Grand Theatre - Grandville MI

Address: 3574 Chicago Dr SW
City: Grandville
State: MI
Zip: 49418
County: Kent
Owner History:
Theater Type: Neighborhood House
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General Information:

Owned and operated by Howard Sturgis from sometime prior to 1948 until 1957. Clark Keller also had an interest in it, and negotiated with the new Catholic parish of St. Pius X in 1953 for use of the building for their services. The theater was used from March until July 19, 1953, by the parish. At that time there was a discussion of a change of management and possible sale of the building for other uses, as the theater was going out of business.

However, in August, 1954, the theater's re-opening was announced, and the Catholic parish sought a one-year lease from September of that year for $60 a month. After 1957, the building was vacant until roughly 1967, when Galewood Outfitting Co. and Monroe International, Inc., a business machine manufacturer, occupied the structure, which was owned at that time by Brown R. Stewart. In 1991 the building was used by Puffs ‘n' Stuffin Crafts. (Sources: Archives of the Diocese of Grand Rapids; Doyle & Davis.)

Per Sharon Sturgess Klynstra, The Corner Record Shop now occupies the old theater building.

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Info Updates:
2/22/2018 - Sharon Sturgess Klynstra
I am the owners daughter of Howard William Sturgess. My Grandfather William Sturgess built the Grand, I think around 1945 or 46 sometime around there. He also owned a theater in Canada and Detroit at one time. The record shop is the old Grand Theater building. The Grandvilla restaurant used to be called Crackles Grill and had a big chicken in front when I was a kid. It was owned by Gus and Vanita Langerman who were friends with my parents. The parking lot in between was parking for the theater and the restaurant. I don't know what else is in there but you can see it is very long. I see there is a receiving dock on the back part. I remember John very well back then he was Jack. I hope this clears things up about my family's theater. What a great way to grow up. It was truly a family thing. We all worked there. Fun.
9/9/2012 - Jim Fahlstedt
I believe the photo of the Grand Villa is the remnants of the Grand Theater in Grandville. John Whitman, this was not a second run theater, it was a subsequent run house. These were the theaters that got the films after the second run houses. In Grand Rapids area, they were the Eastown, 4 Star, Our, and Royal. Now in reality, most films went to the sub-runs day and date with the second run houses. I knew the Sturges family and always had good times with them.
10/13/2009 - John Whitman
The Grand was a small theatre, while attending Grandville High school I met Billy, Billy's father William Sturgess owned and operated the Grand, this was 1953. It didn't take long before I operated the projectors (Simplex Units)...between Billy and I we were projectionists till we graduated in 1956..This was a second run house but did a real nice business for a number of years..When the movie business started its downward trend the theatre became a furniture store. Im not sure if it still there today, I dont think so...The Sturgess families still live in the Grandville, Wyoming area today..
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