Ishpeming Speedway - Ishpeming MI

City: Ishpeming
State: MI
County: Marquette
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General Information:

Source: John McDonald

I had three uncles who raced at this track in the '50s, usually driving flat head Mercs or Fords. There was a drive-in theatre nearby and were both located on M-28 about five miles west of Ishpeming. I may have a picture of the track and if so will send it to you.

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Info Updates:
3/18/2020 - Steven P. McCoy
I forgot to mention, I have both movie projectors from the Evergreen Drive-in, that was real close to the Ishpeming Speedway. One can be viewed on this site, in the drive-in section.
1/13/2020 - amos mccoy
I believe this is where a fella named Earl Francis Krause, fell to his death during a parachute jump on July 4th, 1952. He was only 25 years old. He was trying to put on a show for about 4,000 spectators, when he opened his chute too late. Officers stated that he left an indentation in the ground of almost a foot. I would like to see a picture of the race track, and race drivers, where this took place. I know of a couple of guys that used to race there in the day. Rest in Peace Earl. Amos McCoy.
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