Stehler's Drive-In - Grand Rapids MI

Address: 342 Wilson Ave NW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49534
County: Kent
Number of visits to this page: 1412

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General Information:

From MLive Dec 2010:

Sehler’s Drive-In opened on Oct 15, 1960 as a family business owned by Tom and Dorothy Sehler. All six of their children – Alice, Ruth, Carolyn, Larry, Margaret, and Joe – went to work there as soon as they were tall enough to reach the wrapping table. The Stehler family operated the restaurant for 10 years. An offer came in to franchise the operation which they turned down. Tom Sehler sold the restaurant to his bookkeepers. He opened another branch in Newaygo, which he eventually sold sometime before he passed away in 1986. The Wilson Avenue site was later occupied by a number of different restaurants, including the Burger Den, the Cactus Stand, a pizzeria, and most recently, Legend Grill Restaurant. But none fared as well as Sehler’s, and as the years went by, the property deteriorated. It was demolished in 2010.

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Stehlers Drive-In - 1960S Yeabook Ad
1960S Yeabook Ad
Stehlers Drive-In - 1960 Photo From Mlive
1960 Photo From Mlive
Stehlers Drive-In - 1960S Photo From Mlive
1960S Photo From Mlive
Stehlers Drive-In - Sehler Family Photo From Mlive
Sehler Family Photo From Mlive
Stehlers Drive-In - 2009 Photo Of Legends
2009 Photo Of Legends
Stehlers Drive-In - 2022 Empty Lot
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