AMC Fairlane 21

Address: 18900 Michigan Ave
City: Dearborn
State: MI
County: Wayne
Owner History: Star Theatres
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12/15/2012 - jt
According to amcs website this theatre is now equiped to show movies in imax projection.
12/17/2009 - Stan
You have it on your site that Fairlane went dark in the 80''s. It didn''t close until the late 90''s. I used to work there in the 80''s as an usher and again in the mid 90''s as a projectionist.

The whole time it was owned by United Artists Theatre Chain. During the 70''s & 80''s they used to show midnite movies on the weekends. They used to show movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show, Heavy Metal, Alien, Forbiden Planet, The Wall. The Song Remains The Same, etc.

During the 80''s they held on to some of the midnight films like Rocky Horror and Heavy Metal because those films weren''t released on video yet.

I remember working through some major 80''s movies. I remember Eddie Murphay movies would draw HUGE crowds. I recall when Eddie Murphay RAW came out, there was a line of people that stretched all the way to the water fountain in the center of the mall.

2/12/2006 - Steve Bielawski
I just found my ticket stub from opening night at this theatre. (I wasnt looking for it, so naturally, I found it.) It opened on May 18, 2000. From opening day until somewhere in February of 2006, the tickets were imprinted with the name "Star Fairlane". When I went there on February 10, 2006, my ticket read, "Fairlane Unit2912". I dont think that it was ever called the "Fairlane Town Center 21", and certainly, "Town" was never spelled "Towne." ("Towne" may have been a part of the name "Towne Club Soda," but I cant even be sure that they used an e.)
2/12/2006 - Steve Bielawski
Two weeks after the Loews/AMC merger, the Star Fairlane no longer has Loews cups and bags for popcorn, but rather, has AMC cups and bags. The ticket no longer says, "Star Fairlane," but rather says "Fairlane Unit2912". However, the credit card statement still shows "Star Theatre Fairlane". As a P.S., the previous theatre at the Fairlane Town Centre, the "Movies At Fairlane," did not go dark in the 1980s, but rather, in 1997 or perhaps 1998. The Star Fairlane opened in 2000; I went on opening night and saw _Erin Brockovich_, which was nearing the end of its first run in theatres. I seem to remember that the theatre opened in May;
2/4/2006 - Steve Bielawski
As of February 3, 2006, it is now the AMC Star Fairlane. The founders of the Star chain, Barrie and Jim Loeks, sold their 50% stake in the chain to Loews Cineplex in 2002. In June of 2005, Loews agreed to a merger with AMC, with AMC becoming the parent company. The merger was completed on January 27, 2006, and on February 3, the Star Theatres came to be listed in the newspapers under the new combined name. This theatre became the AMC Star Fairlane. AMC enterred the Metro Detroit market about twenty years earlier, buying out the Nicholas George theatres. As is their custom, the theatres were renamed to reflect their parent. So, the name change comes as no real surprise. A few things will remain. For now, the ticket stubs still bear the Loews logo. That may take a while to fix, since AMCs receipts are not the same size as Loews receipts. Also, they still have Loews cups and bags at the refreshment counter, and probably will until they run out. I suspect that the division in online ticketing agents represents outstanding contracts (and perhaps even financial interests in the online companies) and will be unified when the contracts run out.
2/11/2004 - Ann Marie
When the mall opened in the 70s, on the second level there were 10 movie screens, and on the lower level, there was an indoor ice rink. The ice rink wasnt very profitable, so they turned it into an indoor roller rink. Also not profitable. By the early 80s, the movie complex had expaned to use the lower level as an additional 10 movie screens. When United Artists pulled out of all the local malls, the property sat empty for a while. In the 90s, the property was torn down, and the Star movie complex was built, taking up the previous space of the complex, plus some area of the old parking lot. There is no connection into the mall directly into the theatre, to discourage teens from hanging out. (You have to exit the mall & walk a short distance outside.)
1/29/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
The massive 21 screen Star Fairlane Town Center replaced the earlier Movies at Fairlane, which went dark in the 80's.
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