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Cadillac 5 Theatres

Address: 202 S Mitchell St
City: Cadillac State: MI Zip: Phone: 231-775-7261  
County: Wexford
Notes: AKA Lyric - Was Butterfield House
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Owner: Goodrich Quality Theatres
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2/5/2011 - beth
Current phone for the Cadillac 5 is 231-775-7261 or There is a movie hotline number. 876-8463. I am very interested in any old information on the History of the Cadillac 5/Lyric Theater and the building. If anyone knows any history on this could you email bethwertz2@gmail. com?.

6/5/2006 - Pat Weaver
Did you know that down the street from here once stood the Center Theatre, built in the 1920s or 30s. It later became the Footlighters Theatre and burned in the late 70s, early 80s.
4/9/2006 - John McDowell
Originally known as the Lyric, it started as a single scrren house. It expanded to two screens with the purchase of a building to the north. Im guessing this was in the 80s. Neighboring buildings to the south were purchased and demolished, being replaced with new construction to bring the theatre to the present 5 screens.

Cadillac 5 Theatres - RECENT PIC
Cadillac 5 Theatres - FROM PAUL FREESE
Cadillac 5 Theatres - FROM PAUL FREESE
Cadillac 5 Theatres - 1920S FROM PAUL

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