kentucky. Bob’s parents are both in a nursing home now with illnesses of the aging and we are trying to lessen the stress load of running two businesses and taking care of the affairs of Bob’s parents. The economy is another factor in our decision. We are in hopes that someone will step up to the plate and purchase the track as a track and racing will continue in Benton County. At this time the track is for sale but there has been no tangible offers. Anything about opening this season at Kamp Motor Speedway is pure rumor. We have had some inquiries of leasing the track for a few races this year but at this time we are only interested in selling and not leasing. If and when the track sells we will make that announcement. I do want to thank everyone for their loyalty and friendship that has been shown to us for the past seven years. The friendship part of the racing has been what has kept us going. Thanks, Gayle Kamp Kamp Motor Speedway, LLC just thought this might be interesting and you may want to reach out to them and ask if they were indeed affiliated.
6/18/2012 - Tom Maas
Update on my last note: We found a 1942 newspaper ad which clarified the location of this track. The ad had the address of 3650 Eastern Ave. , which is in the SE corner of 36th St and Eastern! So, apparently 36th St. was also known as Airport Road (even though 32nd St. took you to the airport terminal).
6/12/2012 - Tom Maas
I just found a June 21, 1941 South Kent County News article which says that this oval track was at Airport Road and Eastern Ave. That would be 32nd St. and not 36th St. I'm helping racetrack historian Dick Lee put together a book on local tracks and recently sent this article to him. Great site! Tom.
11/1/2006 - Larry Heyns
This track was located at 36th and Eastern Ave., according to Allen Brown's America's Speedways. It was also known as Kamp's Speedway. It was a 1/4 mile dirt oval that raced 1940 - 42.
Grand Rapids Motor Speedway (Kamps Speedway) - 1947 Aerial Photo
1947 Aerial Photo
Grand Rapids Motor Speedway (Kamps Speedway) - June 16 1941 Article Lansing State Journal
June 16 1941 Article Lansing State Journal
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