Dai-Roy Theatre

Address: Morenci Ave
City: Mio
State: MI
County: Oscoda
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Notes: AKA Community Theatre, Mio Theatre
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3/29/2004 - Andrew Wilson AKA The Librarian
The Community Theatre was the first known indoor theatre in Mio. It was located in the IOOF (International Order of Odd Fellows) Hall, on the first floor (as were the Mio Theatre and the Dai-Roy Theatre.) It closed on May 9th 1941 with the final show being "High Sierra" The theatre then underwent some renovations and two weeks later, on May 24, 1941 was reopened as the Mio Theatre." In 1944, local businessman Gordon (G. R.) Whitney (owner of Whitneys Pharmacy) purchased the Mio Theatre from A. J. Ellis who had operated it for "about two years" according to the Otsego County News (Prior to Mr. Ellis, the theatre had been operated by Fred Blumer). The Mio Theatre closed on November 11, 1944. The Dai-Roy Theatre was announced on the front page of the November 16, 1944 Otsego County News, under the headline "Whitneys Buy Mio Theatre." The origin of the unique name of the theatre is not explained. G.R. Whitney along with his wife Gertrude operate the theatre.
2/2/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This theatre is not to be confused with the Dai-Roy Drive-In. It appears that the 2 Dai-Roy theatres did not go head-to-head, the indoor seeming to open in the early 1940's and continuing into the late 1940's and early 1950's. The Dai-Roy Drive-In shows up mainly in the 1960's. I am assuming that the Mio Theatre and Dai-Roy indoor were the same as the ads were similar and when the Mio theatre ads stop appearing in the newspaper, the Dai-Roy ads begin. That, along with the additional assumption that a town the size of Mio was not likely to have many indoor houses leads me to this conclusion
Dai-Roy Theatre - 1941 AD
1941 AD
Dai-Roy Theatre - 1947 AD
1947 AD
Dai-Roy Theatre - 1947 AD
1947 AD
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