Cinema Carousel

Address: 4289 Grand Haven Rd
City: Muskegon
State: MI
County: Muskegon
Owner History: Jack Loeks Theatres
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9/5/2015 - Trolleyguy
Now operated by Celebration Cinema.
4/20/2007 - Dan Goodman
The following article appeared in tonights Muskegon Chronicle. Coming to a theater near you: Super-sharp digital movies Thursday, April 19, 2007 J.D. Loeks pushed the button on the new $110,000 projector and the first digital movie flooded a screen at Celebration Cinema North in Grand Rapids. Only 10 patrons were in the theater for the first glimpse of the morning show Tuesday, but the positive reaction to the clarity of the animated movie "Barnyard" was clear. Even movie previews were sharp as glass. Forget the celluloid 35 mm film often prone to distortions, scratching and fading. The wow factor over digitally mastered scenes with a range of up to 43 trillion bright colors was evident in the theater. It''s the reaction Loeks Theatres Inc. expects from moviegoers once digital projection is available for all of its 128 screens across Michigan. Among the Loeks theaters that will convert to digital will be the 17-screen Cinema Carousel Theatres in Norton Shores. Cinema Carousel will convert May 18, according to Loeks representatives. The $14 million digital cinema project between Loeks, Hollywood movie studios and Access Integrated Technologies Inc. was announced today during a special presentation. "Digital projection is like using real butter and the absolutely finest ingredients in a fine restaurant," said Loeks, chief operating officer for Loeks Theatres. "You''re limited to what you can do with film, but digital will bring ultimate picture clarity and color to the screen." The conversion is expected to be completed in Grand Rapids by April 27, just in time for the release of "Spider Man 3." With the Christie 2K DLP Cinema projectors also comes three-dimensional capability, with Loeks Theatres planning to dedicate that feature to one or two screens in each of its complexes. Of the 37,000 movie screens across the country, about 3,000 are served by digital-projection systems. As bugs were worked out of the production and distribution process, the transition from film to digital is spreading throughout the industry. The technology also will be used to provide alternative programming on the big screen, including sports events, concerts, video game tournaments, business meetings and other special events, Loeks said. "We''re proud and excited to be on the front end of a new era," he said.
4/24/2006 - David Vitek
That is indeed the old drive in theatre movie maquee. Cinema Carousel has a full size musical carousel in the lobby. The round looking part of the building in the picture is where it is located. 32 horses and 2 chariots if I remember correctly. Started as a two screen went to 4 screens then to 6 screens then to 12 screens and the to the present day 16 screens. Last 4 screens were built as true stadium theatres the rest of the building was retro fitted. With the addition of the last 4 screens a new concession stand was added the Carousel room was built (carousel had to be put in before room was finished) a game room, new back entrance and a birthday party room.
1/28/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This multi-plex replaced the Auto Theatre Drive-In and features a small indoor carousel.
Cinema Carousel - MAIN ENTRANCE
Cinema Carousel - MAIN ENTRANCE