Saginaw 12 - Saginaw MI 

Address: 3250 Kabobel Dr
City: Saginaw
State: MI
Zip: 48604
County: Saginaw
Open: Dec 1975
Owner History: Goodrich Quality Theatres
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 15074

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General Information:

The theater officially broke ground in 1974 by Bob Goodrich, owner of Goodrich Quality Theaters, until he ran out of money to fund the project further. It was then halted for around 8 months until he secured a loan to complete it. The theater was then completed and opened in December of 1975 as The Quad, and quickly had tremendous success in the area as being the first 4-plex in the area, and also there being few 4-plexes in Michigan, at that time. It then became the leading theater by far in Goodrich’s company. With its success Goodrich set out to construct a “second quad”, in 1979, a 4 screen addition to the existing property.

As The Quad 8, the theater became the first 8 screen theater in the State of Michigan. In 1985, the theater sought to add two more screens and it then became The Quad 10, another screen was added in 1987, and it became The Quad 11. The last expansion of the property added another screen in 1990 and therefore it became The Quad 12. In 1993, the theater wanted to “rebrand itself” and it was renamed Saginaw 8/99c QUAD, in that same year, the original sign erected in 1975 was taken down, and a new sign was built in its place, and is still there to this day. Two years later in 1995, the theater was renamed again to more simply as Saginaw 8/ QUAD.

The theater kept that name for 15 years until 2010, when the theater was renamed finally to Saginaw 12. In the later years of the theaters life it was mostly deemed as outdated, and the need for a newer facility was wanted. Goodrich had been planning a new facility for around a decade until the plan was finalized in early 2013. On May 17th ground was broken for Goodrich’s new theater, adjacent to the Saginaw 12 property, demolition on the north wing of the Saginaw 12 had begun, demolishing 2 auditoriums, for the new 10-plex storm drainage.

As the new theater was being constructed, Saginaw 12 lived its last year operating with 10 screens, until the doors were finally closed on January 12, 2014, to a number of patrons coming in on its last day to reminisce and snag a piece of the screens, and also old movie tickets, were handed out. The new theater officially opened on January 16th as The Quality 10 GDX, to a huge success, and also taking the original address at 3250 Kabobel Dr. The Saginaw 12 then awaited the wrecking ball, for a couple weeks, until early February when the theater began its full demolition. The place will always be remembered as “ The Quad” and when someone said “Let’s go to the quad” you knew exactly what was being talked about.

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Saginaw 12 - July 2002
July 2002
Saginaw 12 - July 2002
July 2002
Saginaw 12 - Full Demolition - February 2014
Full Demolition - February 2014
Saginaw 12 - North Wing Demolition - May 2013
North Wing Demolition - May 2013
Saginaw 12 - North Wing Demolition 2 - May 2013
North Wing Demolition 2 - May 2013
Saginaw 12 - Overhead - Early 1970S
Overhead - Early 1970S
Saginaw 12 - Projection Room 2
Projection Room 2
Saginaw 12 - Projection Room
Projection Room
Saginaw 12 - Saginaw 12
Saginaw 12
Saginaw 12 - Saginaw 8 - Outside
Saginaw 8 - Outside
Saginaw 12 - Saginaw 8 99Cent Quad - 1993 New Sign
Saginaw 8 99Cent Quad - 1993 New Sign
Saginaw 12 - Saginaw 8
Saginaw 8
Saginaw 12 - Side Of Building
Side Of Building
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - 1975 Inside
The Quad - 1975 Inside
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - 1975 Ribbon Cutting
The Quad - 1975 Ribbon Cutting
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - 1975
The Quad - 1975
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - Auditorium 2
The Quad - Auditorium 2
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - Auditorium
The Quad - Auditorium
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - Entrance
The Quad - Entrance
Saginaw 12 - The Quad - Inside 2
The Quad - Inside 2
Saginaw 12 - The Quad 11 Sign - 1990
The Quad 11 Sign - 1990
Saginaw 12 - The Quad 8 - North End
The Quad 8 - North End
Saginaw 12 - The Quad 8 - Outside
The Quad 8 - Outside
Saginaw 12 - The Quad 8 - Overhead
The Quad 8 - Overhead
Saginaw 12 - The Quad 8 Sign
The Quad 8 Sign
Saginaw 12 - The Quad
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