MacJo Motel - Hulbert MI 

Address: 37485 M-28
City: Hulbert
State: MI
Zip: 49748
County: Chippewa
Number of visits to this page: 1327

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General Information:

The MacJo was built and operated by Josephine and McKinley Harrison in 1947, their first names being the basis for the name of the motel. They were both former Detroit area residents that decided to move up north. Initially I believe it was a gas station, candy store, and gift shop that expanded into tourist cabins. At one point each cabin was painted a different color. Eventually McKinley passed away in 1973 and Josephine ran it by herself until 1991 when she put it up for sale.

Josephine must have been a good promoter as she was featured twice in the Detroit papers with nearly full page feature articles. I believe the placed lived on into the 2000's but as of 2022 it does not seem to be open to the public. The 2018 street view indicates what was probably the store and office is demolished.

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MacJo Motel - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
MacJo Motel - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
MacJo Motel - 2011 Street View - Maybe Open
2011 Street View - Maybe Open
MacJo Motel - 2018 Street View
2018 Street View
MacJo Motel - 2008 Street View
2008 Street View
MacJo Motel - 2018 Street View - Store And Office Is Gone
2018 Street View - Store And Office Is Gone
MacJo Motel - 1985 Article On Josephine
1985 Article On Josephine
MacJo Motel - 1991 Article On Sale
1991 Article On Sale
MacJo Motel - Business Card
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