Coronet Theatre

Address: 15635 Mack Avenue
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1928
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6/20/2007 - Craig Morrison
This was built as the Colony, called the Coronet when it turned to art programming. Your aerial view of the Colony is several blocks east of its target.
11/24/2003 - Michael Stocks
Was located on Mack Avenue between Balfour and Somerset. The theater closed in 1966, and was sold to Hebron Baptist Church, who remodeled the theater and it became Grosse Pointe Park Baptist Church. The site still stands today, but GPBC, sold the building in 1980 as the church disbanded. This was a classic building with apartments upstairs, and tunnels that connected the rest of the buildings, including the old drugstore that was on the corner of Balfour and Mack.
Coronet Theatre - 1973^PHOTO FROM FREDERICK
Coronet Theatre - AERIAL
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