Raceland - East Tawas MI

Address: 940 Esmond Rd
City: East Tawas
State: MI
Zip: 48730
County: Iosco
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General Information:

I am using a current day address for the track that is very close to where it once sat. The track was a few yards south of this address and the impression can be seen on the map.

Source: Ron Brown

Racelands promoter was Jack Goodwin - a familiar name from Detroit area tracks. He put his heart and soul into making that track a success. Jack kept the racing exciting and affordable for fans and drivers with good fields of cars in street, hobby, and super stock divisions. The track was also host to the Carling Circuit of Champions series.

He was always quick to help out any driver who asked, either with advice or getting dirty and greasy. One night he climbed into a late model he had never driven before. The driver complained of handling problems. With just a few hot laps, and with no adjustments, Jack tied the track record with that car. Jack gave that driver a lesson in confidence! Jack also eventually allowed women in the pit area. That was an uncommon but welcome addition for most crews.

For a time Raceland also had a female starter. I could be wrong, but I believe her name was Kay. She was a TV personality from a Bay City area station. She got off to a rough start, but soon got the hang of it and did a fine job. When I look at the Raceland trophy on my shelf it brings back so many memories of the good people who attended and raced at the track. It was a sad day when we finished the 1977 season and found out it was the last.

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Info Updates:
3/17/2015 - Ron Brown
Jack Goodwin passed away on Mar 7, 2015. RIP old friend.
10/9/2013 - Ron Brown
Richard, was that #77 Ford a green 1964 Galaxie? If so I bought it from you. I think it was #7 until I got it and added another 7. It was my first stock car. Had fun with it. I was also one of the guys who helped pull Doug out of that upside down Marlin. Not an easy task for a guy his size hanging by his belts. Donnie, I think you and I went door to door in the 1976 Mechanics Race. Best race I ever had.
8/13/2013 - RICHARD PARKER
10/4/2011 - Donnie Marcoullier
This is the race track i started racing at 1975 rookie of the year 1976 hobby stock champion, also my dad raced here Don Marcoullier #260.
7/14/2011 - Harv L
I was crew chief for Denny Davis #17 Orange & White Hobby Stock 75, 76 and part of 77. We ran Standish on Friday and Raceland on Saturday. those were the days Terry Hill, Randy Hanikow, Mike Leclair, Steve Trageer,Elmer, Walt and Virgel, forgive the spelling.
3/26/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Anyone know who owns it and if they would ever want it to be a track again
10/13/2007 - Paul Graf
Jack Goodwin was as noted a very famous driver . Go to the photos for "Motor City Speedway" and you can relive some of his racing history. The phot of #15 roadster of Ed Beste shows Jack in the driver seat with the thinner man his sponsor Ed Beste. He won 119 times in this vehicle and NEVER lost a race in which the car finished. A real accomplishment. Be sure to continue the scroll of photos to see the replica #15 made by my brother as a young man some 50 years ago. Those were the "good old days"
6/29/2006 - Bobby Peakcock (Cactus Bob)
I posted this before, dont know why it didnt show up. I just wanted to clarify that the Bobby Peacock another poster mentioned was my dad. Im only 19, so its pretty obvious that I never raced there myself.
12/13/2005 - Ron Brown
Having spent many saturday nights at Raceland as a spectator, mechanic or driver I have often wondered what happened to the track. Im sorry to see its gone but many memories survive- including Bobby Peacocks red Mustang!
5/12/2004 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
Now the site of a house, opened from 1972-1977. Mailing address was actually Oscoda.
Raceland - Summer 2005
Summer 2005
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From Mike Hamilton
Raceland - From Mike Hamilton
From Mike Hamilton
Raceland - From Mike Hamilton
From Mike Hamilton
Raceland - Aerial
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1982 Aerial
Raceland - Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo
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Aug 9 1967 Article
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