Westwood Cinemas - Jackson MI

Address: 1794 W Michigan Ave
City: Jackson
State: MI
Zip: 49202
County: Jackson
Owner History:
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 11808

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General Information:

Source: Richard Bowser

This theatre opened as part of the Westwood Mall in 1972. I worked there from 1975 (my first real job as a junior in high school) through the summer of 1980 while attending Western Michigan University. During high school we showed a lot of midnight movies which made for quite the party scene. I saw many of the best movies of the late 70s there. I dont know exactly when the theatre closed but I think it was the mid-90s.

Info Updates:
2/15/2021 - Jim Twining
This like Stadium Cinema 1&2 in Midland was run by United Artists theater's. I got to know Ron Haney and his assistant Jack well as I spoke to them nightly giving them my revenue numbers which they then passed on. This was before computers.1978 to 1985 time frame. There were road trips to Jackson to pick up my films for my late shows. Enjoyed going with Ron to the Hunt Club for a Cold one and a Wiley Potato.Lost touch with most of my former theater manager friends.
2/27/2014 - Cameron
The Cinema building at the westwood mall was gutted in 2012 and is now home to an arcade and bouncy house known as the bouncy castle, and is enter able from within the mall.
4/23/2011 - Jackson Resident
he last movie I saw there was Ghostbusters in 1984. After that, the place began going downhill. All the movies are now at GKC Theaters(formerly Plaza Cinemas) and Goodrich Theaters(on the backside of the Jackson Crossing). I was in Westwood Mall two weeks ago at Radio Shack and the whole mall is basically dead thanks to Wal-Mart as well as most of the business going to the Jackson Crossing. The Westwood Cinemas are still vacant as of April 2011 and are likely gone for good.
5/31/2005 - Chris DeMarco
I moved to Jackson in 1989 and currently live about a mile from Westwood Mall. The theaters are still closed and will likely never re-open, though the space has never been put to any other use. I last went to the theater at the end of 1991, and it was pretty nasty. The screen was damaged, many of the seats were broken and cracked. Some of the seats had been removed at random from within rows, which made sitting down in the dark a bit problematic. The other mall in town, formerly Paka Plaza and now known as Jackson Crossing, was substantially upgraded several years ago, and is adjacent to two multiplexes with 18 or so screens total. As a result, Westwood Mall has gone into serious decline, and the theaters will probably never re-open.
3/17/2005 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
According to a recent site plan of Westwood Mall, the cinemas are still empty.
Westwood Cinemas - May 29 2022
May 29 2022
Westwood Cinemas - May 29 2022
May 29 2022
Westwood Cinemas - June 2002 Photo Of Marquee - Signboard
June 2002 Photo Of Marquee - Signboard
Westwood Cinemas - Mall Entrance
Mall Entrance
Westwood Cinemas - Mall Entrance
Mall Entrance
Westwood Cinemas - 2019 Street View Of Sign
2019 Street View Of Sign
Westwood Cinemas - 2019 Street View Of Sign
2019 Street View Of Sign
Westwood Cinemas - June 1976 Ad
June 1976 Ad
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