Movies at Woodland

Address: 3089 28th St SE
City: Kentwood
State: MI
County: Kent
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2/4/2014 - Dave G.
I saw Star Wars there too, the first day the movie opened. I remember waiting in a long line with my dad for tickets. I think I saw Star Wars three more times while it was at Woodland. I remember friends who went 14, 15 or 16 times. Saw the first Indiana Jones movie there as well too, as well as many, many others. I remember going to see the movie Porkies with a bunch of friends, I don't think we ever laughed as hard in our lives as we did during the shower scene in the movie. I also remember sneaking out of the house on Friday or Saturday night and riding my bike all the way from the Plymouth/Hall area while enjoying a couple of travelers along the way to meet buds & go watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnite Movie at Woodlandq & sneaking in my refreshments. One time, Huey Lewis & the News were in the row in front of us & shared a swig of some peach snaps that they were enjoying, they must of been in town for a concert at the time. Also remember Funway Freeway, the arcade next to the theater and all the money I blew there! Wow, those were good times!.
5/8/2013 - Brian Deuel
This building was demolished three years ago. The site it sat on is now part of Woodland Mall's parking lot.
8/29/2010 - Norm
I remember my father took me there August 4, 1977 to see a movie I hadn''t heard of - STAR WARS!
4/2/2008 - Trent Kroetz
Back in it''s prime, this was one of the better theaters in Grand Rapids. When Studio 28 expanded and then the Showcase Cinemas opened the Movies at Woodland pretty much became obsolete. I worked as an Usher and then a Manager of this theater during High School from 1984-1986. Interesting that you would have a photo of the empty marquee. Part of my responsibilities was updating that marquee and the smaller one on the other side of the mall whenever the movies changed. I have made some life long friends during my time at this theater and I was sorry to see it closed down the last time I was in Grand Rapids.
9/25/2005 - King Chuck
The demolition at Movies at Woodland is complete. The new Cinemark several hundred yards away is almost completed and will be open in two months.
8/17/2005 - Chuck Sutton
Demolition has begun on the old Movies at Woodland. They are making room for parking for the new Cinemark.
2/4/2003 - Chris Sallek
Havent looked lately but pretty sure that this theatre building still stands. It had a "sister theatre", the "Movies at North Kent" on Plainfield Ave in Grand Rapids which probably closed at about the same time and I believe is now demolished.
Movies at Woodland - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
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