New Center Cinema

Address: W. Grand Boulevard and 3rd Avenue
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
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11/15/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
remember the Chinese place right next door? the Italian place between 3rd and the freeway.
11/14/2008 - John Lauter
There is some confusion going on in regards to the various theatres in this part of the city with "Center" in their name. There were three, this theatre (New Center Cinema) was the newest, it was a modern cinema in a much newer (1950s-''60s) vintage building. The former Regent theatre at 7314 Woodward ave. was renamed the "Center" theatre in 1961, it was HUGE, over 3,000 seats. There was also the theatre at 6540 Woodward that was built as the Trans-Lux in1932 and renamed the Center in 1934 (see entry here on WWW for a picture I submitted).
The New Center cinema had nothing to do with these other two beyond having "Center" in the name and being in the new center area of Detroit.
9/18/2008 - JerryD
Correction: Located at 3rd ave. & Grand Blvd. JerryD
9/18/2008 - JerryD
Sean, you are correct, Third ave is west of Woodward, it was West Grand Blvd.
9/16/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
My parents had their first date at the Midtown at #rd and Canfeild
9/16/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Nope couldn''t have been east Grand,it was west of woodward.
9/14/2008 - JerryD
The Theatre Sean is thinking about is the Studio New Center, located at 3rd ave. & E. Grand Blvd. It was part of the Studio chain, a small chain of indepent theatres, specializing in art and special inerest movies. They were several in the DEtroiy area, Studio, Studio Eight, Studio North, etc. The Studio New Center had almost a two year run of "Harold & Maude". To one could enter a Studio Theatre after the feature stated. No Popcorn or Candy sold, only coffee. The General Manager was named Russ C............, something. After the Studio New Center opened, they closed the Studio Midtown, located at Canfield and Third ave., which was several blocks south of the new Studio.
The Canfield bldg. is still standing, operating as a Church. Pior to the Studio operation it was a small neighbor hood theatre call the Midtown. JerryD
9/12/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I remember this place now. I used to live at 2nd and antoinette. There was a chinese food place right there too. I think it was opened back in the late 80''s as i sem to remember driving by a lot. was it on the south side of the street between 2nd and 3rd??? Lot''s of Kun Fu type movies???
9/11/2008 - GERALD GLOVER
If i''m not misstaken; the NEW CENTER theater was on 2nd and the
Grand Blvd. I remember seeing SAVE THE TIGER with Jack Lemmon and IN COLD BLOOD, among many other movies. Puty Swoop, a mid 60''s independent movie, drew great crowds there. I don''t remember when it was torn down; but there was a Howard Johnson''s right around the corner from the theater. I remember having my first taste of fried clams there; the best!!! The theater that the other fellow is talking about was called THE CENTER, and was on Woodward just North of the Blvd. It was a very small theater seating maybe 800 or 900 at best. I went to this theater also and can only remember seeing Clint Eastwood and Shirley Maclain in TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA! The Center was torn down many years ago and is now a small empty lot.
8/22/2007 - JerryD
Sean:, the Latin Quarter was located in the old Duplex Theatres, located on Grand Blvd. just a little east of Woodward ave., the Duplex was a Twin Theatre , years ahead of its time, built in the 20''s I believe. Must have been one of first Twin Theatres in the country. I don''t think its still standing.JerryD
8/21/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
was this the place that became the Latin Quarter for three seconds????
8/21/2007 - JerryD
The original Regent Theatre, reopen in the early 60s as the New Center, located on Woodard Ave, near Grand Blvd. The security was provided by the United Patrol Service (Walter Jones, Chief). Now a vacant lot.
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