Roxy Theatre - Bay City MI

Address: 521 Washington Ave
City: Bay City
State: MI
Zip: 48708
County: Bay
Owner History: Bernstein Theatres
Theater Type: Neighborhood House
Number of visits to this page: 8916

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General Information:

AKA Lyric, Grotto, Temple

Source: Jack R. Miller

This theatre was owned and operated by Harold Bernstein of Bay City. He had a small chain known as Bernstein Theatres, which also operated in Bay City, the Lafayette, Tivoli (Pines), Woodside (Royal) and in Saginaw, the Daniel, later purchased by Ed Johnson. Ed Johnson also operated the Colonial in Essexville, under lease, until it closed.

From Andy Gray:

This photo, was taken in 1940 by my grandfather Albert S. Johnson, and just surfaced in one of his widow’s boxes of photos. On the back, in Al’s handwriting, is “Bay City.”

Al’s Johnson Construction Company completed a remodeling project on the Roxy, though family records don’t include the date. Based on the “THE ROXY FROM THE BAY JOURNAL” photo on this website, which shows the theater name as the Roxy, a new streamlined marquee, and two films that were released in 1939, my best guess is that the “late 1930’s” date given in the theater’s history was actually 1939.

Info Updates:
2/14/2021 - Andy Gray
My uncle A.S. Johnson Jr’s (Bud’s) list of Johnson Construction Co. theater jobs includes the Roxy in Bay City. My grandfather A.S. “Al” Johnson took 35mm slides of most of the theaters that he worked on, but unfortunately there are no slides in his collection of this theater or project.
4/17/2005 - Bay Journal
Operated at this location from 1906 - 1912 as the Alvarado. Subsequent names were Lyric (1913), Grotto (1914) and Temple (1925). In 1942 the Roxy Theater opened here.
Roxy Theatre - Roxy Theatre Bay City 1940 -Photo By Al Johnson
Roxy Theatre Bay City 1940 -Photo By Al Johnson
Roxy Theatre - Old Post Card View
Old Post Card View
Roxy Theatre - The Roxy From The Bay Journal
The Roxy From The Bay Journal
Roxy Theatre - The Alvarado From The Bay Journal
The Alvarado From The Bay Journal
Roxy Theatre - Now A Parking Lot
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