State Theatre - Lake Orion MI

Address: 102 S. Broadway Street
City: Lake Orion
State: MI
Zip: 48362
County: Oakland
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 5993

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General Information:

Source: Garry Sommer

The State Theater was built into a building that had previously housed an automobile dealership. An angled floor was installed and projection room built into a upper loft section above the front of the building. Movies, plays, concerts, and civic events were held at the State during it's existence.

Into the 70's the interior of the building still had features where you could tell how the theater was set up when the building housed a hardware store.The building had housed a local bar for 25 years or so (early 80's through mid 2000's). By that time renovations to the building interior made recognizing the interior as a former movie house near impossible. The building is currently (2009) empty. There was a former theater in the next block north of the former State Theater building at 11 S. Broadway. The Lincoln/Silver Theater operated from approximately 1911 into the 1920's. It, like the State, was still recognizable as a former theater into the 1970's when an electronics store occupied the building.

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Info Updates:
1/13/2020 - Nick Sortzi
The State Theatre has been demolished and replaced with an apartment building.
5/14/2013 - Jim Thompson
A 1962 article in the local newspaper (the Review) noted that it had been in disrepair for several years at that point, and at a local meeting, a decision was made to commit funds and labor to convert it into a youth center for dancing, etc. There was a 1954 article describing that a new screen and new sound system had been installed, but apparently it wasn't long afterward that it closed as a movie theater. Seat count (in 1945, at least) was 350.
12/29/2011 - Julianne Savard
I see that the site lists Flint Street as the location. The actual address is 102 S. Broadway Street, and it sits on the southwest corner of the intersection of Broadway & Front Street. The hardware store referenced was my Dad's store - Savard & Son True Value Hardware.
4/21/2009 - Garry Sommer
The State Theater closed as a movie house in April 1958, but was still used for civic events until it's future use as a youth center, etc.
State Theatre - Old Pic (newer photo)
Old Pic (newer photo)
State Theatre - 1915 Ad For Lincoln Theatre Sale (newer photo)
1915 Ad For Lincoln Theatre Sale (newer photo)
State Theatre - 1952 Ad From James (newer photo)
1952 Ad From James (newer photo)
State Theatre - March 1973 Article For Orion Twin That Was Never Built (newer photo)
March 1973 Article For Orion Twin That Was Never Built (newer photo)
State Theatre - Oct 14 1954 (newer photo)
Oct 14 1954 (newer photo)
State Theatre - Oct 21 1954 (newer photo)
Oct 21 1954 (newer photo)
State Theatre - That Address As Of May 2022 (newer photo)
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