Taylor 10

Address: 22265 Eureka Rd
City: Taylor
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1989
Owner History: Star Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 6520
Info Updates:
7/28/2015 - waterwinterwonderland.com
MJR has abandoned its plan to take over this location. Cinemark is currently building a new complex across the street at Southland Mall.
7/3/2014 - Jeff
It was announced this week that MJR would be taking over this site and it is expected to open by Christmas 2014 after an extensive renovation.
3/15/2013 - Chris Squiers
The Spotlight was opened by father and son, Ken and Jake Stocker, who intended to open multiple lower-priced theaters and drive-in's under the Spotlight name throughout the area. It has since closed, and their plan obviously, yet sadly, didn't work out. :( Let's keep hoping for a successful future for the Taylor 10.
10/27/2012 - jt
Went to this place at about 8 p. m tonight, and the doors were locked , the lights were turned off and all the outside signage has been removed. Even though i do not have an exact date, this theatre is closed at the present time. They are have not been posting movie times on their website for about the last month.
5/31/2012 - Fulby
This was one of the first, if not the first, theaters that were built with the art-deco-style Star architecture, which soon after inspired Loews to build new locations in this architecture, in fact, several Loews theaters built in the early-90's are (almost) identical to this theater in exterior architecture (ironic that half of Star's shares were later sold to Loews). It is now the Spotlight Taylor 10 and the west side (facing the shopping center) has been repainted in a yellow-ish color while the east side (facing Racho Road) was untouched and there is still a STAR THEATRE labelscar on that end.
6/30/2010 - CSWalczak
The former Taylor 10 has now reopened as the Spotlight Taylor theater.
5/5/2010 - Unknown
As of late 2009, the AMC Star Taylor 10 is closed. Currently nothing has been planned for it to reopen as something. I believe everything is still in there since it closed recently.
12/14/2009 - Unknown
AMC Star Taylor shut its doors forever tonight, 12/13/09. I will try to upload photos soon. Goodbye Taylor :-(
8/27/2009 - jt
The Star Taylor was to be the place to see movies downriver until the MJR Theatre in Southgate opened. You could not get a seat in this place on the weekend. It was retrofitted with stadium seating during the early part of 1998 in time for the opening of Godzilla. This theatre was responsible for the decline of AMC theatres downriver, it is kind of funny know that it too is owned by AMC Theatres.
11/18/2005 - Doktor Hippy
This Star Theatre, built in 1989, was part of a great theatre building plan sought out by Loeks-Star theatres in 1989-1990. This was one of six multiplexes built around a similar design and layout. This location was originally built as an eight screen, but was later expanded with two screens later in the 90s, and also retrofitted its auditoriums with stadium seating.
Taylor 10 - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
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