Dixie Dance Hall - Wayland MI

Address: US-131
City: Wayland
State: MI
Zip: 49348
County: Allegan
Number of visits to this page: 1656
General Information:

This place was going in the 1960's and was 2 miles South of Wayland on US-131, facing "Dome Lake" which I don't see on the map today. There is a "Doan's Lake" which is about 2 miles South of Wayland so I would imagine that is it. I am not seeing anything resembling a dance pavillion there now. The place may have been on what is now 10th St. There is a road on the opposite side of the lake that has an empty lot which looks like there was something there at one time.

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Dixie Dance Hall - Aerial View Of Doans Lake
Aerial View Of Doans Lake
Dixie Dance Hall - Dec 1961 Ad
Dec 1961 Ad
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