Fairplain Cinemas 5

Address: 1877 S Highway 139
City: Benton Harbor
State: MI
County: Berrien
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7/6/2009 - Tom Lane
This absolutely was not the theater - this building had a stereo store and, I think, a K-bee toys in the late 70''s early 80''s. The theater building was directly East about 100 yards and also had a Baskin Robbins and a small vacume cleaner shop under it''s roof. I( remember seeing a couple movies there about the mid 80''s , but don''t know exactly when it closed and than razed. I grew - up in the area and LOVED the Fairplane Plaza- it still felt like America.
11/4/2008 - Bobby Peacock
The strip mall in here was built in 1958 and expanded over time. I have a 1993 listing of tenants in this strip and it makes no mention of a theater, so it may have already been closed by then.
5/20/2006 - Steve
The picture shows one of the only remaining buildings from the original plaza. It wasnt part of the theatre. The theatre was directly across the parking lot from this building.
3/28/2005 - Marnie S. Plucienik
This shopping center & theatre were torn down to make way for a new shopping center featuring Target, Office Max & Old Navy, among others...but no theatre!
1/29/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
The Fairplane seems to be an example of the cinema-in-a-shopping-center concept that is quickly falling out of favor in lieu of the mega-plex's with stadium seating. Looks to date back to the 1970's maybe lasting until the 90's or so.
Fairplain Cinemas 5 - MAYBE THE ENTRANCE AS OF 2002
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