Eastland Mall 5 - Harper Woods MI

Address: 18000 Vernier Rd #C300
City: Harper Woods
State: MI
Zip: 48225
County: Wayne
Open: 1985
Capacity: 1098
Owner History: AMC Theatres
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 7724
General Information:

These theatres were once part of Eastland Mall itself, while the Eastland 2 was situated in front of the mall. In the end, like so many other theatres that were linked with shopping centers, they could not survive. The stand alone Eastland 2 has been demolished and the cinemas in the mall itself have gone dark.

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Info Updates:
11/25/2009 - Charles W. Finley
The hallway that once went down as far as the old theater and food court has since bent rebuilt into a Burlington Coat Factory in 2009.
3/17/2005 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
The 5 has been demolished, as well as the old food court next to it. A new food court has been built at the opposite end of the mall, behind Target.
4/1/2004 - John M. Heyka
Originally, and this goes back to the days when the mall was not only smaller but OUTDOORS, the area opposite the theatres was a Stouffers Restaurant. Very upscale place! I think the theatre itself was a ladies clothing store. This also pre-dates the food court in between.
Eastland Mall 5 - JUNE 2002
JUNE 2002
Eastland Mall 5 - JUNE 2002
JUNE 2002
Eastland Mall 5 - 3-7-1985 AD
3-7-1985 AD
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