Galewood Theatre

Address: 1051 Burton St SW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
County: Kent
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5/29/2014 - JackSchultz
I remember going to the Galewood all through the 1940's and early to mid 50's. We would see the serials and cartoons, and 2 movies every Friday night and Sunday afternoon, and the previews. This was long before TV was popular. All during the war years in the early 40's we would go to see our heroes vanquish the hated Nazies and Japeniese. It cost 12 cents to get in and popcorn was a dime, we sometimes went across the street to Pfeffer's drug store for a coke, where I worked in from 1952 through 1954. I grew up on Wheeler st. , about a 4/5 block walk which in those days we didn't get home untiil 10:30 on friday shows. Our parent s didn't worry about that in those days.
9/26/2013 - Denny
If memory serves me correctly, at least it's last couple years it was run by the Fischer family. Upon closing as a theatre it re-opened as a popular neighborhood roller skating rink. Two movies I specifically recall seeing at this theatre were The Beast of Hollow Mountain, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
9/9/2012 - Jim Fahlstedt
At one time, this neighborhood sub-run was operated by the Butterfield and Johnson chain. It later operated with several of the Boshoven-Busick theaters. It closed in the late 50s, if my old mind is not too hazy. Was only in it once, for some Bob Steele western. It was old, dirty and nasty.
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