Northwest Flint Theatre

Address: G-3153 W Pierson Rd
City: Flint
State: MI
County: Genesee
Open: 1972
Owner History:
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6/19/2007 - Paula
Yeah, The Cowboys is the movie my dad remembered seeing there a long time ago.
6/15/2007 - JerryD
The Northwest Theatre opened in 1972, the opening attraction was "The Cowboys", staring John Wayne. David Vogel was the opening theatre manager and stayed there until approx. 1974, he was replaced by Gary Trepanier who remained in the manager''s position until it closed in 1981. The Theatre was built by ABC Michigan Theatres, later Plitt Theatres. Leon Serin was the VP & Gil Green was the DM. I''m not sure when the building was demolished, sometimes in the early 90''s. The Westborn Theatre in Dearborm, MI, was built using the same blue prints.
6/14/2007 - Paula
After reading the response five days ago, I decided to ask a couple more people. I have lived in this neighborhood across the street from where it used to stand since I was born. When it was there, I used to hope it would reopen. Anyway, I am pretty certain that it was still standing when Kessels (now Kroger) opened in 1992. I remember seeing it off and on for a while after that, since my friends and I would go to Kessels/Hallwood Plaza to buy things. In October of 1992, I became friends with a girl who still is a good friend of mine. A couple years after becoming friends, back then she told me that she went into the old theater across the road from our neighborhood with a few people. I remembered asking her how she got in and asked her questions about it. I think back then they were tearing things out at that point. That is what I based my estimate on in my January post. After reading the response, I contacted her and she said she''s pretty certain it was down by 95. My dad also remembers that it was standing after Kessels opened. My mom said that she really couldn''t remember. Both of my parents, as do I, believe that it was a waste of money for such a solid building. I still believe someone could of done something with it.
1/30/2007 - Paula
No, the theater was torn down in 1995 or 1996.
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