Movies at North Kent

Address: 4180 Jupiter Ave NE
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
County: Kent
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4/14/2017 - Andy K
This theater did not open in 1981, and it didn't open as a twelve-screen theater. It opened in 1975 or 1976, with three screens, just like The Movies at Woodland.
1/26/2016 - Mark
The theatre closed in 1998 and the Movies at Woodland closed in 1997. They were owned by United Artist. I was a manager at North Kent when it closed.
11/29/2012 - Alaine
I worked at North Kent Movies in 1992 for a short time. By then it was a second run movie theater that charged about $1. 50/year. I think they closed within a few years of that.
8/1/2010 - Alan
The Movies at North Kent Mall is now a car dealership.
11/28/2009 - singinglawnchair
It definitely wasn''t closed in ''88 as your website says - I think it was around the late 90''s when it closed, maybe the early 2000''s at the latest. I went to see The Little Mermaid with my grandma there, then it was suddenly gone! So sad... =(
2/20/2006 - Chuck Sutton
The building could be demolished soon. According to a story in the Grand Rapids Press a nearby car dealership wishes to expand on the location of Movies of North Kent.
9/11/2004 - Roger Nead
Love the site. This theater (Movies At North Kent Mall) opened in August 1981, and originally had 12 screens. Not sure about when it closed, because I moved away.
Movies at North Kent - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Movies at North Kent - OLD SIGN
Movies at North Kent - GONE
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