Silver Lake Resort - Hart MI

Address: On Silver Lake
City: Hart
State: MI
Zip: 49420
County: Oceana
Number of visits to this page: 3166

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General Information:

This place had a restaurant, gas, oil, boats, and cottages. I found a few ads indicating this place was for sale in the 1960's. It was 10 miles West of Hart so I would say it was actually in Silver Lake. I found a funny 1959 article stating the residents of the resorts were angry about a nearby nudist camp. I think most of the nudists were from out of town. I still haven't nailed down the street address but I will eventually.

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Silver Lake Resort - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Silver Lake Resort - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Silver Lake Resort - Aug 1966 Ad
Aug 1966 Ad
Silver Lake Resort - June 1968 Ad
June 1968 Ad
Silver Lake Resort - Sept 1959 Nudist Camp Controversy
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