Ludington Fair

City: Ludington
State: MI
County: Mason
Number of visits to this page: 7498
Notes: Dirt Ovals
Operating Dates: 1938-1983
Info Updates:
9/3/2009 - Daryl
I used to go to this track back in the 70"s. stock cars ran on the smaller track inside the big dirt one that is seen today. Horses ran on the bigger track. I went on Sundays with my dad. We went to watch Rudy Linke from Manistee, a friend of my dads. He used to win most of the time in a blue Plymouth with flames on it (#11 I think). His rival was a orange olds. Saw alot of good races, would be nice to see the old tracks records and past champions.
6/16/2009 - Chris
I grew up there in 70''s as my Dad ran his cars there. It was a quarter mile dirt that drew a good crowd. The photo that you see show how close it was in proximity to US 10( amajor road into town-many cars parked out there trying to sneak a peek. too bad so many of these local tracks died.
Ludington Fair - AERIAL PHOTO
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