Scottville - Scottville MI

City: Scottville
State: MI
Zip: 49454
County: Mason
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Source: Mike Meyer

This "speedway" was really just a cow pasture with a racing path worn into it where the cars ran. There is a great cassette available at the Mason County Library that contains at least an hour of 8mm color film that was shot during these very early days of Michigan stock car and midget racing. There is footage of a midget car running against a modified stocker that is priceless.

Some of the racers who cut their teeth at this more-or-less practice facility went on to race as semi-pros around the Midwest. I am fairly sure that if you contacted the library they would lend you the tape. It is narrated and many of the cars and drivers are identified. Big George Wilson of local radio station WKLA did the voice-over.

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