Park Theatre

Address: 2626 E Davison
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1921
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9/17/2008 - Mortalman
The Park Theatre located at 2626 Davison Ave. at the corner of Maine St. closed at the end of the 1940''s or early 1950''s. Unruly crowds of young people were intimidating and bullying other patrons initially. But, the final "nail in the coffin" was when a patron was killed by a steel ball bearing thrown from the balcony that hit a patron close to the front row in the back of the head thus killing them. To the best of my memory I don''t think the perpetrator was ever caught. The Park Theatre closed down after this incident and never reopened. The sad end to a very nice neighborhood theatre due to changing patron patterns giving way to a dangerous and finally deadly attack.
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