AMC Cinemas - Jackson MI

Address: 1700 N Wisner St
City: Jackson
State: MI
Zip: 49202
County: Jackson
Open: 1970
Owner History: GKC Theatres
Theater Type: Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 11143
General Information:

Source: Steve Krebill

Built by Butterfield Theatres in 1970 as a huge, one screen theatre with seating for over one thousand people. Re-modeled in 1972 as "Plaza Twin Cinemas." Bought by GKC in the 80s and re-modeled again with the addition of five more screens. Faced competition in the 90s when Jackson 10 cinemas (Goodrich Quality Theatres) were built across the street. Plaza suffered from some maintenance neglect and was put on the market by GKC in 2000, and unable to find a buyer, they decided to stay in the market and renovate again, adding 2 or 3 more screens and re-modeling the lobby, re -opening in late 2002.

Source: Cameron Rogers

This theater went through a full renovation a few years ago and changed to AMC cinemas and is no longer called plaza cinemas. It permanently closed last year and is not going to reopen. The site is for sale.

Source: Mark Vedder

Remebering the days when The Plaza Cinima was a single screen theater. I always felt it would have been great to have keeped the screen size as it was. What would it have been like to have intsalled a Todd-A-O 35 70mm projetion system to run some of the top blockbusters of the 70s and 80s in 70mm back in the day (befor IMAX DMR) replaced conventional 5 perf 70mm. It might have proven to have been a hit, and the more profitable option-instead of giving it the chop job. Pehaps it's history might have been much different. I worked there as an usher at 17 years old in 1971. I remember Bob and Bill who worked as retired Door men back when the 60 foot screen Plaza Cinima was brand spank-in new. Later, in 1989 I came back at age 35 to work as a projectionist. at that time it had 7 small srceens. Later I had enjoyed 13 years of working for IMAX corperation. Today I'm working to help restore some of the Northern Michigan Theaters back to there original glory. The Plaza Cinima and the Michigan Theater downtown Jackson, have both held a special place in my heart over the years. Mark Vedder.

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Info Updates:
2/28/2008 - Steve Krebill
Forgot to mention in my original post that my grandfather was on the crew that painted the interior of the Plaza Cinemas when it was built in 1970. I remember watching him use a roller to paint package after package of dropped ceiling tiles, which had to be black for the auditorium area. Because the theatre was originally owned by Butterfield Theatres, Grandpa was able to get free movie passes, which my cousin and I took downtown to the Michigan Theatre, which was also owned by Butterfield, and went to the movies there. The name "Plaza Cinemas" comes from the original name of the shopping center that the theatre was part of, which was "Paka Plaza." The "Paka" part of the name was the first initials of the developers' names. In the 80's, the shopping center was bought by an out of town developer and re-named "Jackson Crossing." The "Plaza" in "Plaza Cinemas" is the only remnant of the old name. The theatre is now owned by Carmike Cinemas.
AMC Cinemas - 2018 STREET VIEW
AMC Cinemas - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
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