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Willow Drive-In Theatre - Belleville MI

Address: 51300 E. Michigan Ave
City: Belleville
State: MI
Zip: 48111
County: Wayne
Open: 1966 (9-16-66)
Closed: N/A
Capacity: 1000
Owner History: Wayne Amusements/Charles Shafer Harry Mohney/Mid States/VIP Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 11012
General Information:

Source: Cinema Treasures

The Willow Drive-In opened around the early 50s, and was one of three drive-in theaters in the area owned by Arthur and Roger Robinson (along with the Scio and the Ypsi-Ann). It could originally hold about 1000 cars (increased to 1050 in the 70s) and its single screen measured 118' by 50'. Like the Robinson's other drive-ins, the Willow was taken over by the General Cinemas Corporation in 1967. In 1978, Wayne Amusements acquired the Willow, but it was closed five years later. Today, a trailer park occupies the former drive-in's site.

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Info Updates:
2/19/2011 - Brian M
this is a trailer park.
3/5/2010 - Terry Compton
Met my wife at the Willow Run Drive-In...June 7, 1985....we were in high school.
1/25/2009 - Tom
I remember my grandfather selling part of his property so they could build the theater. He lived in the gray house net to the drive-in that si still there.
1/16/2009 - Sherrie
I remember I was a child and we lived in College Park directly behind the Willow Drive-In. I remember going up to the mail boxes on a calm night and watching Planet of the Apes. If I listened very closely I could hear what they were saying. That was when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade (1969-71).

In High school a bunch of friends and I used to go up there for the $1.00 Wednesday night special. For the entire summer it seemed like they played Heavy Metal. That was some good times.
7/2/2006 - Chris Hurley
I always thought it was strange to be riding in the car as a child as my Dad drove along US-12 (Michigan Avenue) through Canton Township, getting to just past the split to I-94 and into Ypsilanti, and suddenly there was a drive-in sign, amongst the trees. My family visited the Willow once, in 1980, we saw a double feature, "Smokey and The Bandit Part II" and "Battle Beyond The Stars," although I remember the newspaper listing had "Jaws II" as the second feature. Dont know why I remember that. But I thought it was a cool drive-in, just in a poor location.
1/6/2003 - Drive-Ins.com
One of the last drive ins built. Very large screen, poor concession stand and boxoffices. (I managed that theater one summer). Originally held about 1100 cars, but by 1980 the speaker poles in last several rows had been removed lower the number to about 900. The theater closed in 1983 or 1984 and was replaced by a moble home park. R. Fredrick

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Willow Drive-In Theatre - Photo And Caption From Harry Skrdla
Photo And Caption From Harry Skrdla
Willow Drive-In Theatre - Photo From Harry Skrdla
Photo From Harry Skrdla
Willow Drive-In Theatre - The Willow Now From Waterwinterwonderland
The Willow Now From Waterwinterwonderland
Willow Drive-In Theatre - Aerial Photo - Photo From Terraserver
Aerial Photo - Photo From Terraserver
Willow Drive-In Theatre - Old Aerial
Old Aerial
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