Globe Theatre

Address: 1200 N Saginaw St
City: Flint
State: MI
County: Genesee
Open: 1920
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 2550
Notes: AKA: Ritz
Info Updates:
7/3/2019 - Yvonne Greene
I lived for seven years as a child on Cornelia St. and attended Doyle Elementary. The Ritz Theater was my brothers' and my favorite place for Saturday matinees (including a news report, several cartoons, a cliff-hanging serial and the featured western film). we also trekked to the Star and Regent and if we were feeling especially adventurous we would walk downtown on Saginaw Street to see first run movies at the Capitol or Palace Theaters. My mother also lived on Cornelia as a youngster and went to vaudeville performances at the Ritz, as well as to silent films and talkies there. Probably the most memorable experience at the Ritz was seeing Hopalong Cassidy and his well trained, beautiful white horse. He and the horse clattered up on the old wooden stage at the Ritz for a brief but exciting horse trick performance.
7/26/2012 - Randy Lee Munro
My grandfather james m. minter leased the Globe Theater and turned it into the Ritz and then to a sound theater and finally closed the theater when television took over flint. he also had the Family theatre on Industrial and the Minter in Owasso.
10/5/2006 - Bill Wiebrecht
Was located between McFarland and Cornelia Sts., across from Williams St. and Citizen Bank Branch. Very popular with young people.
11/27/2004 - Frank A. Phillips
I worked at the Ritz Theatre which was on North Saginaw not far from the Regent Theatre and the Ritz was both film and stage productions mainly traveling road shows the last of which I worked was "The Beef Trust" talented women all over three hundred pounds and they put on one heckuva musical review. The women all had a lot of fun with me as I was a teenager of about seventeen and shy as they come.
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