Lakewood Theatre

Address: 14243-49 E Jefferson
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1915
Owner History: B. & L. Brooks
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8/24/2010 - Bob Laird
There were 3 theaters that I went to on the weekend in the late 1940''s. "48-49"

The Time: Saturday early matinee- 9 cents for 2 and somtimes 3, older B movies , 1 short subject (3 Stooges), 1 serial and several cartoons. (Sunday 12 cents)

The Lakewood: Saturday late matinee -15 cents for 2, older B movies ,1 short subject
ie; Joe Mc Dokes- Behind the Eight Ball and several cartoons. (Sunday 20 cents)

The Cinderella: Sunday matinee-25 cents for 1 first run movie , ie; Sands of Iwo Jima , 1 older B movie , 1 short subject and several cartoons.

Simple math= 49 to 57 cents for a weekends worth of entertainment
We made our money by hauling groceries in our wagons from the A & P for older folks. A standard tip was 10-15 cents per trip. We had to line up like cab drivers and wait your turn.
Hope this stirs a lot of good memories

6/7/2010 - bob jackson
The lakewood theatre was where the van is sitting outside the building on the right hand side of the picture and to the left was Fromm`s hardware and to the left of that was a Cunnungham`s drug store just in front of the entrance of the Vanity Ballroom. The Lakewood theatre was replaced with a Sunoco gas station when it was torn down about 1960. I lived at 1196 Newport. What a beautiful neighborhood it was.
11/20/2008 - Rich Tweedle
The picture purporting to show the location of the Lakewood Theatre shows the wrong corner. It was where the white building with the white van parked next to it. The building boxed was The Vanity Dance Hall on Newport. I lived on Lakewood ''59-''64, just down the block from the theatre.
9/2/2007 - JIM DRISCOLL
The Lakewood Theater was a main staple of entertainment in my youth, across the street, somewhat, from the dime store and Sanderes Bakery (and ice cream). Saw many a classics there..."Down Laredo Way" (Rex Allen) , "Road Agent" (Tim Holt) , "The Lost Continent" (Cesar Romero), "Abbott & Costello Go To Mars" , "Blackbeard The Pirate" (Robert Newton), and person...Mandrake The Magician !! Plus the great Serials on Saturday. ( " ''King Of The Konga" with Buster Crabbe!!) . I miss it so much!

1/10/2004 - Box Office Magazine
April 1959 Issue - The Lakewood Theatre on the east side got into the Easter spirit by giving Easter candies to the kiddies at pre-Easter weekend matinees.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
1960? - Stanley Fisher of Grosse Pointe, former MGM salesman, said that the Lakewood Theatre, closed by Affilliated Theatres a few years ago, is to be demolished.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
June 1959 - Ray Cloud, 25-year Columbia salesman, reported two Detroit houses closing, the downtown Times Square operated by Ted Rose and the Lakewood, operated by Leonard and Bernard Brooks of the Affilliated circuit.
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