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Movie Theaters >> Beacon East Cinemas

Address: 19305 Vernier Rd
City: Harper Woods State: MI Zip: 48225 Phone: (313) 882-7500  
County: Wayne
View on Google Maps  
Open:   Capacity:  
Owner: National Amusements / Redstone
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 9123

5/1/2017 - Dan Wieczorek
The beacon east was my favorite theatre. I did some part time management there shortly after it opened. It was a plush beautiful theatre with the most elegant chandelier in the lobby. It was a 2 screen theatre at that time with a private viewing room over the main room. I remember when the governor of Michigan visited and proclaimed that it was the most beautiful theatre in Michigan. Working in this and other theatres was the best time of my life.
8/26/2012 - D. FISCHER
I graduated from high school in 1970 and I know this was open at that time. I remember seeing a movie with Beau Bridges as the star. Can't remember the name of the movie. This was state of the art at the time.
2/12/2012 - Brad Cook
The theatre opened in June of 1973. I worked there from then 'till 1978. The theatre was owened by Robert Vickery and Gabe Anton of Mt Clemens and was sold to Redstone Management I believe in 1977. I have many menories of the days I managed this theatre. I had a great staff that worked very hard and we all love the place as if it was our own. I hope everyone that worked for me is doing well and miss the Beacon East as much as I do.
10/7/2010 - Eileen Trombley Glick
One of my Detroit Memories visitors believes this theater opened around 1968.
5/17/2010 - Unknown
Auditorium Seat Count (circa 2006): 1-306, 2-337, 3-309, 4-182

Seats in auditoriums 1-3 relocated from Showcase Cinemas Auburn Hills in 1999.
8/26/2009 - jt
The former Beacon East Cinemas is now known as Wayne County Community College Districts University Square Campus, which is now open for the fall semester.
7/13/2008 - Chris
According to a building permit on one of the doors, it appears that the Beacon East is being converted into a campus for Wayne County Community College. Again, this in unconfirmed.
5/24/2008 - Scott Biggs
Demolition of the interior of the interior of the building has begun during the past few days. We noticed workers hauling debris out of the building on a drive past the theater yesterday on our way to the Eastland Mall. Two dumpsters full of drywall, lumber and other materials were found on a visit to the theater parking lot last night. There were a few green theater seats that you would typically find in NA theaters that were built during that era, laying on the ground by the front entrance. I looked inside through the front windows, and the lobby and the theaters have been completely gutted in preparation for whatever business is going to be moving into the former theater building. We rescued a red exit sign that was laying on the ground on the side of the building, as a souvenir to remember the theater by.
9/8/2006 - Theater Lover
Beacon East closed for good at end of Business Monday, September 4, 2006.
Beacon East Cinemas - FRONT ENTRANCE
Beacon East Cinemas - FROM PARKING LOT
Beacon East Cinemas - SIDE OF BUILDING
Beacon East Cinemas - MARQUEE
Beacon East Cinemas - 1973-05-25 AD
1973-05-25 AD

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