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Celebration! Cinema Studio Park - Grand Rapids MI

Address: 123 Ionia Avenue SW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49503
County: Kent
Open: 2019
Owner History:
Theater Type: Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 1306
General Information:

Source: Cinema Treasures

Celebration! Cinema Studio Park opened September 27, 2019, with nine screens, a bar, food delivered seat-side and for live music, the 200-seat Listening Room. One screen in the 989-seat cinema is 90-feet wide with 4K projection.

Local news reports a sign from Studio 28 in Wyoming, which closed in 2008, can be seen on the mezzanine with bricks from Studio 28 making up part of a wall near the entrance.

Integrated Architecture of Grand Rapids designed the $160 million complex, which includes a restaurant, shops, lofts, hotel, and a 900 space parking structure.

Loeks Theatres, now called Celebration! Cinema, made its debut in Grand Rapids November 1,1944, with John “Jack" Loeks the Foto News Theatre in the Powers Theatre building. J.D. Loeks, John Loeks grandson, is now president of Celebration! Cinema’s 14 locations and granddaughter Emily Loeks is director of community affairs.

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Celebration! Cinema Studio Park - INTERIOR CONCESSION
Celebration! Cinema Studio Park - MAIN ENTRANCE
Celebration! Cinema Studio Park - AUDITORIUM
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