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Movie Theaters >> Strand Theatre

Address: 315 W Main St
City: Lowell State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Kent
View on Google Maps  
Open: 1928   Capacity:  
Owner: Unknown
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 12584

12/2/2017 - Donald M. Scott
Thanks for this excellent resource. I'm researching a book, and the pages are a big help. The Strand has special meaning - it was a major waypoint in my life. Just before we returned to California, in the spring of 1956, we saw Forbidden Planet at the Strand. The movie was based on a book - a search for that book after we returned to California would lead to another book - that would lead to two careers (Park Ranger, and NASA State Field Educator for Nevada, Montana, Southern California), the publication of the authorized biography of George R. Stewart, to the sets of Star Trek (which was inspired by Forbidden Planet), and even to a meeting with one of the stars of FP, the fellow who played Doc. Since this current book is somewhat autobiographical, it's invaluable to find your site. Again, thanks.
4/9/2014 - Steve DeNolf
The Evans Family ran the Theatre till 1972 when it was purchased by Robert C. DeNolf and Family. They then ran the Theatre till it's closing in 1985. Note that the Strand was originally a stage theatre with movies only as part of the entertainment. A typical night in the early 1930's would include comedians, dancing girls, newsreels and visiting acts from Chicago or headliner acts including Laurel and Hardy. Soon movies dominated and a permanent screen was erected in front of the stage. With excellent sound system, nice seating and physical location on Main Street, Lowell, MI. , the theatre did well for years. But as all good things change or come to an end, television, multi-screen theaters, cable and other entertainment, the theatre eventually couldn't compete and closed. Larkin's Saloon now operates as a hall for weddings, concerts and events. Not much of the ambiance of the Strand is left. Please note that the Lowell Historical Museum next door to the Theatre has an exhibit of history and information on the theatre until September 2014.
3/4/2013 - Google
The Strand Theatre opened on June 12, 1928. It is on West Main at South Broadway and seated 502. It closed on December 2, 1985 with its last feature being “Back to the Future”. It has since been converted into a reception and catering center. They have kept it in its original decor inside with all the ornate features still intact and in use. The marquee has been stripped of its neon and painted an off blue but still utilizing the attraction panels. Where the box office used to be, another set of doors has replaced it.
5/19/2010 - bill stinchcomb
if my memory serves me right the people who ran the theater in its final years were named Evans. it was a man and his wife. I used to go there quite frequently and can remember them as far back as the 50''s. thanks
9/11/2004 - Roger Nead
This theater originally opened on June 12th, 1928, and ran its last movie on December 2nd, 1985. The last film shown here was "Back To The Future".
2/24/2004 - Quentin
I dont have any real info on this one other then to say I have been to a wedding reception at the building about 2 years ago. It was quite orginial inside, with the fixtures still in place.
Strand Theatre - RECENT PIC

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