Delaney Speedway - Grand Rapids MI

Address: 11225 8th Ave
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49534
County: Kent
Number of visits to this page: 16534

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General Information:

I found a 1947 aerial and it was definitive for the location of the track which was the NW corner of Lake Michigan Drive and 8th Ave. I am using the address of the church on that corner for reference and mapping purposes. There doesn't seem to be a trace of the old track left today. If you didn't know it was there you never would.

Dirt Oval - Operating Dates: 1946 & 1947

Source: Roger Groot

Yes my Uncle took my brother & I to the races once at Delaney Speedway. Think it was about 1947 and it seemed to be about a mile west of Covell Rd on the northwest corner of a dirt road. One of the racers got hurt bad the day we were there.

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Info Updates:
1/16/2012 - William Godlewski
If the photo is correct about the speedway located in a cow pasture at M45 & 8th Ave, then this would make it Ottawa county not Kent.
12/3/2010 - Gary Later
Think I found it! The photo is the right area. I found a ghost on the 1999 USGS aerial. The Southern turns would be the upper of the the 2 concrete driveways, while the Northern end would be just left of the white spot just left of center at the top. The straights would be 450' & 900' to the west of 8th Ave NW. Dover Drive if extended west would cross just south of the center of the infield.
1/14/2007 - Kurt Dietrich
Does anybody have any more info on this?? I grew up right in this area and wondered where exactly this track was located and when it was raced on. As a matter of fact Berlin is only about 2 miles from this spot. Last thing I remember named Delaney was a school on that corner.
11/1/2006 - Larry Heyns
Allen Brown's book America's Speedways states that Delaney Speedway (Standale) was a 1/2 mile dirt oval located at M-45 & 8th Ave in a cow pasture.
Delaney Speedway - 1947 Aerial
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