Beacon Theatre

Address: 5401 Portage St
City: Portage
State: MI
County: Kalamazoo
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3/26/2012 - Walt Hermance
There was a theater on Grand river just south of West Grand Blvd. In the late Thrities anc real early Forties. My Mom got free dishes every time we went to the movies there. It was made into the Lucky Strike Bolling alley. I set pins there as a teenager. It was torn down years ago. It was called the Beacon theater.
6/23/2007 - TB
Gone, was torn down around 1990-91 and a small shopping plaza sits on the site today. Also of note this theater was located only a couple of hundred yards north of the Portage Drive-In theater on the opposite side of the street, which also no longer exists.
2/15/2005 - Brad Adams
This theatre was a twin built to replace the Capitol downtown, opened in 76 with Silver Streak , on one of the screens, seating approx 500 patrons, each auditorium, Dolby Stereo was added a year later when Star Wars opened there. Nice BIG WIDE screens, nice large triangle shaped auditoriums. Was an A+ theatre, it went to dollar movies 85 and was demolished in 1990. Big loss to the theatre goers here was one of the few that were a large screen, and Dolby Stereo.
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