Gull Road Cinema 5

Address: 5288 Gull Rd
City: Kalamazoo
State: MI
County: Kalamazoo
Open: 1977
Owner History: Jack Loeks Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 9726
Notes: AKA East Towne 5 Theatre
Info Updates:
1/3/2016 - Frank D
This was our go to theater back in the mid 80's. I remember seeing Ice Pirates, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Tank, a handful of Nightmare on Elm Street films there, among others. Later on, in the late 90's, we did a couple of midnight showings of older movies, like Blade Runner. Hate to see that the whole mall is gone. I know those type of places are past their day, but people my age spent a lot of time at them when we were kids and it sucks to have those places erased for another big box store.
3/16/2013 - Tobi
This theater closed early in 2012 when the mall property was sold. Demolition of the entire Eastowne Mall began on 3/14/2013. Apparently a new Menards Home Store will eventually be built on the site. The owners of the theater were hoping to move to another location, but it never happened.
5/23/2009 - Andrew Thornton
If they''d just do something interesting with it, they might have a chance. The last film I attended there was a showing of Frozen River there which wasn''t playing anywhere else. I like the cheap prices but I can spend 3 dollars to sit in an uncomfortable seat in a poor theater or I can spend 6 to sit in a really nice theater with stadium seating and dolby digital... not that big a cheap skate. When I was still in High school I was broke and went with friends once in awhile but now... no way. If they''d focus more on art house and limited films though, they could carve out a nice niche for themselves, but why would I go to a summer blockbuster there? Seeing Batman Begins on their screens was very disappointing.

Still, I wish them luck, we need more variety in the Kalamazoo area.
3/21/2008 - TB
Correction here, the Cinema Tour photo at the bottom shows a long closed D&W grocery store that was located next to Eastowne Mall but was not physically part of it.
The Gull Road Cinema was located within the mall itself and was not accessible from outside the mall. It opened recently under new ownership after being closed for nearly a decade. However from what I have heard from people who have gone there the
experience has been disappointing, and I doubt it will be there much longer.
12/11/2006 - Angie
My mom worked at the mall, I nearly grew up inside Eastowne Mall, the bottom picture was a grocery store next door located just outside of the indoor mall. Across the hall from the theatre was a restraunt 'Final Curtain', which played movies on a large screen while you dined. Eastowne Theaters was packed through my first memories and then it fizzled out to nearly nothing, I remember us being the only ones in there for a show and very few people were ever in there throughout that time. Then it closed and the mall, it was sad. I haven't been there since it's re-opening I'm happy for that but I wonder if it looks the way I remembered.
2/15/2005 - Brad Adams
Now open as Gull Road Cinema 5, new seats, new screens, Dolby Stereo in all 5. Formelly a Jack Loeks theare, it is now privately owned.
5/12/2004 - Kalamazoo News
You may soon have another option for where to see movies in Kalamazoo. Six years ago, Eastowne Five Theaters at the Eastowne Mall in Kalamazoo closed its doors. Now a group of business partners are planning to reopen it by June. It will be renamed the “Gull Road Cinema” and be a five screen theater. One of the business partners said they are encouraged by the growth of Kalamazoo’s eastside, and are confident the new theater will be a hit.
1/29/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This appears to be an early shopping center multiplex operated by Jack Loeks. Like many of the similar theatres around the state, it has since gone dark.
Gull Road Cinema 5 - Photo from early 2000's
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