Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens MI

Address: 237 N River Rd
City: Mount Clemens
State: MI
Zip: 48043
County: Macomb
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General Information:

Source: Tom Orvis

Mount Clemens Race track was located on the north side of North River Road, just west of I-94 on the site where Gibraltar Trade Center stands today. I’m not sure exactly what year the racetrack closed. In the early 80’s, a friend of mine owned and drove a street stock car on the quarter mile track and I participated as the car’s mechanic in the pits.

Some other friends raced in the half-mile events there too. Some of the old timers there used to tell us about the races on the old figure-8 track, which sounded pretty dangerous! That old figure-8 track was still there in the 1980’s, but the event itself had been discontinued long before we arrived.

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Info Updates:
8/24/2021 - jim romanow
I believe the 43 blue Dodge was Bob Merrifield in a Chrysler kit car. just fyi
1/29/2019 - Kelly Dietrick
Hi. I know this is a long shot but you never know. In 1968 a Salmon colored 1950 Jaguar XK120 was owned by a lady racer in the Detroit area. Legend has it she raced at the Daytona Speed Trials but this has not been confirmed. She sold the car to Alan G. Boring, at that time President of The Jaguar Affiliates Group Michigan. Does anyone remember a Salmon colored Jaguar XK120 in the area between 1950 and 1968? Any information or clues or direction to explore next would be most helpful. Also if you are ever in Philadelphia stop in to see the Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum. Just ten minutes from the international airport so you can visit on a layover. Thanks for any help you may be able to give. Kelly Dietrick.
12/20/2018 - Tom Urban
Come join us at the Mount Clemens Race Track Get Together. Jan. 26th at Kart2Kart in Sterling Heights. They are located on Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 mile road. Registration to race the karts starts at 5:30p. m. Racing to start at 6:00p. m. No charge to watch the karts and videos. Show up any time after 6 p. m. if you`re not racing. No food will be served. Hope to see you all there.
7/6/2017 - Jennifer Bauer
Gibraltar Trade Center to close Mt. Clemens location after 37 years. The same location of the Mt Clemens Race Track, that was demolished to make way for this shopping weekend market. Last day is August 27, 2017, the land has been sold to an industrial complex developer.
1/20/2017 - Dain Naida
My grandfather, Wild Bill Naida passed away peacefully on Thursday January 12, 2017. Wild Bill was a man on a mission in the late 40's and early 50's winning races everywhere he went, and winning multiple track championships along the way. Wild Bill's family and friends will gather at Rupp's Funeral Home Saturday 1/14 from 4-8pm, and Sunday 1/15 from 1-8pm. Thefuneral will be at St. Pat's church in Carleton, MI on Monday 1/16 at 10am.
11/28/2016 - louie bennett
Tom will there be a cart to cart for 2017 for Mount Clemens reunion.
9/11/2016 - Jim Laraway
Sorry to hear about your Brother Bill. I have three old photos maybe I can find a kid to show me how to post them?.
7/27/2016 - Bill Kratchoff
Sad news, My brother Kenny passed away last Thursday. He worked on my cars in the late '60's and after moving to California, he worked with CRA\USAC Sprint car drivers Bubby Jones and Rip Williams. Also, Lee Harm and Don Harris passed a while back. I met Lee when he was working on Alton Kukuk's #27. He was a great mechanic, and later worked on my cars and those of Carl Scholtz's. Don Harris started out with Tom and Ed Kunkleman and a '57 Chevy #425. He later was associated with Wayne Lee, Jim Brooks, and Bob Beltz. Also worked at United Auto Parts, and always gave racers a break. On a lighter note, to Benjamin Johnson, I have a picture of High Pockets dumping me in the 3rd turn of the quarter mile in 1968. To Jim Laraway-There, I finally posted! Will try to get some 60's & 70's picture's posted soon.
7/19/2016 - Benjamin Johnson
My father Edwin Wolff Jr. Used to race the 611 with my brother and I in the pits and stands watching him. All during the early to mid '60's. Good times. They called him high pockets.
5/7/2016 - Leo Bolzman
Butch Kloz Most of us from Mount Clemens are on Facebook MOUNT CLEMENS SPEEDWY.
4/20/2016 - Angela marke
My dad raced in the late 60s early 70s. His car was dago red. A ford fairlane. Sure wish someone had pics.
2/17/2016 - Rob VanDoorne
Watched 2 races here as a kid. Racing was great, but I LOVED the demolition derby's Smash and Crash BABY lol.
1/3/2016 - Butch Klotz
laraway. I guess no one wants to write to this site. maybe there are not many of us left. considering the track has been closed for 30 years. It was a great time to be sure. Have a Happy New Year.
1/3/2016 - BEN BENEDICT
I raced at MtClemens in the 70s thru the 80s and enjoy reading the posts here. I only get to Mich in the summer, therefore i miss the reunion in the winter. Im sure there are others that enjoy reading and keeping up with some of our competitors (and their Kids) by reading here and at the MtClemens sight too. A special thanks to Wild Bill, Norma Tucker and the gang for keeping the memories alive.
12/24/2015 - Jim Laraway
Congrats to Butch. Would be nice to see more traffic here, to see who is still around, and what they are doing. Merry Christmas to all.
11/10/2015 - Butch Klotz
I just came from the 30 year mcrt reunion party. what a fabulous party. was so nice to see old friends from a great time in my life. many many thanks to wild bill for caring enough to put on this event. and for the award. thank you.
9/26/2015 - Mike Schneider
Can anybody help us identify this history/ owner/ driver of this #97 Challenger? It was believed to run at Mt. Clemens. We currently own the car and someday plan a resurrection of it.
5/5/2015 - Craig Pierson
I saw a post from Chuck Sommers. Man does that bring back memories. I think my Dad, Art Pierson traded you a boat for the old 7-11 car??? How's Artie doing. Is he still with Rose? Rose. oh man :-).
3/26/2015 - Wolfgang Kurth
I'm looking for the support from the numerous historians among you! I’m the owner of a 1950 Jaguar XK120 which spend most of her life in Michigan, in the Detroit area in particular! The “earliest” owner I got hold of (Alan G. Boring, Farmington) bought the car in 1968/1969 car from a “lady racer” living in the Detroit area. This lady did run sped trials at Daytona Beach (must have been in the mid 50's). The car was painted in a fleshy colour and therefore was nicknamed Shrimp! In 1972 Alan sold the Jaguar to Steven Daniels, Clinton, who sold the car in 1973/1974 to either Michael A. Griffin, Southfield or David Cleavinger (?). Does any piece of information ring a bell? I truely appreciate your support - waterwinterwonderworld is almost the last source of information! Thank you. Wolfgang.
3/9/2015 - Jimmy & Barbara Gullett
I was asked to pass some information on to everyone from Eunice Goodwin today. A very nice conversation, Jack went peacefully, although a battle up until. She says to tell everyone for the thoughts, prayers and kind words during this time. There will be a memorial service on Wednesday at the First Church of the Nazerene in Bradenton, Florida. Services at Toale Brothers Funeral Home. In liu of flowers, donations can be sent to Tidewell Hospice in Florida. Jack was 85 years old.
3/8/2015 - Randy
It is sad to report, but legendary and Michigan Hall of Famer, Jack Goodwin passed away. Such an awesome driver, but even a better all around person. God Speed Jack.
3/8/2015 - Jimmy Gullett
Sad News Jack Goodwin has gone to the big Race Track in the sky.
12/12/2014 - Joe Schalm
Kimberly Champine. I don't have pics of Mike's 333 but I know the history well. The car was a 56 Chevy which was owned by my Granpa, Bert Yennor. I spent many days in the car including a trip to West Virginia. I remember the first night Mike raced it. I also remember a night when the steering broke and he went head on into the fence. I'll talk to relatives and see what I can find.
12/11/2014 - Vince Cuker
Ref: Posting 12/8/2014 by Ann. I do remember your father, John Hosinski racing at MCRT. Unfortunitly, I do not have any pictures in my collection. If I should happen to come across any, I will let you know.
12/8/2014 - Tom Urban
The Mt. Clemens Race Track Get Together will be held on January 24th 2015 at Kart2Kart. Registration to race will begin at 5:30p. m. Not racing? Show up anytime after 6:00pm. No food available. Kart2Kart is on Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 mile road. Come on out and watch the videos, bench race, or watch the karts. Hope to see all of you there.
12/8/2014 - Ann
My father raced at Mt Clemons in the 60's and very early 70's. His name was John Hosinski and his number was 28. He won the checkered flag many times and I know that pictures were taken. When my father passed away those pictures were thrown away and I remember looking at them a lot and watching him race. He also raced in the demolition derby always in an Impala. I would be so happy to look at those pictures again. Please help!.
12/4/2014 - michaele salpino
11/14/2014 - Joe Genise
Sad news today my Uncle Ken Link passed away. He raced at Mount Clemens in mid 60's to 70's he ran sportsman class white 64 ford fairlane #20. Then he went to Auto City with it and done very well. He then went to late models white 67 fairlane #10. He finished third with Frank Lamp second and Benny Parsons first. Benny jumped into Franks new Camaro and Frank drove his old czr 67 chevelle. What a race. My brother Vince and cousin Patrick was his crew then and throughout his career. I race Outlaw Super late Models at Flat Rock #99. all because of one man Ken Link. God Speed Uncle Ken. We love you and surely miss you! Joe Genise.
10/1/2014 - Kimberly Champine
My dad raced at the Mt. Clemens Race Track in the 50's and 60's when I was little #333 Mike Champine and now #333 went to the big tract in heaven on 2-16-14. I am trying to located any footage I can find when he raced. I know the building where the film was kept when they would show the races on TV had a fire and all was lost or so I was told. It is a wish of mine to find these for my mom Eileen (Watson) Champine she and my dad were together 55 yrs. It has been such a great loss to us all. If anyone one has any idea where I might something so precious as this please let me know. Thank you and GOD BLESS!.
9/22/2014 - Vince Cuker
Tom Porzondek: I check this site once in a while, and when I just did, I saw your kind comments on your experiences while going to the track many moons ago. I post old pictures and comments on my From the Flag Stand input on Facebook. It has been many years, but like you, I have great memories of those times. I have a great chance to re-live them thought my articles. Thanks again.
9/11/2014 - Charlene Ortleib
Al Artz #10 (White Ford) My Dad raced there for quite a few years. I happened on this site by accident, but the names are all very familiar. He owned a Sunoco station in Grosse Pointe Park. A-Z Service. He passed away of cancer in 2001. We had many good times at the track!.
8/13/2014 - Cheryl Baumgarten Waldie
My dad, Ed Baumgarten and his 4 brothers, Don, Erv, Fred and Norbert ( Bummie), raced at this track in the 50's and 60's. They even had their own race, BAUMGARTEN TROPHY DASH. Good times for the whole family. Ed's son, Buddy and now his grandson, Brian, both race at Onaway Speedway still in the #100 car.
7/1/2014 - Tom Porzondek
This post is in reply to the posting of Vince Cuker last March: I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for your great work with the flags. Although we have never met, I spent many nights (and some Sunday afternoons) watching and enjoying the races at the Mount over the years from the early 1960's until the place closed. When we (my dad and I) first started going to Mt. Clemens in 1963, Eddie Janis was on the flags and he also did a great job. Thanks to ALL the folks who helped with putting on the races, they were all appreciated. I can't believe it has been 51 years since I first went to the Mount, where did the time go?? Thanks again, Vince, and take care.
5/4/2014 - Matthew burns
On May 3rd Bernie DeSmith passed away, he found out 7weeks ago he had lung cancer. On May 7th & 8th he will be shown at Tiffany-Young & Hauss located in Armada Mi on North ave. the viewing times are Wednesday the 7th 2-9pm then Thursday from 9am-10am, starting at 10am will be a service for Bernie then a luncheon will follow afterwards.
4/17/2014 - Chris Fitzpatrick
Sadly I am posting to let all my dads (Bob Fitzpatrick) friends and fans know that he has passed away today 4-16-14 at the age of 74. He enjoyed racing and being at the track with all of his family and friends. Please keep our family in your prayers We will post funeral arrangements as soon as we can.
3/21/2014 - Vince Cuker
This is my annual visit to this site. It sure brings back lots of good memories reading all the input from the fans, drivers and officials from the MCRT. In my 29 years affiliated with the track, It's nice to read about everyone who has touched my life while at the track. Each story brings back good memories of those metioned, and others related to the hobby. Thanks, and keep the articles and input coming.
3/12/2014 - Mike Florindi Jr.
Wow, I've grown up hearing my dad speak of most of the people listed up here. He worked in the pits for Stan Yee and transported the car to many races. I can't wait to tell him of the website. I'm sure he will be excited. The stories I have heard though the years and haven't ever met anyone. I was fortunate enough to attend school with Rod Robarge (son of Lisle. ) I believe I have some pics of Yee's car. #33 if I remember correctly. I'll have to dig them out. I'll post if I can find anything.
12/12/2013 - Robin Wagenhals
My mom, Pauline Paller (Polly) used to race at Mt Clemens and also in Detroit. She started with the Powder Puff from what she has told me. Chevrolet sponsored her. She drove the 3 J's and dad was #55. My dad, Earl Lindsay, also raced. He had no sponsor. I have many photos of gatherings, some formal. I have her racing uniform and her M M S R A annual license, trophy's, track flag. Not sure what to do with all of this. The pictures are priceless. Any suggestions for me. I am sure there are many out there she raced with that are still around, if not, their children.
12/11/2013 - Chuck Sommers
I plan on attending the get together and looking forward to it.
11/21/2013 - Tom Urban
The 8th (9th) annual Mt. Clemens Race Track Get Together is scheduled for Jan 25th 2014. It`s being held at Kart2Kart, Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 mile road. Registration to race starts at 5:30 p. m. Racing will start around 6:00 p. m. Videos will be shown in the big conference room. If you`re not racing, show up anytime after 6:00 p. m. to watch videos and tell stories. If racing and it is very cold outside, bring warm clothing because the track is ventilated by opening the outside doors. See you all there.
10/14/2013 - Tom Porzondek
To The Goodrich Family: I am sorry for your loss of both Gene & Lloyd. I do not remember seeing Gene race, but I do remember Lloyd racing. He was part of that group of sportsman drivers from the late 60's thru the early 70's who really put on a great show on the dirt, both on the 1/4 mile and the combined tracks when they ran the infamous double O. I can still hear those small block chevy engines screaming as they downshifted from high gear to enter turn 1 on the 1/4 mile after running their lap on the 1/2 mile. Don't know how those guys ever kept a rear main seal in those motors after all that. Maybe they didn't, eh ???? Sure was fun to watch.
10/2/2013 - Randy
Obituary for Gene Goodrich: GOODRICH, GENE Age 71, born August 18, 1942 in Detroit, Mich. , passed away Sunday, September 29, 2013 at Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Pointe. Gene was a loving and caring husband and father who leaves behind his wife Helen, his very grateful son, Russell (Stacy), his two darling grandchildren Anna and Owen. Gene graduated from Cass Tech High School and worked in the Tube Fabrication Industry at Bundy Tube before helping to start Auto-Fab Engineering, Inc. in 1971. Gene enjoyed corvettes, car shows, the outdoors, motorcycles and spending time with family and friends. Gene was a long time member of the charitable organization, The Nottingham Sportsman's Club. Funeral Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Kaul Funeral Home, 35201 Garfield, Clinton Twp, MI. Visitation Friday, October 4, 2013 form 2 p. m. to 9 p. m. In lieu of flowers the family request donation be made to The Nottingham Sportsman's Club c/o Kaul Funeral Home.
10/2/2013 - Randy
Just read this post on FB from Russell Goodrich: I was surprised to find there is a Facebook page for the Mt. Clem Race Track. I am posting a death notice in case anyone on here remembers my dad or his brother and would be interested in the info. Gene Goodrich passed away on Sept. 29, 2013. He raced at Mt Clemens Racetrack around late 60's early 70's. My mom said he was never really that good, but I know he enjoyed it. He also worked in the pits for his brother Lloyd Goodrich, who from what I have been told was pretty good. Lloyd passed away several years ago. Randy: Both drove the #85 - 57 Chevy, when Lloyd drove it, it was painted a 'champagne purple' and when Gene drove it, it was orange. Lloyd won Championships in both the 1/4 mile Sportsman class and the Double O. Both loved racing but Lloyd was the better of the two. God Bless the Goodrich Family and condolences to all family & friends.
3/25/2013 - LAURA TUCKER
Bill Giordano passed away today. Better known to all of us as Diego, he was crew chief for Jay Sommers for many years.
3/6/2013 - Tom Porzondek
Laura - Thank you for the update about Lisle. I remember him well for his great driving ability on the dirt and his happy demeanor. I also remember the time that he and a couple of the other sportsman drivers decided to go for a dip in that small pool across the midway from the saloon. He was a fun guy to be around.
3/4/2013 - LAURA TUCKER
Lyle passed away on February 9, 2013. Mt. Clemens Race Track has a Facebook page for information, too.
2/26/2013 - Tom Porzondek
Does anyone have further information about Lisle Robarg as to how he is or anything else?.
1/27/2013 - Tom Urban
The previous post concerning the Get Together at Kart2Kart is incorrect. The event is on as scheduled.
1/16/2013 - Vince Cuker
The next Kart-2-Kart sure got here fast. I'll be coming in from Chelsea that day, and will try hard to make it. Last years' was great. I just read the last 10-12 inputs and it's nice to see all those names from the past. Every one have a save winter and hope to CU at the Kart.
12/31/2012 - Tom Urban
For those of you not on the Mt. Clemens Race Track Facebook page, the 7th annual Mt. Clemens Race Track Get Together will be held on Jan. 26th 2013. It will be held at Kart2Kart, located on Van Dyke Ave just south of 19 Mile Rd. Come on down and race the carts, or come down and just watch. We`ll have lots of videos and lots of story telling. Some true, some not. If you want to race the carts, registration starts at 5:30p. m. If not racing, show up anytime after 6:00p. m. Watching and story telling is free. Also if you`re racing and it`s very cold outside, bring some warm gloves as it gets pretty cold inside as they open the big doors for ventilation. First race goes off at 6:p. m. The cost of racing the carts is $45. 00 dollars. This gives you 3 8 minute sessions. One practice, one qualifier, and then a feature. So come on down and have some fun. Hope to see you there.
12/29/2012 - Leonard Dale Priest
I would like to see or hear something about my dad Dale Priest.
12/3/2012 - John Zimmerman
Just wanted to say hi. Have been reading this site for a while and am glad to see so many familiar names. I worked at Yees racing when the late John Anderson and Artie drove for Stan.
10/26/2012 - Thomas Anigne
I ran several times at Mt Clemens, as well as other Mi. tracks in 1968,69, 70 until my owner was killed by a drunk driver and his wife sold off everything. I had many pictures but unfortunately they were all lost in a fire back in 1994. It would be nice to see some of them again.
9/23/2012 - ron plettl
my brother in law was terry gaddy he owned 108 race car driven by erv baumgardner in the 60 70 they have both passed now.
9/6/2012 - Tom Porzondek
To Craig & Lance Pierson: I was reasonably sure that Artie did the motors for your dad although I did not know for how long. I remember standing next to your dad one night at Mt. Clemens when he was talking with Artie about his motor as I think he was having some problem and Artie was talking to him like engine builders usually did with one of their customers, so I assumed that Artie did the motor. I also do remember when Jay Sommers won the lottery (I think it was in the early 90's maybe) there were stories about it going around. I never really knew much about it, but I did see Jay & Artie racing at Toledo in the Iceman Series, I believe. This next part is for anyone who may have known my brother Bob, or as he liked to be called, Harve. He was a regular spectator at Mt. Clemens for years until it closed, and went to lots of other tracks all over including the Brickyard, IRP, MIS, some in Canada, and lots more in Michigan. He and I were at Mt. Clemens the night Jr. Hanley went through the fence around the turn three area. He never raced but he loved racing just like his older brother Tom and our father. He had some great experiences from watching racing and told me a real funny story about the time he had breakfast with Dick Trickle at a motel someplace in Canada, I think. We lost Harve yesterday at the age of 57, probably of natural causes. He went to a lot of race tracks and liked to talk with just about everyone, so some of you may have met him. Also sorry to hear about Lyle Robarge, he was a real fun guy and a great dirt tracker. I can still see him in my mind's eye going out for hot laps one night and driving with one arm, I guess for laughs or something. Never saw anyone else even attempt to try that.
8/26/2012 - Randy
Been making the rounds to some of the local short tracks and I saw Rick Sigsby at Owosso on my rounds. For those of you who don't know who he is, Rick is the author of an awesome book titled Living on the Edge, a History of Auto Racing in Michigan. I bought the book when I saw him at Owosso and it is very interesting as there are chapters from interviews with numerous Michigan drivers. Stories from Brad Keselowski to Bob Senneker to Jack Goodwin to Joy Fair. For any of you who are interested, he has the book for sale and is doing appearances thru-out MI at local tracks. It is available also by going to www dot rsigsby dot com. I think it is well worth the money and great mentions of MI history. And what a great site WaterWinterWonderland is for letting us be able to share this kind of information. I will be submitting pics of tracks very soon. thanks again WWW!!!.
8/26/2012 - Craig Pierson
Sad to hear about Lisle, he was fun to watch. I always remember him after the race walking around with a couple of beers in his hands. Tom/Lance - Artie did build Dad's engines for a couple of years and they were always fast. Yes, Artie's wife's name was Rose. I remember her being HOT! Artie's son won the Michigan Lottery a few years back.
8/13/2012 - Art Botte
Correction for Lisle Robarge. He is in Metilodge (spelling correction), in St. Clair,MI. 810-329-4736. Thank you,.
8/13/2012 - Art Botte
For your information, for those who know Lisle Robarge. He owned and drove Sportsman and Super Stocks in the 60's and 70's at Mount Clemens and other race tracks. He was track champinion in the Sportsman division in the late 1960's. He has been in a nursing home for the past 6 months. He is at Metalodge Nursing Home in St. Clair Michigan. He would appreciate any visitors who would like to visit him.
8/13/2012 - Art Botte
This is to inform those of you who remember Joe Arnold. He owned a super late model Ford Fairlane race car in the middle to late 1960's. Marv Parenteau was his driver before he drove for Stan Yee. Joe then drove his own race car for a short time befoe he quit racing. He pasted away in May 2011.
7/21/2012 - David Williams
Rick, your dad Crazy Rick was the man to beat. I once seen him get a running start from down in the forth turn and just plow this dude in the first turn. he never let off the gas. It ripped the rear end out of the other car. I will never forget that. I also would like to see some demo photos, as my brother and I were in a few demo. On the rare occasion I see an old chevy wagon, crazy Rick is the first thing that comes to my mind. my brother and I were also in the first enduro race they had. #5 and #10 I have one picture of us side by side on the site here.
6/8/2012 - ray clark
Ray Clark st. clair shores. Race at the track and work at the track. Work on stan yee for 5 years. Now work on jay sommers CRA late models and super series. still racing a old Mt. Clemens Race car. is 222 and 4by8 car. evey year at Kalamazoo speedway at super shone.
5/28/2012 - Rick
Hello everyone, does anyone have any pictures of the demolition derbys that use to go on? My dad was #28 'Crazy Rick', or if anyone has any stories about seeing or knowing him when he raced I woud love to hear about it Thank you.
4/9/2012 - Don Harris
Does any one out there Remember MIKE THE KID MOWATT ? Who use to drive the RED TOW TRUCK WITH THE BIG (R) ON THE SIDE at Mount Clemens Race Track Thursday and Saturday Nights? WELL IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY APRIL !!th. AND THE KID WILL BE 51 YEARS OLD. AND HE STILL WORKS FOR THE SAME COMPANY 30 YEARS LATER. ! H A P P Y B I R T H D AY KID.
2/20/2012 - Chi Benedict
My grandfather is Sid Keller who raced back in the day for Al Schultz in the 000. I saw the posts by Eric Schultz and the pictures, one of which included my grandfather. I wanted to leave a message thanking him for the picture of my grandpa being posted and was hoping he could contact me with more information on my grandfather's racing career. I have heard his Dad's name (Al Schultz) over the years in connection with grandpa and I knew they were friends. I wanted to let him know that my grandfather passed away today, which is why I was looking for information on him and ran across this site. Thanks again!.
2/20/2012 - Sandy Pluszczynski
Hi, I never raced there but my dad did, Larry Pluszczynski (000) & (2 Midas), i remember going there every weekend as a kid.
1/31/2012 - Tom Urban
Once again, the Get Together was a huge success. Thanks to all who helped and attended. Special thanks once again to Tracy Leslie for supplying the pizza. The silent auction also went off well. Next year`s date will be Jan 26th.
1/16/2012 - Don Harris
Jim Laraway on Your reply of photo posted: The photo posted of Carl Shultz #44, The orange #16 of Jim Laraway, Jim didn't remember who drove the #25 Car back in the Mid-to-late 60's The Driven was WAYNE LEE AKA Burton Wayne Lee 6-26-30~6-19-06 R I P Racer.
1/15/2012 - Todd Reed
Hey i remember sneaking in the backwoods to get in for free, but most of all i remember Tommy Gullett flipping over upside down over the finish line for the checkered flag in the super v-8 if i remember right as i watched my cousin win but didn't know how he was until he emerged on top of the car ok after all that? wow yes i miss the old track in the clem, and where the hell r u Tommy and Jimmy? R u still in the clem give a relative a shout out. Still here on Lawndale.
1/6/2012 - Tom Urban
Just about 3 weeks until The Get Together. Jan. 28th, Kart2Kart, Van Dyke just south of 19 mile road. If the weather is cold, bring some gloves to wear if you`re racing. It gets pretty cold on the track. Registration is at 5:30. Green flag drops at 6:00. See ya there!.
1/3/2012 - rick skinner
Butch ludemans race car pics anyone? Just found this site Fantastic Lots of memorys.
12/29/2011 - John G.
I saw Joy racing in the 90's at flat rock spectating that day with my mother. she about fell off her seat when she saw joy was still racing. wow what a career. Thank you Joy.
12/14/2011 - Tom Porzondek
To All Who Knew Joy Fair or Saw Him Race: Having lived in the Detroit area for all of my 64 years, I have been fortunate to have enjoyed watching many people in sports who excelled at what they did, such as Al Kaline in baseball, many great football players, and Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. But like the beer commercial used to say, It doesn't get any better than this, that is the best way to describe Joy Fair, both as a man and a race driver. What else can one say.
12/13/2011 - doug meyer
I race at Mt. Clemens Race Track in 1980.
12/13/2011 - LAURA TUCKER
Arrangements for Joy Fair funeral: Modetz Funeral Home 100 E. Silverbell Rd. Orion, Michigan 48359 248-371-3777 Wed, December 14, 2011 5-9 PM Thursday December 15, 2011 2-8 PM Friday December 16, 2011 10 AM Funeral service from Funeral Home.
12/12/2011 - Cyndy Winkler
It was sad to read that Joy has passed away. He was a wonderful driver and a super nice man. He was well respected and he respected others. He lived his life excelling in motor sports, and was a fine example to others. He will be missed by all who followed him, and ran against him. My sympathy goes out to the family on this loss. Rest in Peace, Joy. Hope we meet again in heaven. Cyndy Winkler, Mt. Clemens Race Track.
12/12/2011 - Joseph Dalessio
god bless joy fair will miss you. i have been around racing in Michigan for forty years and drivers like fair or Danny Byrd are what drew people to the tracks. its not the same today with the drivers. or tracks like the mount. miss it all. days gone by to bad.
12/11/2011 - louie
it is being reported that mr. joy fair of the famed #1 yellow school bus color has passed away at age 81, mr. fair was a fan favorite & star wherever he ran, he won many race with flat rock, & mt. clemens being his home track for most of his career. GOD bless mr. Fair.
12/2/2011 - Tom Urban
The Get Together is coming up soon. There will be a silent auction held to benefit Cheeseburger`s estate. He was an avid collector of racing memorabilia and he had a lot of nice things collected. So come one, come all , and watch the kart racing, the videos and/ or to bid. January 28th, Kart2Kart, 19 mi. and Van Dyke.
11/21/2011 - Mark Desjardins
Looking for Tie Rod Tom Urban just a little note that the Checker Flag reunion in Windsor ont Canada is back for another year on September 30th 2012 so mark your calenders we always have a blast also if you would like to join us we have a page on Facebook which is call stock car racing in Ontario which we have lots of picks of you guys from the Mt since a lot of you raced at Checker Flag some come join our group a have a blast from the past thank you everyone see you on Facebook Mark.
11/20/2011 - W. Bill Springer
Seeking photos of Mt. Clemens race track & Clinton Grove Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, MI. (Any other landmark photos).
11/18/2011 - Tom Porzondek
To Randy: Thank you for the nice words. I lost a son in 2006 at age 34 and I can understand the loss felt by Sean's dad. He sounded like a nice kid and he reminded me of myself and some of my racing friends who were nutty about racing. Bob Fredericks said that to me once back in 1968 when I was hitching a ride in the back of his truck to go to Toledo Speedway, as there was no room in the cab and he said I could ride in the bed along with all the racing stuff, tires, gas, and whatever else there was. Don't think you could get away with that today, but hey, I was only going on 21 and didn't care. I just wanted to go racing.
11/15/2011 - Tom Urban
Race Fans more sad news. Steve Stein, aka Cheeseburger, recently passed away. He was in North Carolina recuperating from cancer surgery when he was hit with a brain aneurysm. On Nov. 25th, there will be a celebration of life held at The Burning Tree Golf Course, located at 21 Mile Rd. and North Ave. Times will be from 6 p. m. to 10 p. m. Godspeed and R. I. P. Cheese.
11/15/2011 - Tom Urban
Race Fans more sad news. Steve Stein, aka Cheeseburger, recently passed away. He was in North Carolina recuperating from cancer surgery when he was hit with a brain aneurysm. On Nov. 25th, there will be a celebration of life held at The Burning Tree Golf Course, located at 21 Mile Rd. and North Ave. Times will be from 6 p. m. to 10 p. m. Godspeed and R. I. P. Cheese.
11/14/2011 - Randy
Tom P. I knew Sean (in person & via the internet). He did indeed make it to Auto City and Dixie that I know of (sometimes even going to both on the same night in the 2008 season). He was from the Detroit area (as I was too at that time). Not only did he have a love for local short track racing, but he was also heavily involved with the local Detroit Music scene. His dad even did a music benifit after Sean's passing. He was very opinionated about both racing & music. regardless of what other people thought (if he was wrong or right). Sean was a loyal, dedicated race fan. he is truly missed. and God Bless the Fitzgerald Family. And Tom, thank you for the rememberance, his dad would be proud to know people are still thinking of him!!!.
11/14/2011 - Tom Porzondek
To all who visit this site: I never met or talked with Sean Fitzgerald, but this Thursday (November 17) will be three years ago that he died. I enjoyed reading his posts as he certainly loved short track auto racing. I don't know if he ever saw me race at Auto City or Owosso, but if he did I hope I helped contribute to his enjoyment of the shows. I miss his posts and enthusiasm for short track racing.
10/15/2011 - john gucciardi
i used to work for dick gold and it was my 56 ford that we made into a racecar. i learned a lot from wayne (Buddy) , i remember a lot of the old guys like homer newland, benny parsons, shalden, doc, art bickens they where all great guys. they called me big bad john. they talked a lot about moter city speedway and the car dubble 0 ( at lease i think it was dubble 0).
10/15/2011 - JG
so sorry to hear that terry email sent.
10/11/2011 - JIMMY GULLETT
Terry Bennett your dad won tons of races and was way ahead of his time.
10/10/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
To Dennis Schalm thanks for the condolences and comments about dad (Wayne Bennett). I have a slide show I will try to post for everyone to enjoy.
10/10/2011 - Dennis Schalm
First off to Terry Bennett-Gilliland. I'm also sorry to hear of your dad's passing. Great driver. (I was prejeduce to all Ford drivers, anyway. ) Next, about the radio broadcasts by WBRB. My dad and John Cwikla's dad worked together so John and I would hang out with each other at the track. Both of us fed the DJ with info of what was going on. Alas, John was 16, and I was only 12, so guess who got a job offer, and who didn't. Everything turned out for the best anyway, and I got my TV time later. :-D.
10/9/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
Thanks, Tom for the condolences and kind words about dad. We had his service today and his legacy will live on. Also, to J. Gucciard. I talked to dad on Monday before he died on Tuesday about racing with your dad and he did remember. I hope to find the time to share everything I have about his racing days. I did post some pictures on the waterwinterwonderland's Facebook page if you want to check it out. I sent my email address to the Webmaster and he was going to forward it to you.
10/7/2011 - Tom Porzondek
To Terry Bennett-Gilliland - I am truly sorry to hear that your dad has died, he was one of the best ever to strap on the belts. I have lots of memories of his racing and thankfully we also have some great pictures of him provided by many folks who contribute to this website. I also have the 1958 program from Motor City Speedway that your dad autographed for me. Thank you for letting everyone know. Take care.
10/7/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland`
Thanks, Randy. Thanks, Billy. Dad didn't really have a favorite charity. He helped so many people in general since he owned his own business, but thanks for asking.
10/6/2011 - Billy Simmons
Dad always liked running against Wayne. He has told me a few stories about Wayne and Dick Gold. The Simmons Family offers their condolences to the Bennett family. Did Wayne have a favorite charity?.
10/6/2011 - Randy
Terry, that is very sad news. my prayers, thoughts and condolenses go out to you and your family. God Bless you all.
10/5/2011 - Randy
I remember the radio program would ask a 'trivia' type question and tell listeners to head to the 'wagon' if they knew the answer. and I actually won a 'water decal' one night. man I miss that place. and have to say, I was all about the clay track racing. what awesome memories!!!.
10/5/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
I have sad news for the race fans that remember my dad Wayne Bennett who drove in the l950's and 1960's at Mt. Clemons, Flat Rock, Toledo, Michigan Fairgrounds, etc. He passed away at 9:00 p. m. tonight (10/4/11).
10/4/2011 - Chuck
WBRB was on Gratiot. When the track was dirt John Cwikala did driver interviews and gave race reports.
10/3/2011 - Dan Baumgarten
WBRB was at 1430 AM, I think HQ was near Gratiot and the Beach Hwy.
9/28/2011 - Tom Urban
Hi everyone. The 5th annual Mt. Clemens Race Track Get Together will be held on January 28th, 2012. It`s at Kart2Kart, 19mi. rd. and Van Dyke. Same as last time. If you`re racing, be there at 5:30 for registration. Racing begins at 6:00. Not racing, come anytime after 6:00. Does any one remember when the local a. m. radio station broadcasted from the race track on Thursday nights. I believe the radio call letters were WBRB. Any one remember the number on the radio dial where they were located?.
9/16/2011 - Don Harris
Yes JUNIOR we all remember the Mount Cleamens SEWER TREATMENT Center Next to The Mount Clemens Race Track! Thanks for the Memories. My father David Wyatt raced at this track when I was a kid. He owned Wyatt Brothers Union 76 Gas Station across from Mt. Clemens hosipital. He was a racer and a sponsor a the time. I was just a kid, but have fond memories of the sounds and smell!.
9/14/2011 - David L. Wyatt Jr.
My father David Wyatt raced at this track when I was a kid. He owned Wyatt Brothers Union 76 Gas Station across from Mt. Clemens hosipital. He was a racer and a sponsor a the time. I was just a kid, but have fond memories of the sounds and smell!.
9/5/2011 - jt
Terry, Jim Gullett's phone number is 586-463-8107.
8/31/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
If anyone knows a guy named Jim Gullett I have a note written to my dad Wayne Bennett on a napkin from him. It is a real treasure to us He must have been a huge fan.
8/7/2011 - Tom Porzondek
To Terry Bennett-Gilliland: Terry, I have a program from Motor City Speedway that I got in what appears to be 1958. On the back of this program are the autographs of Joy Fair, Tommy Hill, and your dad Wayne Bennett when he drove #101. There is another autograph of Joy Fair that I got from him down at Toledo in 1994 as I used to sit with him, Gary Lindahl, Joy's daughter, and a bunch of others almost every Sunday back in the 90's when the Iceman Series was running. I told Joy the story about having his autograph on this old program from when I was ten years old at Motor City, so he asked me to bring it and he signed it again with his original autograph covered up so we could compare if his signature had changed in 46 years. When I got your dad's and the others autographs the night I did, it was because I begged my dad to take me down in the pits after the races and not go home right away. He finally said okay and I still have the program which is now 53 years old. I scanned the pages mentioned with your dad's autograph and picture, and if you will supply an e-mail address I will send them to you as attached PDF documents which usually come out real good. Tom Porzondek
8/5/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
To Tom Porzondek: Thanks, Tom. It's good to hear from folks who were there back in the day, and you are so right about all of the drivers that you mentioned, and thanks for telling me about the Pontiac Speedway because I don't remember going to that one as a kid.
8/3/2011 - Tom Porzondek
To Terry Bennett-Gilliland - I remember your dad very well from his racing days at Mt. Clemens & Motor City Speedway. If you check out the page on this site for Pontiac Speedway, there is a fantastic picture of Mickey Katlin, Joy Fair, and your dad Wayne Bennett, each one a racing legend. I have watched races at a lot of places, built and raced a car, and talked with lots of people in racing whose opinions I respect, and they all said Wayne Bennett was one of the very best at building a race car and making them go fast. Those of us who are old enough to have watched and been around such racers as Wayne Bennett, Joy Fair, Felix Brooks, George Cooper, Homer Newland, Junior Hanley, Benny Parsons, Danny Byrd, Jack Goodwin, Ed Howe, and the list goes on, were very fortunate to say the least. The folks of today have their favorites, but I think we really had some great ones. Tom Porzondek.
8/3/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
Hey Chuck, thanks for posting. My dad got Benny started and built the cars until we moved in 1966. I have sent some pictures to Steve Wolski to post and I will be sending many more along with news clippings. I was only nine when we moved but I have some fantastic memories of Mt. Clemons.
8/1/2011 - Chuck
Terry, I remember your dad racing at Mt. Clemens. Always enjoyed the way he raced. As I recall he and Benny showed up at times with identical cars. The competition then was as good as it gets. To bad they paved the track. Long term It is the worst thing they could have done.
7/31/2011 - Terry Bennett-Gilliland
Hey race fans! I just discovered this website after Steve Wolski called my dad Wayne Bennett last week. I looked at the pictures on this site and the one that has the #98 sponsored by Northland Ford is driven by my dad Wayne Bennett. I have the same picture!! My dad sold Benny his car and race car hauling truck when we moved to Alabama in 1966. My dad is the one who got Benny Parsons interested in racing. I posted on the Flat Rock Speedway how that actually happened and when Benny was inducted in the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame my dad was there as a guest. I will be sending pictures and newspaper clippings for posting in a few weeks to share with everyone. My dad raced in the 1950's and 1960's at Mt. Clemons, Flat Rock, Motor City Speedway, Toledo, in Pennsylvania, and many other tracks. At Mt. Clemons he drove car #98. He competed with Danny Byrd, Ray Nece, Joy Fair, etc. I have really enjoyed this website!! My dad was a terrific racer. He built and drove his own cars. We loved going to the races as a family. It was a different time back then. Things were so simple, safe and honest. It was actually the best time of my life living in Michigan. Thank you to the creator of this website and to the many fans of auto racing!!.
7/16/2011 - Keith
I have fond memories of Mt. Clemens Race Track. My father took me during some of my younger years (late 70's). Many of the drivers posted here I remember. It is very disappointing that there is no track within ten miles of the old track. I have to drive to Autocity or Toledo, but the distance is depressing. My boys enjoy racing. Hopefully a track will come to our area.
7/8/2011 - LAURA TUCKER
If you are a Facebook follower, then you should become a friend of the Mt. Clemens Race Track Facebook page. Lots of great pictures, videos and trivia questions are posted there, too. You can reconnect with alot of Mt. Clemens drivers, crews, officials and fans on that page.
6/20/2011 - Rex Manglos
I was in Mt. Clemens for the Hot Rod Powertour event last week, and went to the old track to walk around it. It was strange to sence that it was once the marvel it was. Now it's a shopping center that makes no mention of the old track. I think a sign should be erected that makes notice of the Mount. Before I left I closed my eyes and tried to see it once again in my mind, and also thought I could hear those old motors screaming down the backstretch again. It was sad, but made me smile to think I spent many nights at that old delight.
6/9/2011 - Chuck Hellebuyck
Just came across this site about Mount Clemens and read through many of the posts. What a great trip down memory lane. I know the owner of this website. His son played in a band with my son and lives right around the corner. Never knew this topic existed.
6/5/2011 - Fred Pickard
I wished somebody would try to get Felix Brooks in the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame, I remember he drove and run the pit shack at Mount Clemens for a long time, he treated people great.
4/17/2011 - Rex Manglos
It is good to see the sight is still active. I spend a lot of nights at the Mount growing up. Many times we went under the fence to see all the greats of dirt racing in the 60's. Me dating Denise Baumgarten at the time, you know who was my driver!!! I still have some of the programs and pics of the place. It is always good to come to the sight and remember the names and some of the events of that track, Like Erv going over the fence on the backwall of turn three! Please keep this sight active, it is a joy to come here!! Still in the Pittsburgh area and still drag racing at the local track. At age 60 the fire is still there!! Peace,,,,.
RACES FROM 1960 TO1964.
3/18/2011 - Tom
Louie, March 31st is my last day.
3/17/2011 - louie
tom you retire yet & i saw 040 harry yesterday.
2/25/2011 - david pumfrey
I need some help. John Williams drove at Mt Clemens speedway , early 70s. He bought Thunder Road Speedway in Cass City MI. My father worked on his car. I sure would like to find John , to talk to him. Any help would be great. Thanks for reading , have a lot of great memories of the Famed Mt. Clemens speedway.
2/5/2011 - Eileen Champine
Just to let you know Greg you are right about car #333.
1/27/2011 - Greg Anderson
in re posting of l-18-20ll: Upon further introspection, I really think the Mike Champine car was: body silver, three nebulous pinkish red ovals with black 3's, making a 333 number (?).
1/25/2011 - Tom Urban
The Get Together is done and it appeared everyone had a good time. A HUGE THANK YOU to Tracy Leslie for supplying us with pizza. THANKS. Wild Bill, what more can I say. Always ready with the big screen and videos. Thanks to Louie Bennett. I know you worked your tail off trying to come up with a mystery guest for this year. Maybe next year. To all that showed up, thank you.
1/23/2011 - Pam OConnor
Just got some photos of my dad, Patrick O'Connor, and his days at MCRT. Definitely late 60s, early 70s. He started in the Sportsman class, #98, the graduated to Super Stock. He had two cars in that class that I recall, both Ford Fairlanes, #72 and #15. He is still with us, having just turned 70 however, he is in FL. Does anyone know how I might get some old clippings or photos of that track from that era? My favorite race was the Australian Pursuit. I, too, remember Ray Nece, Artie Sommers, Erv Baumgarten, Marv Parenteau, Danny Byrd, Stan Yee, and have wonderful memories of summers spent there.
1/18/2011 - Greg Anderson
My dad owned a Sinclair gas station on Cass Ave. (next to Cass Cycle & Hobby), and he sponsored the '56 Chevy driven by Mike Champine. I think it was in '64 or 65. I was at the station the day they painted the car (I'm almost certain the body was painted with a brush) and the number, a nebulous background with a pinkish red 333 on top. We towed the car to the track that evening, My dad in the station wrecker and Mike and myself in the car. The paint was still wet when we got there, but that didn't keep Mike from winning his heat race!.
1/7/2011 - Stephanie Kimball
My dad and my uncles race here before and while i was growing up. My dads name is Gary Kimball. and my uncles are Randy Kimball and Lyle Robarge. I also have my boyfriends uncle Eric St. Peter.
12/27/2010 - Tom Urban
A little less than a month until The Get Together. Same place, Kart2Kart, Van Dyke just south of 19Mile Rd. Check in time for kart racers is at 5:30p. m. Green flag drops at 6:00pm. Just want to bench race and watch videos, drop in after 6:00p. m. If anybody has race videos from the track, DVD`s, bring them with you. We would like to see them. Hope to see everyone on the 22nd.
12/24/2010 - Jeff Fetter
Wondering if any photos from the 25th reunion are posted anywhere?.
12/18/2010 - Lance Pierson
Thanks Tom, here is an old memory I have. Artie Sommers was a good racing friend of my dad and family. Even though i was about seven or eight I got to spend the night at his house. He and his wife, I believe her name was Rose were great. You do have a good memory, my dad's car was 09. If I can ever figure out how to scan I will submit some pictures.
12/17/2010 - Tom Porzondek
To Lance Pierson - I remember your dad, Art Pierson, very well. He drove the #09 Chevelle and really got it done with the rest of the super stock guys. I think he must have had Artie Sommers doing his engines, although I could be wrong. It was really fun in those days (the late 60's) to stand up on the dirt banks between turns three & four and listen to the motors and watch the hot dogs pouring the coals to em sliding through the corner and then drag racing down the front strech. The one regret I have from my own racing days was that I never ran the dirt anywhere. It looked like a lot of fun. They sure had some great ones on the dirt at the Mount, like Homer, Art Sommers, Ray Nece, Benny, Lyle Robarge, and lots more. Tom Porzondek.
12/15/2010 - Lance Pierson
Mark Kornosky, it is so funny you bring up Lyle Robarge, he was my favorite driver when I was a kid. I had a glossy picture of his car in a frame that I kept in my room. My father, Art Pierson, raced at the same time he did. We were just talking about him last week. Marv and Jim, I also remember watching you guys as well, do you remember my dad?.
12/8/2010 - Dennis Schalm
in case you haven't heard already, Bob Gilley Gillian, Joy Fair's racing partner, owner of Dearborn Crankshaft, and Moldex Crank, passed away today, Dec. 8th. That's all the info I have.
12/8/2010 - Cameron Morehouse
My names Cameron. My dad won a King of the hill race back in 1981 with his stock white Corvette. I know the race was filmed. Is there any chance of finding this footage? Please e-mail me at cmorehouse@airadv. net if you can help me. My pop passed away at an early age & I have no video of him. Obviously finding this tape would mean alot. Thank you.
12/6/2010 - LAURA TUCKER
Thanks to everyone who attended the 25 year reunion. We had over 200 guests with fabulous food from Fast Eddie's in Mt. Clemens. The absolutely awesome desserts were handmade by Patricia Leslie. A special thanks goes to John Nece for providing the slideshow and Wild Bill Barnhart for the videos. I am truly grateful for my crew: Terry Bogusz Jr, Jeff Moroni, Chuck Horan, Steve and Cory Russell, Dave Dehem. All that attended were provided with a program that had pictures, history, and some facts. Thanks to Terry, Chuck, Jeff and Dave for helping me with the program.
12/6/2010 - Cyndy Winkler
The 25th reunion party was so well planned and attended thanks to Laura Tucker and her back up crew and helpers. That is no easy feat to get the word to everyone and round up sponsors, do a program, sell some ads, get the videos and slides and memorabilia up. Thanks so much. It was great seeing so many from the MCRT family. I hope I am there for #50 too. Cyndy Winkler.
12/5/2010 - Vince Cuker
What a fantastic time I had at the 25th Reunion. I can honestly say that I recognized 9 out of 10 of everyone I met there. Laura Tucker and her crew put on a great get-together. Everyone I talked to were in awe at the response to the event, and commented on how exciting it was to have the MCRT Family reunite once again in this festive environment. I, along with every one else, very much enjoyed the slide show and video presentations. It was very enjoyable viewing the races on-screen without the tension of having to make any split-second decisions. LOL. How about a 50th? I'll be there!!!.
12/5/2010 - louie
thank's laura tucker and crew,,,,,,,,party was a total sell out and success many OLD faces,lot's of bench racing,photos,and videos,,,,,,,,,,,too many names to mention c ya in another 25.
12/4/2010 - Joe Schalm
Kim Champine. Sorry for the late response to your post of July. While I don't believe I have any pics of the 333, I do know a great deal about the car. It was a 56 Chevy which was owned by my Grandfather, Burt (Bunny) Yennor. Dennis Schalm was right, it was Silver with neon red numbers. I remember watching your dad race it. one night in particular when the RF spindle broke. I was too young to have pics. but if anyone might have them it would be my Aunt Kay. I will check w/her.
12/3/2010 - John Rohde
Are there any tickets left of that reunion on the 4th of dec. at the elks lodge?or can i get them at the door?Any one can call my cell at 586-549-3436.
12/1/2010 - Tim Brown
Ray Brown- Father #611 ( Ed Wolfe? usually drove it) Ron Brown- Uncle #611 Ed Peters- Uncle #610 Dennis Peters- Uncle (ARCA Talladega Super car owner, Dennis Metapetagan-driver) George Peters- Grandfather #610 Ed Slawinski- Racer friend #99 Bob Slawinski- Racer friend Wayne Pelky- Racer friend All raced at good ole Mt. Clemens through the years. I always enjoyed watching Stan Yee and Pat Haywood. His figure 8 car had the black hood, right?! My brother was a #500 Norm Tucker fan. Loved the spark plug on his roof!!! Dad always said Grandpa had a whole bunch of wheels lost in the infield pond through the years! Good memories. I still think of the track every time I hear Do you know the way to San Jose? on the radio! That's the one song I remember on the PA system at the track! Thanks for the memories!.
11/30/2010 - Butch Klotz
Hey. Ron Valcke. how ya doing Pinky? Yes. I remember racing slot cars in my basement. the slot track is long gone but I still have a lot of the race cars. those were the times. glad you are still around. we should get together and do some hot lipping.
11/30/2010 - Terry Bogusz Jr.
~ATTENTION~ final head count is in for dinner, THERE WILL BE 30 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR, FIRST COME ONLY still $25 dollars each Looking forward to seeing everyone on this saturday.
11/22/2010 - Tom Urban
Hey Ron. Good to see you`re still around. You goin` to the reunion on the 4th? How bout` coming to my get together on Jan. 22nd. My deal is at Kart2Kart. Registration for racing is at 5:30p. m. with the first green flag at 6: p. m. Cost is $45. 00 to race. Don`t feel like racing, show up any time after 6 p. m. No charge for bench racing and watching videos. Hope to see at either one or both events.
11/19/2010 - Ron Valcke
Just was scrolling through this web site. Man, seeing some of the names brings back lots of old memories. I don't know if any of you remember me (HobbyStock#197) but a lot of the names I see , I remember. I'm 62 years young now and still am racing. Drag racing, that is. Good for the heart you know. I still love goin fast. Race as much during the summer as I can. Race over in Canada quite a bit. Tom Urban, whats up old man? Aint seen you in a long time. Butch Klotz, remember racing slot cars down in your basement? I still got some of the slot cars. They are to cool to get rid of.
11/17/2010 - BOB kRUPA
I remember Larry Moore won a big race, in a Monte Carlo. Don't know witch race it was.
11/16/2010 - marv parenteau
it was either latham or chuck mcwilliams that won the yankee 150. i guess old age has set in SEE YOU ALL AT THE PARTY ON THE 4th.
11/15/2010 - Scott Daloisio
Did Ralph Latham win the Yankee 150? For some reason it seems to me it was Rodney Combs. Long time ago though and the cob webs may be distorting my memory. Somewhere, I still have the t-shirt from that race. I was 12 or 13 years old.
11/8/2010 - Dennis Schalm
Just a little warning to the sim-racers out there. I'm trying to learn Sandbox so I can make 4 versions of MCRT for NR2003 by Papyrus. Half-mile version, a 1/4 mile version, a Fig. 8 version, AND A DOUBLE 0!!!! Due to the limitations of NR2003, I'll have to make some creative alterations to the authenticity. Like putting in a pit road that you would enter at turn 1 and exit at turn 4, between the half and the quarter miles. Also would have to put the Fig. 8 s/f line in the middle of turns one and two. And the s/f line for the Double 0 after turn one of the quarter, but before turn one of the half in order finish a lap by coming off the quarter. When (if?) done it will be at www. masgrafx. com.
11/4/2010 - Tom Porzondek
Hello Mark, I remember Lyle very well and would like to know how he is doing. He was a real good driver and competitor and was among the sportsmen drivers who always put on a GREAT show. Also remember he had forearms like Popeye the Sailor. LOL Saw him go out one night and hot lap the car with only one arm, and they had no power steering in those days. Tom Porzondek.
11/4/2010 - Guy Bradmon
Wow this is incredible, my Father Jay Bradmon drove the pace car a few times he was sales manager at Bill Lee Oldsmobile in the 60's We would bring a new Olds 98 convert and put some boy scouts in the back seat and do a lap or two holding the Flag during the singing of the National Anthem. as I got older I drove street stock a few times for Butch Ludeman owner of North Eastern Auto Salvage. What memories Nice to see the legend lives on.
11/4/2010 - LAURA TUCKER
I remember Lisle Robarge very well. I just sent him a flyer to come to the Mt. Clemens Race Track 25 year reunion. There are still tickets available for dinner, drinks and dancing on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at the Mt. Clemens Elks Lodge at 179 S. Main, Mt. Clemens. Send a check for $25. 00 to Laura Tucker, PO Box 46119, Mt. Clemens, MI 48046.
11/2/2010 - Mark Kornosky
My girlfriends father raced for many years at Mt. Clemens, his name is Lyle Robarge if anyone remembers him. I have seen lots of cool pictures of his race days, not to mention all the trophies.
10/20/2010 - Dennis Schalm
Kim Champine, I Knew your dad, I think through my father. He worked with an Ed Champine at the Mt. Clemens DPW, thought they might be related. I Remember you dad telling the story of one time he was painting the numbers on his car. The paint was so thin that a slight breeze caused it to run UP the door, defying gravity. I believe it was a silver car with florescent red numbers.
10/13/2010 - Lee Ackerman
Jimmy: Do you know if anybody has a write up of that race or more information. I see Newland ran in ARCA and Cup. thanks.
10/12/2010 - JIMMY GULLETT
10/7/2010 - Lee Ackerman
Looking for information on the Yankee 150 ran at Mt. Clemens Speedway on Sept 11-12, 1971. I believe Ralph Latham won the race. Thanks.
9/27/2010 - Tom Urban
The 5th? annual Get Together is on. January 22nd 2011. To be held at Kart2Kart. They are still located on Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 Mile Road. If you are racing the carts, registration to race starts at 5:30 p. m. with the first race going off at 6:00 p. m. As usual, racing fees are $45. 00. Not racing? Show up any time after 6:00 p. m. No charge for watching or story telling. So come on out and have a good time. Don`t forget, Saturday January 22nd 2011.
9/23/2010 - Dennis Schalm
Tina, I spent many hours at your Dad's shop "bench Racing" with him and Ray. I was self-employed, so whenever I didn't have anything going I would stop by. I rode with Ray from your Dad's place to pick up his wife from work a few days before he passed. Your dad was my favorite "sportsman" driver and Ray was my favorite "super stock" driver. It must be why orange is my favorite color. (Although your dad did have that one blue car.) I truely miss them both.
9/9/2010 - louie bennett
laura : i hope this party that is planned, is in celebration of the many fun & sometimes sad times of many years of making new friends, meeting new people, and making great - ok some not so great drivers, fun thru many promoters,dirt and asphalt, and almost asphalt, and not a bantering of why the track closed ,
as i know of no-one except for those selling velvet elvis photo's and dollar trash,
were' all saddened by it's closing, but it was a big part of many people's life,
so let's celebrate let's get em on the front strech NOW
8/27/2010 - Tom Porzondek
To Bob Krupa; I looked at the pics of the #44 (Carl Scholtz), #16 (Jim Laraway), and if memory serves me correctly, the #25 may have been Neil Priest. I think that he was one of the guys along with Lyle Robarge and cannot remember the third guy who were involved in the "pool incident" with the security guard in 1966.
8/27/2010 - Terry Bogusz Jr.
On facebook now: Mt. Clemens Race Track, join the group!!!!
8/26/2010 - Jim Laraway
Robert Krupa

The photo of Carl Shultz, The orange 16 is Jim Laraway, can't help you on the 25.

8/26/2010 - LAURA TUCKER
I have been to alot of those car shows in Mt. Clemens on Wednesday nights. Always fun running into old faces like Carl Scholz. Carl is having the 24th annual Scholz Autofest on September 26, 2010 with over 1800 vehicles.
8/20/2010 - Vince Cuker
What a shock to hear of the passed of Paulette Escalante Livingston, on July 28th in Ft. Mohave AZ. I remember Paulette as a very outspoken; happy and smiling all the time as a Powder Puff driver at the MCRT. She showed her strong excitement every time she won a race and waved the checkered flag to the fans in the stands. She radiated above those in any crowd she was amongst. My sincere condolences to her family. My thanks to Tom Peltier for passing this sad information to me.
8/20/2010 - louie bennett
laura may i suggest you drop over to downtown mount clemens on a wed. nite, appox. 6:30 ish to spread the word re:the 25th year ann.of the closing of the mount party, as a lot of the old racers hang out there,, i'll do the same
8/15/2010 - Tina Sanders Mclelland
I have found memories to my dad used to race at the fast track till around 69 his # was 002 after my mom made him quit he took us there every saturday ! I also remember the wonderful Ray Neice he was a great man!!!!
8/6/2010 - Dave Sheldon
So many memories from "The Fast Track" as it was called. From the early 60's until it's end Mt. clemens Racetrack will live on in my heart as the place our family enjoyed our time together, every Monday, Thursday, and of course Saturday Night!
8/5/2010 - LAURA TUCKER
THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION IS ON! It was a sad day 25 years ago when our favorite race track closed the gates for the last time. However, the family lives on and therefore we are going to have a reunion on December 4, 2010 at the Mt. Clemens Elks Club. Circle the date on your calendar. Tickets are $25.00 per person for dinner, drinks and dancing. Hope to see you there. More details coming soon.
7/30/2010 - carrie
Thank You to all the Mt. Clemens Race Track fans for creating all the wonderful memories of my childhood summers. I will never forget the summer the track went silent and it still to this day feels like Mt. Clemens is missing something. I really miss the sound of the track at night.
7/15/2010 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
i would like to say thanks to tom at shadowoods !!! for putting a kick ass dirt motor together for me !! we won 4 features and pick up are frist mid season camp this year !!! thank you shadowoods , tom !!! thanks bill murawski jr .
7/5/2010 - suzi
i remember the pelka family was in the races a lot the powder puff and the derby
7/5/2010 - Kim Champine
I remember going t the Mt. Clemens race track as a very young child...My father
Mike Champine raced there when it was a dirt track 1960 - 1969 he was Number #333 Dad is not doing to well and it would be a blessing if anyone has any footage from back in those days to show or give to my father....Its sad that that part of Mt. clemens is no longer
7/1/2010 - GARY HESS
6/30/2010 - louie bennett
my guess is mark malcuit-about 1980
6/28/2010 - darrell
is it art summers or stan yee
6/15/2010 - Unknown
my guess on that one would be mark malcuit what year was that my guess i think was 1981 .

6/15/2010 - BOB kRUPA
Here is a little Trivia.

Jr. Hanley won 17 out of 18 races at the mount one year.
Who won the other one?
5/3/2010 - Dennis Schalm
Terry, I think I have three of those, but they're not prints. If I have them then they are JPEGs on my other computer.

Been scanning some slides from about '67 to '69. Slow process, but I'll get them done eventually.
4/9/2010 - KENT KRIMMEL
2/17/2010 - Claude Plante Jr
Just wanted to inform everyone that Hugh Fair passed away last night. He is Harold Fair's father and drove for many years at many tracks in the Michigan area. He was still going to the track and will be greatly missed.
2/12/2010 - Dennis Schalm
Two thumbs up for you Tom for putting together another good one! I forgot that at one time I was 65 pounds or so lighter. Thanks Wild Bill, really needed that one! It jogged the memory on a couple of kind of cool things; winning (with Bill Breen) Most Popular Driver in '85, and having all the final champions being customers of mine, maybe all the Best Appearing Cars that year, also. I'll have to check that one again.

Anyway, looking forward to next year. I'll have to try harder to get my mom, and Fair there.
2/2/2010 - Gary Lindahl
Had a great time at the reunion, visiting with everybody and watching the racing action. Good time talking to you again and nice job on the party Tom. See Ya!
1/28/2010 - Vince (red socks) Cuker
Hi all: Well, I guess the "cat's out of the bag"! I was going to be the "surprise guest", and I so much looked forward to being there. Sounds, and looks like (I received some pictures, thanks to Roger Williams and Louie B.) everyone had a great time. Oddly enough, I did recognize most of those in the pictures. I worked for a long time planning, and arranging, to be there. But due to the wife's radiation and chemo, she insisted that I be by her side at the last minute. I was going to go with Roger W., and I'm glad that he attended without me. Next year, for sure, but I won't be the "surprise guest"! Not being to vain, I had a small group of autographed pictures and copies of "My Racing Bio" which some "might" have found interesting. Next year! Thanks to Roger W. and Louie B. for continually prodding me to attend, and Rogers wife (my step-daughter in-law), offering to stay with my wife. Every one have a successful year, and keep the comments coming. I really enjoy reading them.
1/26/2010 - Tom Urban
Thanks everyone for showing up at the Get Together. Due to unfortunate circumstances my mystery guest, Vince Cuker, was unable to attend. Thanks to all my wonderful friends for helping. We will do it again next year. If you had a good time, tell someone who didn`t attend. Again, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
1/25/2010 - Cyndy Winkler
Big thanks to Tom Urban for organizing this outing every year. Hope next year the knees are completely healed and you can cart again. This event seems to be getting better and better. So many drivers and fans and pit crew to catch up with. It was super. Sorry Vince could not be there. Hope he can make it next year. My mom had a great time. So many remembered her from tending the bar...most called her "mom" back then too. Mary D had a great time and promised to be back. Thanks to Louie Bennett, who has always been my friend and supporter. Love your new car Louie.

Gary, thanks for this website. What a special conduit it is to get folks together and keep them in touch.

It was definitely worth the train ride from Toronto. Will be back next year, God willing.
1/24/2010 - joseph
hey guys gad a great time at the get together sat night at kart to kart.Had to leave at 9.30 though and did not get to see who the mystery guest was .antone know?
1/24/2010 - louie
thank you very much , mr.web master, tom's kart2kart was very suscessful due to your site, and many (appox150) were thankful and happy to be there, and many karted and more b's'ed,thank,s to cindy for takin' the train in from toronto, her mom, jack goodwin for coming up from fla....and j and tracy,and larry and george, marv pareantiu...oops.... and bill simmons, and lindell, and norton & 144 others, thank you all for making it such a wonderful time,,,,,wild bill for doing slides and films, and of course my kids,
thanks to all who just showed up
1/24/2010 - Billy Simmons
Just got back from the Reunion. Had a great time, Seen a lot of old friends and racers. Big Thank you to Tom Urban on your great effort for keeping the memory of Mt Clemens alive.
See you there next year.
Bill Simmons
1/23/2010 - Unknown
Chellyn Lowran: Just wanted to send a Hi from my Dad, George DeCraemer, to everyone there tonight. He really wanted to be there at the gathering, but is in Las Vegas at the moment. (He turned 81 yesterday!)
1/19/2010 - Tom Urban
Another update. In addition to our mystery guest this Saturday, we have a surprise guest showing up. He`s none other than Michigan racing legend, Jack Goodwin. He called me this past Monday requesting information on the Get Together. He said he will attend. Hope to see every one there.
1/12/2010 - Dave DeHem
The deal on the 23rd of January is the 4th annual Mt. Clemens Race Track "Get Together". It is a deal put on by former super-six champion and MCRT Pit Steward and official Tom Urban. Tom got some of us together 4 years ago at the Kart 2 Kart indoor karting center in Sterling Hgts. to reminisce, to swap a few lies and stories and to do a little bench and go-kart racing.

If you want to race the karts you need to be there before 5:30 PM so you can register. If you are not driving then you can show up anytime after 6 PM for the get together. You will see many past drivers, officials, and fans of our beloved MCRT. Folks bring some meorabilia and usually there are films of the races being played so you can enjoy seeing Jr. Hanley and Don Biederman battle it out as well as LeMay, Leslie, Fair, Monaghan, Mallott and a many more.

Kart 2 Kart is located on Van-Dyke just North of 18 mile rd. on the west side of the street.

Come on out, you are sure to have a blast.
1/11/2010 - jdalessio

I do remember back in the seventies they would have a hundred or more hobby stocks.I am i late model guy but the hobby stocksand sporTSMAN(DOUBLEO)WERE GREAT also.They seem to put a better show on at mt.clemens then anywhere else including flat rock or toledo.But the late models do put on a heck of a show at toledo.MTclemens was so big and wide(half mile was bigger than a true half mile most tracks are measured from the outside mt clemens was a halfmile from the inside groove of the half mile.What is going on the 23 of jan. a reunion of drivers?

1/11/2010 - Bill
I remember Jr's car that night. One of the RR ties from the armaco went right a above where Jr's ankles where. Someone mentioned that Howe recomended the seat be mounted lower then the pedals, as the feet would be less likly to fly upward in event of an accident. If true it saved Jr's. Boy we all miss that Place. "Hobby stocks, hobby stocks, line 'em up on the half-mile" Jan 23 be there!!!!!!!!!
1/11/2010 - joseph


Hanleys car was a mess that night,i seen up of the worst short track wrecks i ever seen.Some debris even came up thru the bottom of the car and just missed him in the drivers area.the macomb daily covered this in the paper that year but pictures dont do that wreck justice until you were up close.Oneof the many bad ones over theyears i seen out there.Ibelieve don biederman went on to win the second leg of the winston 100 that night.

1/11/2010 - louie bennett
surprise guest has confirmed ( he - she ) will be at the event stated !what the heck
that's a event i gotta do! ,,,,,,,,,many will be very happy and surprised, even winkler
to see this person, and to guest i wish to thank you in advance,with all you got going on,,,,,,,,,,
1/11/2010 - joseph


I do remember that night (the winston 100) hanley crashed.His car was so mangled debris came up thru the bottom of his late model just missing him.the detriot free press and macomb daily had a story and picture of his car but i seen it in person and one of the worst i have seen on a short track.I believe don biederman went on to win the second fifty lapper that night.Imiss those days at the track.

1/9/2010 - Roger Williams
If I remember correctly Jr. Hanley crashed 2 times that night. It was the twin 50 lap race. He crashed in the first 50, went in the pits, repaired his car and went out for the 2nd 50 laps and crashed again.
Thats the only time i ever seen hanley crash.
12/29/2009 - Joseph Dalessio
hello everyone spent my entire chilldhood around stockcar racing but never missed Thursdays and Saturdays(Sundays to start the year off but only die hard fans would know that)for thirty years at mt Clemens racetrack.was there the night hanley went thru the wall and patty simko flipped wildly several times and boob kesoloswki hit one of the light poles on the backstretch and knocked the power out on the track.have tons of stories hundreds of photos and other things fro mthe old track including my old racing rascal and big wheel race trophies.would love to share stories and danny byrd was and is my favorite driver even have the door from of his rides and it is autographed by him thats my prized piece out of thousands of items i have ,nascar and all.
12/24/2009 - Baron LeBlanc
Hi everyone!Very neat site!I recognize some of the names in these pics/programs.My dad,Gerald(Jerry)LeBlanc drove stock cars in the 60s and a midget in the late 60s/early 70s at Mt Clemens and several other tracks in the area.Some may remember him as the "Corvair Kid" as he was running a corvair in the midget in the 70s.He was #0 and a company called Fabu-chem sponsored him.The car was blue and yellow until 1973 when he painted it pink because my sister was born.He raced in AMRA and sometimes USAC.I was born in 1967 so I was a youngster at the time.I remember bugging my parents for money to ride the fairground rides at several tracks.I Knew the National Anthem as "The Midget Song".What great memories and a fun childhood that most kids at school just did'nt understand.I did run an Enduro race,Ibelieve it was 1985."I survived 1000 left turns!"as the T-shirt stated!I finished 20 something out of about 230 cars.Just outside the top 20 payout.Tons of fun!I'll post pics and more info as I find it.Bye now.
12/23/2009 - Tom Urban
Update on the update. The date is Jan. 23rd. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.
12/21/2009 - Tom Urban
Update on the Get Together. If you`re racing, registration begins at 5:30p.m. First race is at 6:00p.m. If you`re not racing, show up ant time after 6:00p.m. There is no food available. For any one new coming, Kart2Kart is located on the west side of Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 Mile Rd. Hope to see every one there.
12/16/2009 - louie
let's all try to remind someone of tom's kart to kart deal, as many of the old timers don't even know how to turn on the puter yet,,and happy holiday to all, and be safe
12/10/2009 - Tom Urban
Hi everybody. It`s about 5 weeks to the Get Together. Jan. 23rd. If you`re racing ,be there by 5:30 to register. If not, any time after 6:00. The mystery guest is about 95% committed. Hope (s)he can make it. I won`t be racing this year due to knee replacement surgery. Hope to see everyone there.
12/5/2009 - Jim Lee
Does anybody have any pictures of the 003 70 mustang? I have a few. I am interested in getting more because the car was drove by Bobbie Allison and the last motor that was in it was built by Jack Roush before he became famous.
12/5/2009 - Jim Lee
The 003 57 Ford picture that is posted was drove by Dick Carpenter. Idrove it the following year. I also drove a 57 and 58 Ford,62 Fairlane,64Comet. The last year I raced at MCRT I drove a 70 Mustang. I am the guy you guys are referring to that had on the first flame retard racing suite. I have a scrape book with newpaper clipping and pictures. I live in Alabams now.
11/28/2009 - Rex Manglos
Happy Holidays to everyone who keeps this site and the memory of the "Mount" alive, from a person who won't forget where he came from!! Peace, Rex,,,
11/26/2009 - LAURA TUCKER
The Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club will be represented in the annual Mt. Clemens Santa Parade. We will have racecars of Terry Bogusz Jr., Brian Bauman and Scott Menlen. This is the fourth year that we are going to participate in the parade down Main Street in downtown Mt. Clemens at 10am on Friday, November 27, 2009. Board of Directors including President Dave Dehem, Vice-President Wild Bill Barnhart, Laura Tucker, Cory Russell, Bill Walters, Sue Ginter, and Larry Iacoboni along with other fan club members will pass out candy on the parade route. The highlight of the parade is when the kids yell "oooh, racecars"! Come on out and say Hi!
11/21/2009 - Cyndy Winkler
Tom Peltier a very enthusiastic supporter of MCRT has done a project of making the last souvenir program of the final season of drivers at MCRT. It has been a labor of love. He has it available in PDF format and will share it with anyone who is interested. They then, can print it out if they want a hard copy. It contains the point standings for all divisions, photos of the top drivers, hometowns, and other information. Send Tom an email and you will see what a super job he has done.

Looking forward to the "party" again. Don't know who the surprize guest will be this year, but I am sure they will appear older than you remember. See you then. Thanks again Tom for your organization and efforts.

11/10/2009 - Eric Schulz
For you old timers (race time 1952-1960) you may remember my dad Al Schulz. He teamed up with a guy named Sid Keller and produced some pretty good race cars. The number '000' Dodge , Plymouths and sprint cars. You may remember the sprint for the monster Chrysler Hemis he ran. He was known for his ability to get a car to handle and was able to get cars of lower classes to compete with the higher powered ones. He won a number of championships in the mid 1950s at Mt. Clemens and Motor City.

He past away October 28th. He and Sid had held their freindship all these years and I know Sid along with all of us will deeply miss him.

His first race car was purchased by my grandfather from Marion Adams. It was a T roadster that Iggy Katona had built and driven to many wins (the T-3 car) Lucky me!! I still have that body. It's something I could never part with.
10/24/2009 - Vince Cuker
Dennis S.: Thanks for the info. Yep, "Brownie". How well I remember.
And your father did a fantastic job on the old dirt track. Sorry to hear
about the health problems that caused you to have to quit with ARCA.
CU later down this site.
10/24/2009 - Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis (Vince Cuker) I remember Vince when I raced at the Mount back in the middle seventies as a very professional starter. As all racers know we can never see a black flag given to one of us during a race. So one Thurs after qualifying Vince decided to address the problem He claimed he would show the black flag once to the culprit & if that didn't work he would display it once again.The third time he would throw the red flag to stop the race , pull the guilty party up to the front to show the leaders who caused the stoppage and they could deal with this Driver out in the parking lot after the races . Well guess what everyone that night acted to the "Black Flag" the first time displayed ! I don't know if you remember this Vince but I still tell this story to up and coming racers at our local track. Enjoy your retirement and stay well
10/23/2009 - Dennis Schalm
Vince: Haven't worked for ARCA for a while, health issues.
People only saw my dad drive the water truck, after Henry Brown ("Brownie") passed. What they didn't see was him grading the track at 4:00 AM on Monday's and Thursday's, in order to get the track ready and then get to work on time, 7:00 AM, for the City of Mt. Clemens. (He could sleep in some on Saturday's.) He did that for a lot of years that people weren't aware of. He cared for the sport as much as anybody, his contribution was somewhat less noticable than others. I would walk a little taller as a kid whenever I overheard drivers talk about, 'How great of condition the track was in tonight.' While working for ARCA, I would still hear comments like that, mostly from Benny Parsons and mostly at MIS, when he talked to people about his early career in the area.

Don't worry about the response time. I don't get here that often either. It's a little tough jogging certain momories loose.
10/14/2009 - nick
I just found this site today, and I am a huge fan. Is there any plans to restore any of the tracks on this list? Or are they just a thing of the past?
10/11/2009 - Vince Cuker
OK everyone, put on you thinking caps.
I need to know who were the Mid-Season Champions in the "OO" division and the Mini-Modified division that ran on July 16, 1983? I know, I flagged the races, but my memory isn't quite that good. Looking through my documentations, I do not have the Macomb Daily results for that night in my archives. Thanks!
10/4/2009 - Vince Cuker
Dennis Schalm: Thanks for the kind words. This is my "annual" visit to this site, so I don't know when you posted. Please don't think I just ignored your comments. I'm pretty sure it was your father who drove the water truck around the track in the good old "dirt days". Someone had to know what they were doing to get the right amount of water on the track so it could be worked in. Boy, we had a hard time getting the drivers to work in the dirt track with their clean and pretty cars.... Are you still working with ARCA? Have a good fall...
9/17/2009 - LAURA TUCKER
Many thoughts and prayers go out to the Fast Company Motorsports #71 racing team of Terry Bogusz on the recent loss of the crew chief, Mike Wilhite. Mike was a great guy who helped out the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club with some of our events, including the Santa Parade in Mt. Clemens. God Speed, Mike.
9/6/2009 - Dennis Schalm
Vince, I wish I had been at Flat Rock to see you.

Eddie Janis and yourself, had very much influenced the way I handled the job in ARCA. Being on such a big stage in front of thousands of people and national TV, you needed to have good examples to look to. You two and Jim Clarke are the only good examples I've ever had. Not like what I've been mostly exposed to, and seen there.
9/1/2009 - Tom Urban
For Norm Nieman, Kart2Kart is located on Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 Mile Road. It`s on the west side of Van Dyke. If you want to race the carts, it`ll cost around $50.00. Registration to race will start at 5:30p.m. First race at 6:00. Racing consists of 3 separate sessions of approximately 8-10 mins. each. We have practice, qualifying, and then the various features, depending on how many people race. So come on over and bring any race track videos you may have. Hope to see you there.
8/31/2009 - Vince Cuker
Just me again!

For Dave Dobner: So that's where the good stuff went? Glad the articles are in very good hands. Thanks for jogging my memory! I remember giving the good advice, "If you stay in front for the whole race, you will win!" Smart statement, huh? Thanks for the update info.

For "Wild" Bill: The address is on its way. Had to send it two times. For some reason the "mailman" didn't like the first one. And, my apologies for spelling your last name wrong in my article "WHAT AN HONOR". I happened to notice it while reading my printout. I know how your last name is spelled, and I will blame it on my finger. (The H is just above the B on the keyboard.) Now I think I will go to the pictures below, and download some to my MCRT files.
8/30/2009 - Norm Nieman
Hi guys, I am interested in this Jan. race. Could some one tell me some more info. on where it will be, and how much it is. Thanks Norm
8/28/2009 - Jimmy Tucker
Thanks Tom we will be there this will be the 4th year and ill be looking for my 3rd A-main win hope to see ya'll there!!!
8/24/2009 - Tom Urban
Hi everyone. The Get Together is scheduled for January 23rd. Same deal as before. Registration to race starts at 5:30, racing starts at 6:00. Cost to race will be the same. Don`t want to race? Come on down and bring your best stories. Hope to see everyone there.
8/24/2009 - Wild Bill
Just thought I woud say that it was great to see Vince in the flag stand at Flat Rock and I have a couple of photo's sent in for all to see! Vince drop me an e-mail with your address & phone and I will send you copies! Thanks for being there!

Wild Bill
8/22/2009 - Dave Dobner
I have just sent the webmaster two photos to go along with this post.

First in response to Shawn Siterlet I have a photo of Tom Siterlet's #157 Firebird. The film sat in an old camera undeveloped for some time and the picture is not very good quality. I remember the car well because I was in process of building my first race car also a 1970 Firebird for the Mt Clemens street stock class.

And second to Vince Cuker, best wishes and hello. I wish I would have been there to witness your return at Flat Rock! Vince you were always a gentleman and had kind words of encouragement for myself (a very young driver at the time) and my father. The highlight of my racing career is winning the final Double-O feature run at Mt Clemens Race Track, the 1985 season championship race. I was starting on the pole which meant I was last to get strapped in the car after driver introductions. Vince, I will always remember you walking over to our car as I was preparing to jump in and you told my Dad and myself all we had to do was keep her out front for 40 laps and bring it home which we did. Now fast forward to the track equipment auction where my Mother purchased both the flagstand and decking behind the infield front stretch wall for $10.00. We dismantled and brought home the deck and upper third of the flagstand. Vince, you were brave man to climb atop that stand, it most certainly had seen better days. Anyway, I have submitted a photo of the flagstand, and I have circled an area in the photo of the box that housed the phone of "VINCE PHONE" fame. I still have this box in my basement along with other Mt Clemens Race Track memento's such as the seating section plank my family sat on weekly in the stands which Elmer Simko kindly let us retrieve after he had purchased the wooden stand section at the equipment auction. In closing Vince I just want to commend you once again on a great career at Mt Clemens Race Track - Thank You, from Dave Dobner and the Dobner family.

8/19/2009 - Vince Cuker
Dave DeHem: Thanks for all the kind words. Health (of both my wife and myself) will dictate my presence at the next "racers reunion". But, I won't get on the flag stand next time. Saturday was "my last hurray"! What a thrill!
8/18/2009 - Dave DeHem
Vince, What a thrill it was to see you last Saturday, not only to talk with you but also to see you on the flagstand one more time. As I stood down on the infield between turns 3 and 4 I had a tear in my eye and a huge smile on my face once again seeing your expertise with the flags. I realized that the last time I saw you on the flagstand you were waving the checkers over my old blue #99 the last time I drove it and my last time ever at Mount Clemens. I was very fortunate to be trackside once again to witness you unfurle the green, the white, and the checkers. Thank You for all you did back then, it was a pleasure having you as our flagman back in the good old days at "The Mount".

I too enjoyed seeing all the people from our great past down at "The Rock". I am fortunate though as I see many of them on a regular basis in my travels from track to track. Many of us from those days are still going from track to track to get our racing fix now that our beloved Mt. Clemens Race Track is gone. I believe too that is wasn't just the track that was so great, it was the closeness of the people that were involved, whether driving, wrenching, watching, or officiating. It was a big family that for the most part got along. Seeing people from those days over the course of the summer keeps it all close to my heart and keeps the good old days alive for me.

I have never set foot on the property at 237 North River Rd. since it closed but if there is a piece of the track left that I can see, feel, and touch, I might just break that rule and join you out there to pay homage to our memories.

The track has been closed coming up on 25 years now but I can still close my eyes and be there. I still remember you lining up the fish flies on the railings during caution flags. Thanks for waving the flags last Saturday and Thank You Flat Rock Speedway, Ron Drager, Scott Schultz, and Gary Lindahl for having you up on the stand......Vince-Phone Vince-Phone
8/17/2009 - Vince Cuker

It was very exciting from the time I walked through the gates until I left the parking lot at Flat Rock last Saturday night. (8/15). I couldn't have been treated more royally. Thanks to Tom Peltier for chauffeuring me there. I had the honor to meet and talk with several drivers and persons from our great past; Al Peltier, Danny Byrd, Jeff Medepenningen, Dave Dehem, "Wild" Bill Harnhart, Bob Fitzpatrick, Marv Parentau, George Decock, Don Johnson, John Nece and many ARCA officials I haven't seen in a long time.

It was quite a thrill as I climbed the flag stand and flagged the 1st heat for the late models. How fast memories return. And to hear the announcer say over the PA system; "Vince - phone, Vince - phone". But he didn't have to announce that they didn't have radio communications, just phones when Vince flagged back in 1935! ! !" Thanks to flagmen Frank Bockstanz and Larry Arnold for having me up there with them.

John Nece: Thank you very much for the picture and kind thoughts, it is really appreciated, and I have it in a special location amongst my other racing items.

Jim Gullet: Thank you for informing me that it was Tommy Gullet in that picture and not George Decock. In those days with the long hair and beards, you all looked the same.

Cindy: Thanks for the plug on the Macomb Daily article. It was a great writeup.

Louie Bennet: Something came up at the last minute and we couldn't make that tour of the race track area. It's rescheduled for a future date!

I might also mention that during the interview with George Pohly (Macomb Daily Sports Editor) he was extremely impressed with the faithful following we all have with the MCRT history. I was told at Flat Rock, it isn't so much the track, but the closeness of the people associated the the track as spectators, drivers, workers and crews.

Thanks for reading this. (If I'd get on here more often I wouldn't rant on so much!)

8/15/2009 - Cyndy Winkler
Sorry to hear about Sonny Adams. He was well known in the racing community. Sympathetic wishes to his family and loved ones.

He was, however, never the owner of MCRT. He and John May shared the promoters duties, both while Clayton Stubbs and Doc and I owned the track.

He was Toledo's owner and promoter, as far as I know.

God Speed, Sonny.

Cyndy Winkler
8/10/2009 - Jimmy Tucker
Family and friends may visit on Tuesday from 2-8 p.m. in the Sujkowski Funeral Home Northpointe, 114-128 Alexis Road, Toledo. Funeral services will begin Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the funeral home and continue with the Funeral Service in Crossroads Community Church at 11 a.m. Interment will take place in Richardson Chapel Cemetery in Lauderdale County, Alabama. Memorial donations may be given to the Toledo Humane Society or Crossroads Community Church in Ottawa Lake, MI.

Sonny Adams was a very close friend of my family and it really hits home to see him pass. I spent the last two holidays with Sonny, and i will always have those memories and stories from the good ol days. When I was a kid I remember riding in the Iceman Pace car with Sonny and my Dad.

Sonny was a good guy and will be missed by my whole family

My prayers go out to the Adams family

He will always be remembered
8/4/2009 - tommygullett
(thomas) Sonny adams we will miss you. You were a great frend . You were part of a lot of great times Thanks from all of the Jims Catering crew!!!!!
7/31/2009 - Chris Brunet
This site is amazing! You guys are bringing back memories for me of when I was a kid. I miss that place so much. My dad and I were there every week. That place and all of you driver's planted the seed to drive race cars. Driver's like Andy Farr, George DeCock, Dave Dehem, Scott Farr, Tracy Leslie, Dennis Fetter. The list goes on. Louie Bennett, I haven't seen you since I was a kid and Andy was running CASCAR. How are you doing? I race Legend Cars and I still get to see Dave Dehem. The youtube stuff is pretty cool too. I am hoping to make it to the reunion this winter. It would be pretty cool to see you guys. You won' remember me, I was a 9 year old kid when she closed, but I will never forget any of you. You were all heroes to me. Thanks for everything.
7/23/2009 - Randy
Sorry, type-O - that was JIM LAFFEY (not Kim) on that #111 crew.
thank you...
7/22/2009 - Randy
I want to let the folks on here know that Dave Smith passed away July 12th. He wrenched on the #111 Driven by Steve Lee and owned by Mike Moore (of Action Welding).
Some of you might remember him and some of you might not. But when Steve Lee won his Championship at MCRT, Dave was on that pit crew along with Kim Laffey and Mike Phillips.
God Speed my brother...
7/20/2009 - Shawn Siterlet
Hi everyone, My name is Shwan Siterlet and im looking for some pictures or videos of Tom Siterlet, he raced from 1978 to about 1982 car#157 1970ish firebird,orange,black and white. Team mates with Larry Lyons car #2 same colors just a camaro. i was only 2-3 yrs old back when he raced. He still has some great pictures from back then but i would like more myself as i am wanting to get a tattoo with him and his car. i am wanting to pick out the right one for me to do this. To anyone who remembers him by the time i was 15yrs old we started sand drag racing. he kept that same #157 as it brought memorys of racing at MCRT. a bit different kind of racing but loved every minute of it. Thanks to all who can help me out on this, that place holds a huge part in my heart even tho i was very young. believe it or not i do remember going to all of his races.
7/20/2009 - louie
please tell paul big hi...........
and if you meet tuesday let me know a time i'll drive over to 237 n. ave to see you both
5/26/2009 - Lisa Bonner
Finally got an answer from MVP- Sara was out of here office- Thanks all for the info....
5/25/2009 - Lisa Bonner
Tried to contact MVP, but e-mail failed. Any more info about the DVDS? Thanks!
5/25/2009 - Lisa Bonner
Hi All!

I haven't visited the site in a while, but glad to see the interest is as strong as ever. HI Cyndy! So sorry to hear about Wink. Everyone here is still going strong. My dad (Earl) has continued to be active with ARCA. He has served as an official with the Re/Max series for about 14 years now. Was just at Flat Rock Speedway on Saturday nite and some of us were talking about the fun times at MCRT. (Pat ran the enduro) My dad is still building engines- That win by the way! (Two engine builder awards in the past 3 yrs, so that's pretty cool) I sure hope all from MCRT that are out there remember the great times at that track. It was surely one of a kind in it's day. We have great memories for sure! I'll try to keep up with the site more. I tell a lot of people to check out the MCRT link. Just remember- the 'Weekend Warrior' will always rule!
5/9/2009 - Mike Mowatt
LOL, Vince no reason to feel dumb it has been too long since some of us have seen each other. You will always be my favorite flag man for the way you used to start the figure-eight features at " The Mount". Sadly, my hero Bob Belz has passed but I am still in contact with Don Harris almost daily. Recently, Don and I took a trip to Florida and got a chance to see Al Grinde. I am still at Ruehle's, hauling cars across country so I am not in town much. Thanks for adding that special flair to your flaggin'!
5/5/2009 - Vince Cuker
Yep, it's me. Sitting in the wings reading all the mails from you guys. Sure is nice to "hear" from everyone! A couple weeks ago while standing in a long line at Walgreens, a pretty lady looked at me and said, "Hi, Vince!" No being to stupid, I asked where I had known her from. She told me she used to work at a bank I went to, I think that's what she said!), and that she was the wife of Mike Mowatt. Boy, did I ever feel dumb! Due to the long wait, we had a very nice conversation about "the good 'ol days!" It's so nice to meet such nice people who were attached to the MCRT.

I had a nice meeting with Bob Capps over at Kart-to-Kart a short while back. Bob wanted to interview me about the MCRT. I covered everything from my attending the very first race there in the summer of 1951, and the very last event on Sunday, September 29, 1985, the Enduro. I left my 3 binders of newspaper clippings and other articles for Bob to scan through and use any information he needed for his very interesting article found in the May 2009 issue of "Vintage Oval Racing". See pages 20 and 21! Thanks for the nice article, Bob.

Thanks to Tom Peltier for stopping over at my house and exchanging racing information and programs. Tom left a couple I did not have, and he in turn received a couple from me that I hope completes his set. I was thrilled when he brought his son and daughter over the second time and they played with the "original" checker flag I used many times at MCRT, Checker Flag and the Mickey Thompson Offroad racing at the Pontiac Silverdome. Tom's bringing up his children to become very faithful racing fans! Thank you Tom for boosting my ego and asking for the autographed picture.

Thanks Cindy for directing Bob and Tom in my direction so they could get some use out of my limied source of MCRT information.

I got an email from Paul Schaefer, the most exciting race announcer I've ever listened to through my ear phones, and we have a date to go over to the grounds where the MCRT once was. There is still proof that a race track once stood on those grounds, if you know where to look. Paul is still with NASCAR and works with the Camper World East Series. I hope good health (not mine) will prevail and I'll be able to walk the grounds of the old track.

Hey, I took up enough space. Just my semi-annual report. God Bless all and it's nice to be brought up-to-date on your life after the track.............
4/28/2009 - Dan DeMeulenaere
How do you get photos on here? I have alot of them. Mainly of Carl Scholz I have one of my dad,Carl,and Eddie when he took his first championship in 1972.
4/23/2009 - Terry Bogusz Jr.
Tim Gietzen 810-750-1919
4/22/2009 - Randy Morse
Cindy W.

You were and still are the best thing that happened to MCR. I miss you and the track I grew up with.

I'm your greatest fan.

4/21/2009 - Terry Bogusz Jr.
Timmy Gietzen lives in the house behind Travis country inn eastside of gratiot, He still does trans work, Motion Engineering 19393 Wallace street Roseville Mi. I am looking for a current phone number for him.
4/10/2009 - lfbennett
tim gietzen worked with andy farr ( 04 ) i'll have the word passed to andy and maybe he can help you
i believe tim still lives in e.point
happy easter to all racers,and familys, and have a safe season
4/9/2009 - Paulette Escalante
My son Steve would like to talk to Timmy G. for a transmission. I don't know how to spell his last name. He sold transmission parts & fixed them back then.

I would like a set of those Mcrt VIDEOS. It would be nice to see everyone that raced and beat the tar out of me. Plus it's a must see just for the Double-O!!
Plus the x-tras. Maybe they'll have the time those big birds where brought in for some of the racers to race. That was GREAT!!! And it showed what great sportsmanship we had at that track.
4/1/2009 - l.f. bennett
the real henry winkler has passed away, as in Dr. winkler cyndy's 1st mr.- let's say a prayer for the extended family and all his children, his body has been donated to wayne state univ. his alma ma. for all those who knew him he was a good hearted and fun guy.
prayers to you dr. and all his children
3/27/2009 - Cyndy Winkler
As promised I have contacted MVP. If you have an interest in videos from Mt. Clemens Race Track-- MVP has made two sets of DVDs— One set consists of the 82 season of stock car racing (5 DVDs in this set.) The second set consists of the Cable program series the Fifth turn (7 DVDs in this set). Each DVD has several programs on each. I don’t have a catalogue of what’s on each DVD yet, but may be able to eventually get one. The production of these DVDs are quite labor intensive. They will be sold for $10-$12 per DVD so $50 to $60 for Set One, and $70 to $85 for Set Two. Shipping charges would be in addition to these prices. We need to see what sort of demand there is for these archived DVD’s so if you have an interest in getting a set, please respond back to me and let me know of your interest. (
3/26/2009 - James Gullett
Hello, My name is James Gullett, son of Tommy Gullett i was wondering if some one knew where i could find some old pictures of my old man in action. thank you
3/25/2009 - Kathy Tosto
HI everyone WOW this was a life time ago,but what a life it was
3/21/2009 - Cyndy Winkler
Hi to George DeCraemer who is well remembered as a good, reliable safety crew member. Not too chatty, but always there when you needed him. Hope he will come to the reunion next year. Great to hear from Dennis Fetter and Paulette Escalante. Thanks again to the webmaster for keeping this site alive and a source for comments. Tom Peltier has a You Tube channel with Mt. Clemens Race Track footage. If you type in "Mount Clemens Race Track" in the search on You Tube, you will see a listing of all of them. I am continuing to try and get some results on video copies. I have saved emails from anyone who contacted me about them, so eventually, I will be in touch.
3/16/2009 - louie
try getting ahold of ron leon i believe he lives in warren mich. he'll have plenty of photo's
3/14/2009 - Keith Goodrich
#85 Lloyd Goodrich, Hello my name is Keith Goodrich and I 'm looking for any pics of my Dads car during the late 60's. He held the 1/4 track record on Aug 10th 1968 at 16:99. I have some other pics of some of the cars during that time I will post as soon as I can. I can be reached at (734) 461-6819. Thanks and this is a great site.
3/13/2009 - Paulette E
One thing MCRT was great for was FAMILY.
Anytime i've ever talked to the kids about it (now they are ADULTS) can talk & talk about how much fun it was for them. I didn't know it at the time but my kids (Steve & Martha) have some great stories about those days. And it was safe for them. So not only keeping us safe on the track they kept OUR families safe in the stands. Thank you all who came in contact with my 2 maniac's-they remember alot of fun people.
ONE more thing. I thank my pit crew for all they did- I knew less then Cole Trickle about the car. The people that put the real elbow grease in our the real STARS...
Has anybody heard anything about Cathy Tosto?
Check ya'll later
3/11/2009 - Paulette Escalante
I'm remembered even if it is for just being a butt-head
3/11/2009 - Paulette Escalante
somebody remembers me. I'm 54 now. That seems like a life time ago!!!
3/10/2009 - louie
welcome paulette
you still pushing cars around the track ,we all miss you . welcome to the site were all here, and bob williams say's hi too;;;;;;;;;cyndy's on site too
3/9/2009 - Paulette Escalante
WOW!!!!! this is a great gift you have put together, I live in Arizona now.
Hugs & kisses to all
3/8/2009 - Unknown
Wish my Dad, George DeCraemer, was computer savvy and had access. He worked on the safety crew and trackside gates at Mt. Clemens and other tracks throughout Michigan. Wish I had known about your get together held in January, I'm sure he would have wanted to be there. He is now 80 years old and still works for USA Demolition.
I also worked in the concession stands at MCRT in 1970-71, and still miss the place dearly.
2/24/2009 - Cyndy Winkler
Farewell to a great supporter to the stock car racing industry in Michigan...Mr. Dick Beebe. Unique, individual, enthusiastic and sincere. Good bye friend. You will be missed.

2/22/2009 - louie
let's all take a moment to remember a racer's racer who has just passed away, mr. dick beebe , of marc times , dealers choice , a great painter , etc. etc. let's say a prayer for his family and remember many good times........we've all had with mr. beebe
thanks for the great times mr. dick beebe
2/19/2009 - Norm Nieman
Did anyone know my grandpa Norm Nieman. He raced 1966-1981. His number was 64 and 47. I am trying to find pictures and story about him.
2/5/2009 - Dave DeHem
Tom Urban, Thanks again for keeping the faith and trusting that a place would open up for this years re-union. Another great time and always great to visit with and see so many from our days at Mt. Clemens.
It was especially nice to finally see Cyndy after all these years and share a few stories and a hug. Very nice to see Mary DeAlbequerqe and watch her face as I pointed out who was who so she could put names to faces.
I also want to say thank you to everyone who brought pictures and exhibits to share with everyone and the model cars were great although he must not have liked me that much as there wasn't one of my old blue #99. Thats quite alright as I thouroughly enjoyed seeing what he had to display.
I look forward to next year and also the upcoming racing season. There are still a bunch of us old timers from Mt. Clemens that are still deeply involved in racing and many of us can be found at the area tracks like Dixie, Owosso, Flat Rock, Toledo, and Auto City. I travel with the Michigan Legends Series as PR Director so I get to the races nearly every week somewhere. Another great deal is to join the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club. We have fan club days at 16 different tracks around the state and on those days our current members are admitted free to the general grandstands. Our Board of Directors has many Mt. Clemens people on it like Cory Russell, Laura Tucker, Jeff Moroni, Bill Walters, "Uncle Al" Peltier, Wild Bill Barnhart, Fran Russo, and myself.
The one thing about having the re-union is that while the race track might be gone, we keep it alive by visiting with each other and sharing the stories and re-kindling the friendships from those days. It was great to see Marv Parentau, Bob Slowinski, The Maki gang, Bobby Newby, and just a host of who made up the different divisions on every Thursday and Saturday nights. If I tried to list every body that was there I would miss someone.

Thanks again Tom, thanks to Kart 2 Kart, and thanks to all who came out to enjoy the night.
2/3/2009 - Tom Urban
Hi all, Sorry for the delay. Computer crashed. To all that attended the Get Together, thank you one and all. Thanks to Louie for all the help. Thanks to Wild Bill for sending the videos. Hope your mom is doing better. Thanks to Dave Dehem for all your work. Thank you Gary( webmaster) for putting the announcement on the home page. Thanks George for all the phone calls you made. We`re gonna do it again next year. It will be the Saturday after the MARFC banquet.
2/2/2009 - Lance Pierson
Randy, thanks for the reply. What a memory, my Dad had several trophies for the best looking car. We also lived in Madison Heights. As I was going through his scrap book i came across a mailing list of all the drivers and there addresses. Ray Nece, Artie Sommers etc. and my favorite driver at the time Lyle Robarge. My dad has a tun of pictures and newspaper articles from that time period, When I learn how to do a scanner, I will share some.
1/30/2009 - Randy
LANCE - I do remember Art Pierson...always had an awesome looking car if I am not mistaken. And correct me if I am wrong, but did he (and possibly you) live in Madison Heights off Campbell (near 12 Mile)?

1/29/2009 - Al Grinde
Just discovered this site and wanted say hi to everyone! ....A special hello to Don Harris and Mike was great to see them when they stopped to visit us here in sunny Florida!
1/29/2009 - Lance Pierson
I was wondering if anyone remembered my dad, Art Pierson. He raced in the late 60's early 70's. He was number 09. He was good friends with Artie Sommers. I will send some pictures at a later date.
1/26/2009 - louie
you put in a lot of effort and would like you to know, it was a great time had by all,,,,,and appreciated
surprise guest, mary D'albequri " ? pay master, chit giver, office clerk, listerner, helper to all, cyndy's right hand gal... was a great surprise guest.
mr. webmaster was also missed
and seeing marv p. was a treat for many=============
1/25/2009 - Cyndy Winkler
Thanks to Tom Urban for the great job he continues to do in getting folks together to remember MCRT and have fun on the karts. It is always fun to see old friends and acquaintances, and this year a few folks came that I did not see last year. Your comments again show that MCRT still holds high esteem in many folks' memories.

Dennis Schalm can you send me your email so I can copy those photos you mentioned you would like.

Mary D had a great time seeing you all too. Special thanks to Louie, Jimmy, Bob, Bob and Dave along with all of the folks that came up to say hi and share a memory.

There has not been any progress that I know of since last year with the old track videos, but I will continue to check in and see if something can move along. I still have kept anyone who wrote me from last year, so I will get back to you once there is some news. It's out of my hands, so I can only ask and hope that something is being done.

Hope everyone has a great 2009 and hope to see you again in 2010.
1/13/2009 - BOB kRUPA
Does anyone know if Ed Howe race at MC on the pavement?
I seen Ed race on the dirt during the MC 200, in the #67 car.
Also did Tom Maier came more than one time. Tom came for the 100 or 200 laps in the #61 Ed Howe Camaro, and won.
1/9/2009 - Tom Porzondek 01/09/09
Chuck: I was going to mention seeing Race Neece driving a midget up at Crystal, but I did not think anyone would believe it. I think the year was 1978, or so. I could not believe it myself at first, since he had lost a LOT of weight, but we went up to talk with him and sure enough it WAS him. When he drove supers at Mt. Clemens on the dirt, there was certainly more of him and he really wheeled that "58" Ford around there. (Great shot of him and Benny, at least I am reasonably sure it is Benny, in the photo gallery this site). Also remember when Larry LeMay was crewing for Ray, I think. Does anyone remember the night when Bob Senneker and Johnny Anderson showed up at the track when it was still dirt? Also, there was a guy named Dean Crissman, I believe, who raced the dirt for a short time, and did a pretty good job. Used to have "Dizzy Dean" on his car above the door. Anyone remember Pete Beer, Tim Nester, Harry Zechmann, Len Savagian (?), Mike Diviney, Don Eisen, Dick Carpenter, Jerry Miller, Don McCubbin, and for a while the guy from Flint named Don King?
1/8/2009 - Chuck
Tom, You sure kindle good fond memories of following the Mt. Clemens guys to all the big dirt shows. Queen city, Eldora, Auto city, Mansfield Ohio. The Mt. Clemens guys were Kings in Pennsboro, West Virginia, Loved the Hillbilly 100. Even after they paved Cheker Flag in Windsor many of the Mt. Clemens guys ran their. Remember going to Crystal to See Ray Nece in a midget. That was a sight.
12/30/2008 - Terr Bogusz Jr.
We will not be able to attend this years reunion. Auto City Speedway's banquet is the same night. I have to go to receive my Championship check and trophy. Everone have fun!!!!
12/30/2008 - Tom Urban
It`s a little over three weeks to The Get Together. Please, any of you coming who were at the previous ones, let others know about it. Don`t forget Jan. 24th. If you`re racin, be there at 5:30 for registration. Green flag for first race is at 6:00. Van Dyke just south of 19 Mile Rd.
12/30/2008 - Steve Smith
My name's Steve Smith. My old man used to crew chief for John Nece back in the day, his name is Steve Smith also. I vaguely remember going to Mt. Clemens when I was little (born in '82). Anyway, the old man told me about the reunion and I think we will be there. I'd like join everyone on the track too.
12/30/2008 - Claude Plante Jr.
Actually Homer Newland drove for my grandfather Bob varney for a few years. they even traveled some and raced in WV and some other big shows like the Hillbilly 100.

When I started racing street stocks in 1993 at Auto City Homer's son Mike was racing then and Homer was at the races alot in a his motor scooter. It was nice to be able to meet him and since my Grandpa built my motors and went to every race with me it was a chance for them to catch up to.

Cant wait for the reunion again Tom, see you there and I will be sitting in a Kart seat attempting to drive lol.
12/28/2008 - Randy
Tom, I do remember the dad and I were thinking 'this could be the end of Mt Clemens'.
And Homer Newland was one of those dark horse drivers from what I remember. He was good, but not that much attention on him as the likes of Sommers, Neece, Baumgarten, etc got more of the lime light.
I am pretty sure that Homers son tried his turn at racing...I remember his name being called out up at Auto City Speedway a few years ago.
And Pete Magree...I do remember him kneeling and waving those flags in the back of the pace car for the big races.
I remember, I think during that boycott possibly, that he had a nickname of 'Pete Magreedie' from a few of the drivers.
And I 'was' a true dirt fan due to Mt. was all about MCRT, Thunder Road, Owendale, Auto City (at the time), Checkered Flag in Windsor, State Fairgrounds, was so much more fun back then...simpler too!
12/23/2008 - Tom Porzondek
To Randy: Yes, Jerry D'Ambrosio (the sharpener) lived on 14 Mile Road, just west of Campbell Road in Royal Oak. Thank you for the nice words. To Louie: You are right about the police hanging around donut shops, and I like the pun about not being "sharp enough". To Bill Murawski about Junior: You may be correct about him looking for another ride after getting out of his wrecked car as that certainly describes the way he was about racing. Does anyone know if Junior ever raced on the dirt? Some of the guys I saw over the years were great on pavement and dirt, and some only liked one or the other. Homer Newland was real good on both as well as many others. I sure missed the dirt when they paved Mt. Clemens, though. It used to be fun to stand up on the mounds of dirt behind the wall in turn four and watch the races from there. No fences or anything. In a long race the whole left side of your face would be covered with dirt and the dust would get in your eyes as well as your hair. I wore glasses in those days and it still got in my eyes a lot. Anybody else remember those days? Saw Artie Sommers hit a guy one night who was running across the track during a caution; the guy flipped up in the air a bit but wasn't seriously hurt, if I remember right. Also used to get a kick out of Pete Magree kneeling in the back seat of the convertible pace car and waving the flags to start the feature when thay had a big race sometimes. Anybody remember when the super stock drivers boycotted the track for a while because they wanted more money??
12/23/2008 - Bill Brown
Tom, I'll be there Jan 24th, not sure about driving a cart. Will there be a 'C' main? About Jr's mishap I beleive it happened about half way down the back straight. My veiw of it was blocked by the house that used to sit in the infeild. But I do remember going in to the pit and all of us examining the car, and being thankful Jr was still walking. It's scary to thing back at the things we "got a way with" when we where young.
12/21/2008 - Jim Bennett
Hi Tom, THANKS for keeping this GREAT time going!!! You can count me in for 2, also I do believe Andy Farr will make it also. Thanks again and can't wait!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/21/2008 - bare
i was also there the night junior went through the wall, and i seem to remember that after he got back to the pits, he tried to borrow different cars so that he could get back on the track. does anyone else remember this or was i thinking of another time. i seem to think one of the cars was the jim's catering car.
12/20/2008 - Louie B.
let's support one of the webmaster's favorites,,,soldiers angels -1792 e. washington- blvd.- pasadena ca. 91104 we all love and use this site let's give a little back,challenge is on, i just sent mine louie p.s. tom if you need anything else call
12/20/2008 - bill murawski
i was about 6 years old when jr went went through the wall !!!! it took them along time to get him out of the car ,the rail road tie had him pined in the car up side down. everyone one thought it was for the worst . but he came out ok .
12/18/2008 - Randy
To Tom Porzondek:
I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law as well...I do remember him being everywhere.
I have to ask, did he live on 14 Mile Rd? I thought I saw him pulling in to a driveway there many times...and it just clicked when I drove by there the other day.
totally his family and yours have my condolenses!
Try to have a Happy Holiday and remember the good life he lead and the memories he gave you and all of us.
12/17/2008 - Tom Urban
Kart2Kart is now officially open. The Get Together is officially on. Jan 24th. If you`re racin, registration starts at 5:00pm. If not,you can show up any time after 6:00pm. Kart2Kart is at it`s old location, Van Dyke just south of 19 mile road. I`ve got a mystery guest again this year. Come on out and see who the guest is. Hope to see every one there. I still would like to get a head count on who`s racing.
12/12/2008 - louie
after that wreck of jr. going thru the wall all his, and most other cars were made with what was called a hanley bar left foot area protection naw i don't think no cop was sharpening knives they were too sharp to do that and were probably at the donut shop
12/11/2008 - Tom Porzondek
I got scrolling through the pics on this site after doing my posting and just had to comment on the pics of Junior Hanley's car before and after going through the fence one night (somewhere around turn three, I believe). I was a spectator at numerous speedways for a long time before I got my own car, and I was there with my youngest brother the night Junior crashed, BIG TIME. You could just see it coming as he only had one throttle position; all the way down ALWAYS. You could sooner get a zebra to change its stripes than get him to lift. He was lapping everything and everyone in sight and was coming up on a back marker or lapped car, I think. (Just about the way Rich Vogler wrecked and was killed at Salem) He went to blast around on the outside I believe and BOOM, the guy went the wrong way. Right THROUGH the fence and out into the night. He got out and came back waving I think, so that people knew he was okay. What the pics do not show is the RAILROAD TIE that was in the driver's compartment under where his legs probably were when he crashed. They used to back up the wall with those railroad ties and Junior was real fortunate that night. My brother also remembers that they brought his car back between two wreckers (no flatbeds in those days, I guess), right past the grandstands and stopped cars on the frontstretch. (Claude Plante also told me he remembered that part). Anyway, my brother said that Don Biederman was apparently applauding as Junior's car went by. I honestly don't remember that part, but I did go to the pits afterward and saw the piece of railroad tie that was in the car. I always thought he was the best I ever saw (not to slight my other favorite, Joy Fair). Even put number 72 on my car when I raced. Does anyone else remember that particular night at the "Mount"?
12/11/2008 - Tom Porzondek
Hi Shane: Thank you for the nice words about Jerry. In answer to your question about if he went into Sterling Hts., I really do not know. He went to MANY communities over the years and was asked to leave by the police in some. (Maybe a cop was also a knife sharpener there, eh ?) He used to come rolling in just after dark, many times with a pizza. (He would rather eat a pizza than prime rib, no kidding). Also for Jimmy Tucker: I remember your grandpa Norm very well at Mt. Clemens. I talked with him a bunch of times and he was a really funny guy. I do remember when he got burned real bad and then came back to race again in his tee shirt (purple ? I think). Hardly anyone in those days used a racing suit, let alone the fire suits of today, as most guys raced in either a white tee shirt and white pants, or some other regular shirt. Ya gotta remember also that in those days, NOBODY that I ever saw had or used a fuel cell, just a regular gas tank strapped in the back where the trunk used to be. In 1968 I think, there was a guy named Jim Lee that showed up in a REAL firesuit and Eddie Janis pointed it out to the guys in a driver's meeting once, but they apparently were not mandated until later years. I do believe that Jack Goodwin had a racing suit, but don't know if it would have done much good in a fire. Now THERE was a character. Last time I saw him was in the early 90's up at Auto City, as they were having an old timers race or something, and he was waiting around all night to go out and drive. Don't know if he ever did, as it was real late and I had to leave. More later.
12/3/2008 - Shane Pennington
Hey, Tom. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Did he do routes in Sterling Heights? Because I knda remember a guy who came around every so often when I was a little kid who sharpened knives for my grandma's neighbors. I hated the sounds that it made.
12/1/2008 - Tom Porzondek
To All Who Visit This Web Site: I am sure there are many people, especially maybe some older ones, from the Metro Detroit area who remember the short man who drove around on the three wheel cushman scooter and sharpened lawn mowers, knives, and scissors. He did this for over fifty years (that I know of) and was featured many times in newspaper articles.

I am sorry to announce that Jerry D'Ambrosio, age 86, died last Monday, November 24, 2008. He was the father of my wife and we buried him yesterday in Cadillac Memorial East, Clinton Twp. I did take him and his family once to Toledo Speedway back in the seventies and he liked it quite a bit.
11/30/2008 - Tom Urban
Great news every one. The Get Together is back on. Kart2Kart is reopening in December. They are in the same location. Van Dyke just south of 19 mile road. The date for the Get Together is Jan 24th. If you want to race, registration starts at 5:30, racing at 6:00. Cost is the same. I need to know how many of you want to race so maybe we can get a break on the price.
11/23/2008 - Jimmy Tucker
I am very sad to hear the news about Sean i enjoy speaking with him several time on the internet hearing some good ol' days storied my prayers go out to his family.

if anyone has any funeral details please call me at 586-321-2790
11/22/2008 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
sean you will be greatly missed !!!!!! ................. sean had great information about every sight not just 1 but all of them !!!! you will be missed in this racing world !! thanks for the stories sean bill murawski .
11/18/2008 - Randy Adam
I do not know how many of you on this form knew Sean Fitzgerald, but he was killed last night in a car accident.
He was a true hard core race fan that loved Michigan short track racing. I enjoyed talking with him on numerous occasions whether it was about racing or music. He was the only one I knew who would go back and forth between Auto City and Dixie on the same night to catch all the racing he could.
He also had a love for the Detroit local music scene and supported many bands by attending there shows.
My prayers and condolences go out to the Fitzgerald family.
God Speed!

11/18/2008 - Cllaude Plante Jr.
Sad news but Sean Fitgerald who is an obvious fan of racing and of this site was killed last night in a car wreck. Just wanted to pas the info along and give our sympathy to his family
11/18/2008 - Wild Bill
This was posted on MSTRC site today!

Sad to report the tragic death of Sean Fitzgerald in a traffic accident last night. Sean was a huge fan of all racing, especially the Limited Lates, and Hobby Stockers. I knew him for almost 35 years, having attended Mt Clements Race Track together in days of our youth. He also was a very talented songwriter, and sing a song today. Sean would have dug that. I'll post any arrangements as soon as I hear about them. The sad news was relayed to me through a friend who works with Seans's dad at the Canton Library. Send your prayers please.

"God's Speed Sean"
11/14/2008 - Claude Plante
Hey Tom, how have you been haven't seen you in a long time. I appreciate the compliment very much. We are still at it racing when we can but are pretty much under funded to be a winning Super Late model today. I work over at DTS still so if you need any rear axle parts or service just give me a call. I with all the rest of us Varney kids grew up at Mt. Clemens too, so most of my childhood memories are from that place.

My grandpa Varney loved going there and he helped so many people and had some really great drivers drive for him there too. Too bad I never got a chance to actually race on it.

Take care
11/13/2008 - Rob Hart
Dennis, Great Stuff !!
Alton Kukuk has never run for office. The other Al Kukuk, who has run for office, is his cousin. Alton is checking out the sight. I hope he leaves a message in the near future.
Rob Hart
11/13/2008 - Tom Porzondek
This posting is for Dennis Schalm and Claude Plante, Jr: Dennis, I do not know if you remember me, but you lettered my car back in 1993. It was #72 and you used the templates you had for Tracey Leslie's car, I believe you said. I just wanted to say thanks again for the nice job, and I still have one of the doors on a wall in the garage, for memories. I ran the car mostly at Auto City and a few times at Owosso. Hey Claude! How are you a doin ? I never did tell you this, but I always thought you were one heck of a good race car driver. Some of these young cup drivers don't have nothin' on you, you could flat out get it done. Your cousin Bobby Varney was a class act as well. Do you remember the night Bobby blowed up right in front of me in hot laps at Owosso? That was a fun, out of control ride, eh? Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I also have LOTS of memories of Mt. Clemens Race Track (started going there in 1963), but that is for another posting. Tom Porzondek #72
11/10/2008 - Dennis Schalm
Been a while since I checked here. Brings up too many good memories that turn to painful ones missing them so badly.
Just a few observations on the posts.
I remember Ben Ellison, used to drive the #45 modified, then stock car.
Jimmy T., most people don't even remember you grandfather raced modifieds before they even raced stock cars at MCRT, it was #500 also. My dad and him both worked for the City of Mt. Clemens.
I also remember Alton Kukuk quite well. One thing I always wondered, was he the "Al" Kukuk that was always running for some public office in the Chesterfield Twp. area.
Tom U. you're thinking of Bruce MacGregor, he did TV and radio with Bud Lynch, whose still the PA announcer at Joe Louis Arena, for the Wings.
Personal note; Probably at least half of the color pictures below were of cars either I, or Ron Leigh, my mentor, had lettered.
Speaking of sign painters, that #22 Bob LaraVie, he was a sign painter that went on to start the International Show Car Assn. who co-produced Autorama in Detroit with the MHRA, and created a national show car championship.
Saw Billy Kratchoff recently. He came up from GA to his Uncle's funeral. Bob Dera, for those who knew him. Co-owned Saeger & Carey Glass shop, with his brother Ron.
Sharon MacGregor, I think my mom was still racing when you started, our car may be on that film, black Ford #565. (Which was supposed to be 005, Norm's number reversed, until my idiot brother painted 555 on it, just to have to chagne it when he was remeinded there already was a 555)

Well, that's about all I can contribute for now.
11/5/2008 - Art
The picture by Robert Krupa of the unknown car along side of Jack Goodwin's #78 Ford is the #07 of Mike Wise's "Purplehaze" race car. It was a late 68 - 70 Chevelle with a 427, dirt track car. The late, Lyle Snover, also worked on this car for a time.
10/26/2008 - Claude Plante Jr.
Just to let the people know that knew her. My Grandma Irene Varney (Bob Varney) passed away Wed Oct 22nd. Her viewing will be at Resurrection Funeral home on Hayes south of 18 mile on Sunday from 3-8 and funeral services will be at 10:30 Sunday at Resurrection.

10/20/2008 - jasonmurawski
hey race fans no disrespect to any of you me and my brother billy are proud of the only few memories that we have of MT. CLEMENS SPEEDWAY.
10/20/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I called cart2cart and got a voice mail. It says they are closed for remodeling. There is an indoor carting place in Clio. I
10/20/2008 - Rex Manglos
Hello everyone, I had a chanch to run into Jr. Hanley this past weekend. We had a 100 lap Late Model pavement race down here in Pittsburgh Pa., and he was here to help someone out. He still looks good, and I could not find a pen to get his autograph! I am going to be 58 in a couple of months and still messing with circle and drag cars, go figure,,,, Anybody that gets close to Pittsburgh give me a shout. 724-925-6119 See ya or beat ya at the track!!!!!!
10/19/2008 - Tom Urban
Hi all. Don`t know if there is going to be another get together. Looks like Kart2Kart has closed its doors. There is nothing going on at the new place either.If you go to the Kart2Kart web site, it says they are closed for remodeling. I went by the place the other day and the building is empty. Been trying to find out about the new location but can`t get any information. I`ll update any further news if I can get it.
10/18/2008 - R.C.Smith
I have visited this site a few times and want to contribute my memories. My dad was the track welder for many years Bob Smith everyone knew him by the funny hats he always wore. My brother Dave raced in both hobby stocks and limited sportsman. My happiest memory was seeing him win the double O championship nite 1983 then backing it up by winning opening day 1984. He set and broke his own qualifying record 4 or 5 times in the 1985 season.
We started going to MCRT around 1964 or 65. My dad and some friends built a 1955 Chevy was number 409. After that we just went to watch for a while. Dennis Schalm and I were very good friends. I also attended high school with Norm Tuckers kids, Tommy Gullett and Al Peltier. I also helped Rch Peltier (I never liked calling him Tic Toc he was always good to me) build car for the super 6 division. I missed the 1976 thru 1979 seasons because I joined the military after high school but started going to the track after I moved back to Michigan. It was a shame the track had to close but I lived in Mt Clemens and know the city wanted it gone. As far as building a new track elsewhere in the area I think the major problems would be in the city/township/county where you want to build. Look at how fast the proposed track at the Mich State Fargrounds went from concept to dead.
Glad this is here good to see familiar names and also old pictures too.
10/18/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
When's the next reunion? Is there a need to help plan? Hate to think one person had to shoulder it all
10/16/2008 - Unknown
No disrespect to anyone, I have the same picture, taken by my dads little instamatic camera.
10/6/2008 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
hi terry bogusz the photo with don s car on the trailer and the boys next to it are myself bill murawski , brother jason an one of my cousins . i have a jr 72 shrit on in the photo . i still have it to this day . thanks bill m.
8/31/2008 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
their was storie in the macomb daily about the track . it was from larry lamay . the other was from cyndy winkler the former track owner .
8/6/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Put me in Too!
8/4/2008 - Chuck Cox
I raced in the Demolition Derby's from 82 - 84 and could watch them on Tuesday evening's channel 62. Does anyone know of any video's available.
8/4/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Sharon, the best thing to do would be to find someone who has a mac and uses Final Cut software and transfer it to DVD. I suggest looking on line for videography services, such as a legal videography service, or a wedding videographer.. Thank you for even having the films!!!!
8/3/2008 - Sharon McGregor
My ex husband, Chuck McGregor and I used to race at Mt Clemens (#82) from about 1967 to 1970. I have a 8mm home movie from opening day and I think the year is 1969 or 1970. I know our car wasn't ready for the first day so we took the movie camera and filmed a few races that day. I have it on a VCR tape but I don't know how to copy it. If someone knows how or can tell me how, I would apprecialte it and I would be happy to share it with anyone else that would like to a copy of it.
Sharon McGregor
7/28/2008 - Bud
Wondering if anyone remembers a driver by the name of Ben Ellison?
7/23/2008 - Terry A. Bogusz
The picture of the kids next to Don Biederman's #43 on the trailer are, from left to right, myself, Jeremy Metdepenningen, and Tom Bogusz. I found a copy of this picture at my parents house.
7/19/2008 - Randy
Those pictures ALTON KUKUK has Stan Yee Sr. standing next to him.
7/7/2008 - MICHELE
Great to see JIMMY GULLETT back in a car a FLAT ROCK SPEEDWAY had a good run going till a blown tire took him out
7/5/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Jimmy I'll try and make it out there. Iusually go to AC on sat, but it's time for a raod trip.
7/3/2008 - Rich Nyari
Can anyone give me info on if denny nyari won any races at mt.clemens.If so any articles or pics would be appreciated. Rich.
6/21/2008 - Randy A
Mark Smith, I mentioned that way earlier. Wayne Bennett use to live near me in Hazel Park when he had the #98 Northland Ford car.
6/18/2008 - mark smith
I think the picture of the #98 car was driven by Wayne Bennett, not Benny Parsons. It was a two car team, and Parsons drove the #198 car.
6/17/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
We all want the video and exists. I wish the person who has it would make it available.
6/15/2008 - Jimmy Tucker
Dont copy it and put it in google. paste it in the address line.
6/15/2008 - Nino Phillips
I am looking for any videos of the races at Mt Clemens race track so i can share the memories with my two sons. Also I am looking for any old pictures of Chuck Phillips # 666 ( the wheeler dealer ) he was my father, we dont have very many pictures of his racing days. thanks for looking!
6/15/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I just copied and pasted the link Jimmy left below and it took me right there, no problem. Nice myspace, good photos from Springsport.
6/10/2008 - Terry Bogusz SR.
Mt Clemens Racetrack was televised on Thursday nights on Channel 50 which required a special to get. Ch#50 was a UHF station at the time.
The commentator was Bruce ??, the guy who went on to become the Red Wings announcer back then.
PS: Last Saturday Night My son Terry (Fliteline Equipment Monte Carlo- #71) took the fast heat AND the feature at Auto City Speedway...
I am very proud.
6/6/2008 - Randy A
Flat Rock Speedwa's biggest Late Model race of the season, the Moran Chevrolet 150, has now taken on an added flavor for the 2008 edition of the event. The Saturday, June 21 contest will now be known as the Moran Chevrolet/Stan Yee Memorial 150. Yee, a hugely successful car owner for over 40 years, passed away May 18, just 2 days shy of his 76th birthday.
5/22/2008 - Dave Lyall
RE; The passing of Stan Yee:
I have frequently shared my reminisces of growing up in Michigan with the visitors the Waterwinterwonderland Web Site, as doing so gives me the pleasure of remembering the wonderful things that became those significant events, as significant events are the only things we actually remember. I have been blessed to have lived a wonderful life, in a wonderful place, during wonderful times, and met so many special people.
However, good things sometimes have a down side, and the down side of my exciting trip through life is now seeing those outstanding special people, who made so many special things happen, by their talent, drive, creativeness, resourcefulness, and all other human factors, the people who gave me these memories, now one by one leave us behind.
Stan Yee was one of those special people. I meet Stan when he was making bubble skirts in a Quonset hut behind his parents’ home in Roseville. What a talent he had with metal, and then to show his mechanical skill, he installed an Olds 88 engine in his ’53 Ford Victoria, transforming it into a winner in the Gratiot Avenue Grand Prix. Stan’s place is where I met many other’s, such as Connie Kalita.
Even with his talent and success, Stan always had time for others, to share advice and comments, accept either congratulations or loss with grace. He was a worthy hero to many aspiring young men, just as he was to me.
Godspeed Stan. And thank you for the memories. Dave Lyall, Livonia, Michigan

5/21/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Hey racers, you should have websites or myspaces so fans don't have to guess where they are racing. We come to see you guys, so make your selves easy to find. Many of us would rather watch you guys at the short tracks than Dale Jr. at Daytona.
5/19/2008 - Randy
I want to pass on my condolences to the YEE family as Stan Yee Sr. passed away.
He was a true legend and veteran of short track racing as well as drag racing in his early years. Most of all, he was a total gentleman and good hearted person.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Yee family.
Randy "ran~man" Adam
5/19/2008 - Claude
Just to let you know some sad news. Stan Yee passed away this morning. I do not know the details other than he was in Vegas with his wife.

God bless you Stan and your family, Claude Plante
5/15/2008 - Vyn Polmanteer
shane close as i get! aren't those pennington corvettes in the infield?
5/8/2008 - Shane Pennington
Mt. Clemens Raceway is my dad's favorite track. He virtually grew up there, as my grandfather raced there every once in a while (as far as I know). My dad even drove a Stroh's pace car around the track! I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of Jerry Pennington at Mt. Clemens Raceway, it would be great to see those again! Thanks!
4/15/2008 - Jim Hehl
The Mark Martin shot is from the now closed Tri-County Speedway or at that time may have been called Queen City Speedway in Cinci. Oh.
4/15/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Just a note. ASA at Toledo was rained out yesterday and chilled out today. Got halfway there and called, lucky thing. It's stinks when the only racing is NASCAr on Fox. It will be rescheduled later in the year.
4/15/2008 - Jerry Lewis
Back in the summer of 1978 I won the consi for the Howard Williams Memorial at Flatrock (not Toledo) and I believe Denny Pace was second ,My car was the orange #23 . I never got a photo of the win and I would love to have one . If anyone can help please e mail me Thanks Jerry Lewis ( A big hello to Tommy Urban and I am racing one more year ! lol )
4/8/2008 - Jimmy Tucker
dear sean
im gunna try umm i have an offer to drive at springport this year, but the deals not done i need some more sponsorship and then we'll be ok. i'd like to have a sparkplug on the roof but it has to get through tech... a few years ago jeff medapedigan had one on his car and they said it was areodynamic advantage at flat rock.
4/2/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Jimmy, will you be having a spark plug on top of your car, Even if it's just a tiny regular spark plug, that would be so cool. Good luck, I wish I had money, but then I'd be racing myself. Hope to see you race at Autocity. Sean
4/1/2008 - Jimmy Tucker
dear sean,
Thats really cool that my Grandpa was one of your favorite drivers. He is an idol of mine and 1 day I hope I can achieve the respect and fan base he has.
4/1/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Down bellow, highlight, copy and paste. Norm Tucker was one of my favorite drivers.
3/30/2008 - Steve
Does anyone know where I can find some pics of that track. I went there when I was a kid. I can't find much on it.
3/29/2008 - Jimmy Tucker
Yes Sean, Norm Tucker was my grandpa.
3/26/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
17 days till the ASA race at Toledo. I am crawling out of my freaking skin! It's worse than being an 8 year old on Christmas eve.
3/26/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Any relation to the great Norm Tucker???
3/10/2008 - BEN BENEDICT
3/8/2008 - Bill
To Tom Urban, I remember in the 1965 season there were races from MCRT televised on channel 50. That channel was fairly new then, I had to buy some kind of converter box to get it. I know this cause it was my first year at MCRT, I drove a 57 ford #400 on the quarter mile. I ran 56 fords after that until 1972 #118. Mel miller drove my car to 5th place season points in figure 8 in 1969. In 1974 I moved out of Warren, up to a small town of Hale, MI. It is the next town past Whittemore, which had a 1/4 mile dirt, so I ran there. Whittemore is still runnin' ashphalt now since 1988. 5 classes of cars, If anyone is up that way on a Saturday nite this summer, check us out. I'm there often, my boy runs. MCRT was a great track, lots of good wheel to wheel racin' and a lot of fun. Until another lap, MOE!
3/8/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Youtube has tons of Toledo videos. Anyone can post videos. Be really cool to see the Mt Clemens stuff on Youtube.
3/5/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Do you have any shots of the car, i'd love to have it jog my memory banks.
3/4/2008 - BEN BENEDICT
2/12/2008 - Gary Lindahl
Had to drop a qucik note to let everyone know that this years racer reunion at the Toledo Speedway bar and grill is Saturday March 15th from noon to 6pm followed by the fan club meeting at 6:30pm. all speedways are represented a we encourage all to bring photo's and programs even video's or dvd's.Its a good way to kick off the season that is close at hand. By the way, used to enjoy the MtClemons 200 on the dirt back when with a terrific field of cars at each one. One of the few times we saw Fair, Anderson, Senneker and Gregory on the dirt together. Of course, its no secret Ray Nece was our guy there in those days.See Ya!
2/11/2008 - louie bennett
i think all were surprised and pleased to see none other than mr. lyle robarge there himself, and he seemed to have had a great time,nice seeing you after all this time,,louie bennett
2/7/2008 - Randy
Fred Wolf did do a TV show that had races from MOTOR CITY SPEEDWAY, not sure about Mt. Clemens though.
Here is a little history on Mr. Wolf:
Fred Wolf broadcasted from a "Wandering Wigloo" back in the mid 50's. In 1965, after refusing to play some rock records, Fred Wolf resigned his show at WXYZ. He was also a championship bowler and an inductee into the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame. Wolf passed away at the age of 90 on August 7, 2000.
2/6/2008 - BOB kRUPA
For Tom Urban = I think channel 13, on Fox, Tuesday and Friday.
Host was Fred Wolf ( not sure ) from 1963 - 1964?
2/5/2008 - Tom Urban
Does any one remember when the races from Mt.Clemens were televised? What channel were they on? What day(s)? Who was/were the host(s)? What year? No prizes for the right answers, just wondering.
2/1/2008 - Claude Plante
Tom thanks for everything you did puttin the reunion together. Even though I was a kid growing up at Mt. Clemens I knew everyone and enjoyed seeing all the people, even though most of them did not know me. I wish that my grandpa Bob Varney was still alive, he would have loved to be at that.

Saw some cool pics of his old cars there with Hugh Fair driving and Homer Newland. It was a blast and it was cool to see Cyndy, I was surprised she remembered me, after all, I used to spend the night at her house as a kid with her kids.

thanks again, Claude Plante Jr. #16
1/30/2008 - Dennis Fetter
Sorry I missed the reunion but both me and better half were sick.
I still am hoping that some one out there may find some older pictures from Mt Clemans.
I lost my first 2 cars I raced in the Mount. In 79/80 I had a blue 62 chev Limited car with the number 34 on the door. This car rolled on the front strecth and was destroyed.
Wayne Pelky then sold me a 57 Chev and it was black and yellow with 34 on door.
My wive has completed a picture history of all of my cars and has them around the top of our family room but we are missing these two cars.
I would really like to get these on the wall.
I plan on racing this year as my 40th year.
1/29/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Tom, I had to ice down my arms, and everything hurt the next day,it was great!!!! Never have I enjoyed pain so much. The only trouble is now I know I absolutely have to race cars. I also know we absolutely need a track between the D and the PH. I wonder if Roger Penske.......
1/29/2008 - Randy
just want to say THANK YOU Sean...Kudo's to you too! I did not get to make it to the MCRT reunion due to a couple things, but it sounds like it was a total success.
I think a big THANK YOU should go out to TOM URBAN for starting this up and getting so many involved. And of coarse Gary from the Wat-Wint-Wond site for making our memories be shared! As if it were not for this site, none of us would know about or how to contact anyone.

Let's support the local tracks out there trying to keep our sport alive and creating the NEW memories we will have for years to come...and there are some good ole legends still racin out there as Jay Woolworth, Tony Brabbs, Al Kookla just to name a few racin' at ACS. It is a fun track and is only going to get better as the season goes on.
1/28/2008 - Tom Urban
Well here I sit, the Monday after the Get Together, and I still have a smile on my face, sitting here thinking about the great racing on the karts. The great time had by all. I was happy to meet both Gary and Ron from this website. Thanks for coming. A great big THANKS to all those that helped. To Dave Dehem, thanks for all the pr work you did. To Wild Bill, for bringing the big screen and the tapes. To Laura Tucker, for your pr work with the Macomb Daily. To Louie Bennett, for putting me in touch with my mystery guest.

And to Cyndy Winkler, the mystery guest, for setting every thing straight and showing up even after all the negativity started showing up here. THANK YOU one and all. I hope next year`s event is as good as this one or better.
1/28/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Cindy makes some excellent points and it was great to see her there and it is good to hear her side. That woman has got some moxy. But it seems like a lot of people were caught by surprise when the track closed. Difficult decisions were made I am sure. While it was a business owned by an individual, it was also a fixture in a community. Like Tiger Stadium, only better.

Hindsight is 20/20 though. My suggestion is what already happening, thanks to people like Joe Dewitt at Autocity, Mike Kern at Dixie, Dave Bigos at Owosso, Randy, Nate, Gary the web master of this site, and all the people who visit this site and the places on it and that is for everyone with an interest in tracks to remain well informed and be kept well informed by the ownership and each other so if anyone needs help (and i am not certain this wasn't the case here) making sure that all parties concerned can come up with creative solutions to ensure the survival of the places we love.

All three of these track owners have been very forthcoming with information as to what is happening at "our" tracks. I think this site is a prime reason as to why, and we owe Gary a great deal of thanks and support. 2008 is going to be an exciting fun year and thanks to Tom and Kat2Kart. it was kicked of right, with the fun had the other night. What if we all took schedules around to the various autoparts retailers in our areas, and we all tried to bring two new people out to the tracks this year. On a side note, let's make next year even bigger at the reunion so we can get the corporate track at the new Kart2Kart.
1/28/2008 - Randy
Dave, all well said...and I have to give an "AMEN" to your last true!
I do encourage all to head out to an existing track and experience something new...we do need to support the local tracks that are out there before they are closed up as well.

I commend Waterwinterwonderland webmaster for having this form and letting us express our opinions, ideas, memories and future memories! 'THANK YOU G'
1/28/2008 - Dave DeHem
Just a short note to Cindy:

First off, Thank You so very much for writing your experience of what truly happened back in 1985/1986 regarding Mt. Clemens closing. You provided pretty much the same information that I had except that your information filled in some gaps that spun the story in a different way. I am sure the buyers I referred to are the same as those you referred to, however, the idea of a partnership was never mentioned and it was told to me as a full purchase rather than a 49/51 split. I wouldn't have gone for it either.

I will admit that I am one of those who has carried a grudge for many years but have pretty much gotten rid of it in the last ten or so years. Your response allows me to take the ill feelings, throw them to the side and put the whole thing behind me now.

While I understand that you did not owe anyone an explanation back then and you more than likely were hurting as bad as we were, I still feel that it would have served all of us well to have had a meeting with the drivers and car owners on record of the day and explain it to all of us. At least we could have had one last official bon-fire in the parking lot as a way of saying farewell to the "old girl". One never knows, we may have found a way to save the place for a while. Never the less, the decisions made at the time were what was made and we all have had to go on from there.

I will say that Mt. Clemens and my time spent there has really grounded me in the sport and due to my experiences I have continued on these past ten years to become Vice President of MARFC along with being it's PR Director. I also raced for three seasons with the Michigan legends series (along with many Mt. Clemens graduates) and now serve as the PR Director and Co-Chaplain. I am very fortunate to have gotten to know many of the states Track Owners/Promoters and have a much more thorough knowledge of the intricacies of running a race track. You were spot-on in your note regarding that information. I will say for the record that you were handed a very run-down facility when you took over promotion in 1979. Many former lessees/promoters of the track didn't seem to put much back in to the place but you did what you could with what you had and as I have looked back at pictures, you did a lot.

Mt. Clemens Race Track was no polished jewel, but, it had character, it had pizzazz, and it had some of the best drivers ever to strap into a race car any time, anywhere. The fans were fiercely supportive of "Their" driver and you better not lay a fender on "their" driver. I loved it just the way it was. A new surface would have been nice but once you knew where the bumps were you adjusted your line anyways. Mt. Clemens was a place where you could put your feet on the couch. I really always felt that you were ahead of the times in your promotional style and with the things you did back then that set the standards for today.

I am sorry to have missed you at the party last Saturday but will be there next year. Thank you for giving your side of the story and I am now done with thinking about what could have been. I still won't set foot on the property and haven't been there since I pulled out the front gate in September of 1985 with my race car in tow. I will remember 237 North River Rd. as it was and not how it is.

Race Fans, this is a great site to remember our past and honor what we have now. Please make sure to get out and support all of our facilities that are still in operation so that we don't have to continue to have "Reunions" but rather have annual awards banquets. Travel to somewhere you have never been, I guarantee that it will be worth you time and effort.

Every racer or race fan has a "Home Track" and mine will always be the Mount Clemens Race Track.
1/27/2008 - Cyndy Winkler
Thanks to Tom for putting this gathering together and Wild Bill and others who brought photos/footage for the pictorial experiences. It brought back great memories. Gary, it was wonderful that you came and we all had the chance to thank you for your efforts of keeping this site open. I enjoyed seeing old and dear friends. I was able to recognize many of the drivers but also got a chance to talk to fans/drivers whom I did not personally know before. What really was a joy was seeing so many who have gone on and accomplished some great goals and achievements. Bravo! You all seem to be following your dreams and living life to the fullest. Keep it up. Hope to be back once again at this reunion next year.
1/27/2008 - Randy
Cyndy, Thank you for the explanation and getting the story straight for all. I thank you for keeping the track open as long as you could. We all have great memories from MCRT and our own stories to reminisce about... thanks Waterwinterwonderland for this site...
1/27/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Great night, thank you Tom and everyone who was there and everyone who made the track such a great place to go.
1/27/2008 - Wild Bill
Just arrived home from another great night! Twice as many foks showed up than last year. Lost of photo's and videos to see. Thanks Tom for making this thing all happen. Glad to see your uprise guest did show up and she seemed to have a great time also. Cyndy and her son said that they would come back again next year.

Thanks again for the great time!

Wild Bill
1/27/2008 - Jim Bennett
AMEN!!!! Thanks for eveything Cyndy, my BEST childhood memory's are because of you and MCRT!!!!!!!!
1/26/2008 - Cyndy Winkler
Hello Mr. Webmaster. Thank you for this most interesting site. I thought enough speculation about the track has been made so perhaps after 20+ years I can put some of the rumors and speculation to rest. I agree with you that fans and drivers should support the tracks that are still running, and stop living in the past. MCRT was a great track, but it is no more. I'll try to explain a bit about facts which few knew or fully understood. Many folks on this site seem to think they know the facts, but that is not the case. First of all, the track was purchased from Dr. Clayton Stubbs by my then-husband Henry Winkler and me for One Million dollars. Was it worth a million? NO, but it was bought for that - on a land contract from Dr Stubbs. However, the track had an existing lease/contract for both the promotion and the food service. Our portion and income stream was a percentage of what the lessees stated was the gross income of both the food and admissions. The amount coming in was not close to covering even the interest on the mortgage. 7% of a Million is $70,000 a year in interest. We felt we had no choice but to buy those leases out. After that major expense, we put improvements - new lighting and a new sound system - into the track. We had city and county building inspectors in all the time finding things wrong with the buildings and structures. We had to have a stress analysis done by an engineering firm to prove that the stands were strong enough to hold the spectators. That cost a ton. We started to videotape our events to show them on monitors all around the track. A show was produced for cable--very leading edge back then. We were way ahead of the times. How many tracks are even doing that now? The video production was an additional expense but worth it, I believe. We paid the highest purses and we were always fully insured (some tracks skimp on this but we never did.) Our concern was to provide good family fun, in a safe environment. We started a Racing Rascal Fan Club, and many a kid had the thrill of their young lives when they won a chance to ride in a real race car with their favorite driver. I love reading the comments of some of the kids who were in the club, and frequented the track back then. I know how much my 5 kids loved the track and the fun they had. It was a family place, and most of the time I felt we all were family. OK, the track was sold for just over $700,000 (what was owed on it), Do the math. Buy for a million; sell 13 years later for $700,000. Hmm, isn't property supposed to appreciate in value? Aren't you supposed to make some profit in a business? What about all the capital improvements that were made like sound system, lighting, etc? Ah, how easy it is to be critical when you have no money invested in a business/property and you can spout off what should and should not have been done. All the drivers had money invested in cars, granted, but we had kept our rules in line with many other tracks, so most drivers were able to take their cars elsewhere and race. Did any of the critics have a quarter of a million invested? No? I did. I agree on this fact- the paving! The job that was done on the track paving was horrible. But that was done prior to our buying it, and was done on the cheap and not correctly irrigated so we had no other choice but to patch and patch and re-patch. Ripping the asphalt out and doing it right was out of the question as far as being affordable. By that time, our drivers had cars set up for asphalt not dirt. Drivers who raced when I ran MCRT will remember that we had drivers meetings and listened to input as far as rules and criteria for building cars. We tried to keep open communication because we wanted good fields of cars. We started the Powder Puff division. We supported the mini-modifieds as a regular new class. We got traveling shows to come in, some worked well, and some didn't. But we were open to new ideas and tried to give the fans what they wanted. You see, some of you think that we were in the racing business, I disagree. We were in the entertainment business. If we were strictly racing, all the mid-pack and back runners weren't necessary. But in the entertainment business you can't have a good show without a full field. And I know how much some of the back runners had to personally sacrifice to keep their cars as competitive as they could. I always appreciated the support I got from drivers and their crews. Safety was a prime concern at all times. The great staff that worked for me, from dear Vince, the Flagman, to Louie and Pat, and Joyce and Mary in the office, Dennis as the track manager, Paul Schaeffer and the other announcers we had, The scorers, the super safety crew, the ambulance service, the wreckers, security people and the bar and food concession folks. Many of my own family worked at MCRT including my Mom and Dad. Ron Leon and other photographers and writers were a great asset...and anyone else I have forgotten to mention. All were a super bunch of people. Most loved coming to work just as much as I did. Yes, I loved my job and my track. We had Old Timers night every year, and it was so good to see the racers from the 50's -70's come back for a good time. We had fireworks several times a summer, some of the best around done by pyrotechnicians who knew what they were doing. Family fun was what we were trying to give. And I think we succeeded. We wanted a place for a mom and dad to bring their kids and know they were safe - and having fun. It's been assumed that our stands held 5,000+. Wrong. There was not an event held at the track including ARCA and other sanctioned races that attendance was ever more than 4,000. An average track night attendance was about 1200-1500. Thursdays were more popular and better attended than Saturday events but the purses were substantially lower, so Saturdays were often more profitable. Our fixed expenses (not including the purse) for racing insurance, mortgage payment and interest, and property insurance ran about $10,000 of revenue necessary for every night of racing. This figure did not take into account the nightly track payroll, advertising, or other unseen expenses. Do the math again. If you average $8 per ticket times 1200 it is $9600. And 1500 @ $8 it is $12000. Not all tickets were adults, and you can figure out that every average night was just break even. Now, of course, there was additional income from the bar and concession and other stands. That's what made up the difference. And numbers were necessary for our success. You have to have people buying the goods - and the more people the better. Now let's take another thing that most do not remember to consider. This was a seasonal business. It only had so many days to hold events - about 40. Why? You can't just run another night because there were other tracks running. And what about during rainy or inclement weather? It would not matter that it was not raining at MCRT and we told our fans so...the phones would ring off the hook with the fans saying..."It's raining in Clinton Township, or Wyandotte." So the staunch race fans would come, and the others would stay away. However if the race ran, the drivers got paid. If the track opened the workers got paid. No one was told, "Sorry, it's a bad crowd tonight and we can't pay you." One year was particularly tough. We had 8 rainouts that season. That's a lot - 8 out of 40. It is like having a business that runs 7 days a week, 12 months a year, and just shut it down for 2.5 to 3 months of the year. The fixed expenses are there but there is no revenue flow for those months. Fixed expenses are in every business. It's the money that is needed to cover all the costs that are inherent with running it. There was no other substantial way to earn income from the property or the business of the track in the off season. When Clayton Stubbs was alive, I was able to go to him and he would give us an extension on the payment. He loved the track and would extend the payment schedule a bit. Once he died, however, his estate, who were from Florida were interested in getting their money (as was their right). So they were not anxious to negotiate with me like Clayton would. They put me in foreclosure after the year of 8 rain outs when I came up short. The track became totally mine through my divorce settlement. So there was no outside source of money to keep propping up the track to cover any shortfall. It had to become profitable or it was not feasible to keep running it. I approached several lending institutions (banks) and was turned down cold. You can get a loan much easier for opening up a business that is on every corner like a service station or pizza shop than a business which is one of a kind and seasonal. I also approached a number of people hoping that they might be interested in buying me out or joining me as a partner. There were no serious takers. Only one "group" talked to me about a possible deal...that was to pay off the arrearage and start clean. I would own only 49% and the "group of two" would be the major shareholders at 51%. Any of the money that had already been put into the track as far as capital improvements, or investments by me was gone. I was basically at square one, and not the major shareholder. I wasn't even guaranteed a job. That did not seem like a fair and equitable solution, and while a firm offer never came in, under those terms I would not have taken it. There were NO OFFERS. NOT ONE. NADA. ZILCH. What you also may not know is that MCRT sat in three municipalities - the City of Mt. Clemens, Harrison Township and Clinton Township. That meant three sets of inspectors and officials coming around. Politically, you needed to be sure to make changes and keep the inspectors happy or they could easily close everything down. The City was on us for noise and disturbances all the time, so we kept as tight a show as we could. The City wanted to amalgamate so that it would be the only municipality that the track was in. They could do this if they owned the property. They would need to keep the land vacant and not run any business there for a year (a legal stipulation for them to get the amalgamation done.) I was trying everything I could to save the track. One of the banks I approached was one that the eventual owner was a major shareholder. It's not surprising that I was turned down. The financial statements were not healthy; the track was not making a profit. It would have suited someone who was looking for large tax losses, but there was no one I could find like that. I was behind the 8-ball with an impending forfeiture. Subsequently, the Carlo/Anton/City group approached me with the only legitimate offer. Through the negotiations I also approached the Stubbs estate to see if there might be a chance to run the track for another year, if it was lost in foreclosure thinking that would have given the drivers one more year. But the Stubbs estate was also being courted by the Carlo/Anton/City group, so if I lost it through foreclosure, the same thing would have happened, but I would not have gotten anything. In the offer, I was to sell everything to the City. Once the amalgamation was complete, the property was to be sold to the Carlo/Anton group for the same amount that was paid to me. That money paid off the estate but nothing else. Because the track had to be cleared, I got to sell the track fixtures at auction for about 10 cents on the dollar. The only place I made some profit was on the sale of the house at the frontage of North River, which was not part of the Stubbs estate property but was purchased separately and used as my office and home part of the time. I can't believe anyone who knew me thought that I was "raking in the coin". I lived modestly and often had to supplement my income in the off-season by working elsewhere. I've been booed and derided and misquoted and misunderstood, but I have a thick skin and try not to let it bother me. I even had an employee (unnamed but he knows who he is), that was entrepreneurial enough to sell "I Hate Cyndy Winkler" t-shirts at Flat Rock Speedway. Talk about a stab in the back! And then when I was cool to him when we ran into each other, he was surprised that I didn't welcome him with open arms. Now for those that think building a track in a suburb of Detroit is a possibility or a good idea, think again. One of the most difficult things about being in a larger metro market is that there are many professional sports teams and other forms of entertainment vying for the same entertainment dollar you need. Ok, where would you advertise? The Major newspapers? On one of the 50+ radio stations in the area? In the local community newspapers around the area? And how many are there? Which ones would you choose? What about TV? Can you afford it? Cable was just coming into its own 20 years ago and not as popular as it is today, but still what stations would you advertise on? Just where would you chose to spend your advertising budget? And how much would you spend? A track like Ionia or Spartan or even Flint has only one major TV station, one newspaper, etc. They are probably the only game in town and much easier to get the media's cooperation for promotion. You might think that getting the word out would be easy, but it wasn't and it sure wasn't cheap. Every media person involved with sports from both radio and newsprint was given a free pass for the season. Many times they would not come out themselves but just pass it on to someone who already was a fan, so that wasn't bringing in a new person or an influential person to the track, it was actually taking a paying customer away. There was one sports editor from the major Detroit paper who was at MCRT every Thursday night for years. He would bring his son. The result? Did the results or any promos every get printed about MCRT? No. But the Tigers, and Pistons and other teams got tons of print. I worked doggedly going to the Press club and trying to get exposure for the MCRT. It didn't work. I instituted corporate nights where we went to companies and offered them free admission for their employees to come to the races on a specific night. I knew once new people got in they would spend money on food, drink and souvenir things, so if they came back as a paying customer - we were ahead. We had staff sending our results of the races to the media every night after the event. As the final race was running, the writers were typing away. It wasn't my EGO that kept the track from being sold to anyone else, it was NO offers. There aren't many people standing in line trying to buy a business that is not making a profit. For the love of racing? I doubt it. If anyone is interested, MVP contacted me saying that they found several original tapes of the Cable show called the Fifth Turn. And some others that have not been catalogued. They are digitally mastering them and may be available on DVD if there is enough interest. I don't know yet what the subject matter is, or who is on them, or any particulars, but if anyone is interested in buying a copy, I will find out more and we can keep in touch. MVP is not owned by the same person it was back then, so MVP can't do this without being compensated, but they would keep the price affordable if there is interest. This email address below is if you would like to contact me directly. Just remember it's done... and has been for 20 years. Give up the complaining. Stop blaming me for everything including selling. Get on with life and remember the good times. There were plenty. It was a great old track. And I loved it...and I miss it too. Life goes on. I made some great friends and admire many of the drivers, and spouses, and sponsors, and fans and kids who came to MCRT. Once again...Support the tracks that are still running. They need to keep their fan base growing. If each fan or driver brought ten new people to the tracks every year and they became repeat fans and then they did the same, you would see a huge growth in the sport. But it takes your effort as much as the promoters to do that job. You can reach me at:
1/26/2008 - Wild Bill
OK People,

Lets move on! I have always loved MCRT and miss her greatly. I remember when my Dad first started racing there and at one time he had two cars running with Nelson Danails (Spelling not right) and Mike ?? because he had a head injury and they would not let him race. I still have the photos around here some where and will try to fined them for tonight.

Wild Bill
1/25/2008 - Robin Metdepenningen
Hey Tom, I haven`t seen you for a couple of years now. You and Lucido don't come down to Charotte for the Good Guys Show any more, so I guess I'll come up there for your party on Saturday nite. Looking forward to making the trip up from Charotte (N.C.) and see some old friends & faces
1/17/2008 - j short
I am looking for anyone who may have pictures from 1971 to 1973. My father used to race i beleive it was sportsman and a few double O's back then. I was just two or three years old back then so anything i can find to make copies of or even post on here I can print would mean an awful lot to me and my father.His name was Roger Short, he drove a 1959 Ford

it was Blue with a white top and red number 32 on it. I beleive it said "Hi Short" on the front fender, there were no sponsors that i can remember on the car. We have one picture of the car when he raced and I am unable to locate it at this time but I am still trying to find any other pictures I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank You.............Jeff
1/16/2008 - Tom Urban
Well, it`s a little over a week until the get together. Every one who`s racing please get there by 5:30 for registration. If you have your own safety equipment, bring it. Looks like we`re going to have about 200 people show up. WOW!!!!!. I heard from people I haven`t seen for years. Sean, I talked to Pat Haywood. He`s coming and he`s going to race. Those who are not racing, you can show up after 6:00. No food available.
1/16/2008 - Dave DeHem
I will always feel that we were sold out!!!!!!!!!You want me to tell you how I really feel, I can't because it may not be printable. I wasn't going to put my 2 cents in but I'm one of those people that can still close my eyes and find myself standing right there at Mt. Clemens. I can still re-live every lap I turned on that race track and I still miss it today with all my heart and all my soul. While I was not the owner of the place and really do not have the right to speak for her and why what happened did but I will say what I feel anyways.

The fact of the matter is that the track was for sale and there were buyers ready to pay the price asked without negotiating. I heard that the day it happened and i heard it right from the horses mouth. I won't name the horse though.

The fact is, that place could be and should be here still today. Yes, there would be a host of restrictions, but it would still be alive. Why were we told at the 1985 awards banquet to go ahead and get our cars ready as there will be no rule changes in 1986? Only, to read in the Macomb Daily that it was sold and would be torn down. Sounds like the city had a few cards up the sleeve and was willing to use anyone they needed to get the place closed down.

It was no secret that the city didn't like having the track there with all of the noise and nuisance that made. Nobody bothered to look at the big picture of the fact that it drew many thousands of people twice a week and that it supported the business owners in the area. It's a crying shame that that the glorified flea market sits on that hallowed ground because the truth of it is this.

There was plenty of room to have the "trade center" and the race track and they could have worked together. Possibly today if this were to have happened there would be developers that would have had a better sense of how to make a dual purpose project like that fly. But back in the late 80's all anyone wanted was to get rid of the track and put something else in it's place.

I have some very strong feelings about the closure of our dear departed friend "Mt. Clemens Race Track" as do some of my very close friends and it is too hard to put into words what many of us feel to this day. While i could write a lot of negative things here I would rather just say that the years I spent racing, spectating and enjoying Mt. Clemens Race Track are some of the best years I have ever lived. I made some lifelong friendships there and some of those people are as close to me if not closer than family. I have some great memories and don't regret any moment I ever spent there.

I will miss the reunion this year as I am getting a knee replaced the week before it and will only be out of the hospital for a day or two but I wish that all of you have a great time this year, drink a beer for me, and stuff Billy Simmons in the catch fence for me when you are racing the karts.
1/11/2008 - Randy
Yea Nate...all three tracks (1/4 - 1/2 - figure 8) at MCRT were just right for good racing. Even being a clay track it was fast. The sound of the motors winding up as they came out of the turns to head down the frontstretch was just music to the ears. I use to go every MONDAY (Yes Monday) Thursday and Saturday. Lloyd Goodrich was the driver that my dad knew and we followed his career there.

We did get to know other drivers as well. This was in the 60's & 70's that we went. I was in a demo derby there and that was off the hook...there were soooo many cars, bunch of fun though. I have to say and agree with Sean, I do not know of a track that compares to is one of those 'special' tracks that had that charisma about it.

I do miss it as everyone that has commented on here says the same thing. It was popular through all the phases of dirt/clay to asphalt. Some track owner should cookie cut that blueprint. It would be nice to see a TRUE DOUBLE "O" again.
thanks to all the participants, staff and fans for all the great stories and memories that get posted!
1/11/2008 - Nate
well that just sux....selling it to a trade center...but maybe mt.c was just growing to big to fast...thats when they buy more property and build a new be lost with out my ac.dixie.whittimore...these places are my home on the weekends and my wife hates it..i see your point is a wast
1/10/2008 - Dennis Fetter
Tom I will be there and 3 guys are coming with me.
1/10/2008 - Nate
does anybody know the rial reason this track was shut down...from the pic it seems it had a great crowd with alot of cars....those are the cars i remember as a child....would like to know the story of this track
1/9/2008 - Butch Klotz
To Katie Mason....I raced at the Mount with your dad...I remember you when you was a little girl...a very young pretty girl....your dad and your mom are great people and we have been friends a long time...I hope to see your dad at the MCRT reunion at the K2K ....
1/1/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Just got back from the Mt Clemens fireworks. Drove past the old enterance, what's now the velvet Elvis Gun and Knife, figurine capital of Michigan. What a crime.
12/26/2007 - Tom Urban
Yes Dan you may bring your own safety equipment. The only other things you`ll need are $55.00 and a great sense of humor. We do have a fun time on the track. See you there.
12/25/2007 - Dan Grinde
Does kart2kart let you bring your own firesuit and helmet or do you have to use their stuff???? just wondering. What else do I need?
12/22/2007 - Wild Bill
Howdie All!

Hey Tom I'll be there with some old WBVS video footage and some old photo's also. Heard from Dennis Schalm and he said to count him in for a seat in your racing plans. Looking forward to see many of you again this year.

Wild Bill
WBVS Photo's &
President MARFC
12/21/2007 - Tom Urban
For those of you who are racing, registration is at 5:30, first session will start around 6:00pm. Those that are just showing up to watch and talk about the good times, arrive any time after 6:00pm. We will have the big conference room like last time.
12/20/2007 - louie bennett
believe jim lee was the driver of 003
also tom, time to post a time for kart to kart
if i can help in any way call,
boy o boy can't wait to see your surprise guest?
12/19/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I'm racing, maybe I'll get totally schooled by the real drivers.
12/16/2007 - Jim Bennett
Hi Tom, had a awesome time last year, plan to come back again. I work with Andy Farr so you can most likely count him in too!!!! Happy Holidays can't wait.
12/12/2007 - Tom Urban
Sean, The cost to race is $55.00. Cost includes an 8-10 minute practice session, 8-10 minute qualifying session and an 8-10 minute feature. Doesn`t sound like a lot of racing but I can assure you you`re gonna wish the feature was only 3-4 minutes long. Your arms will be very sore by the end of the evening, guaranteed.

As for the sound system, they do have a p.a. system in the meeting room. We`ll be using the same room as last time. I`ll try to find out and let you know. The racing is open to anyone who went to the races, participated in the races, or was just a fan and attended the races at Mt.Clemens. WE WILL BE AT THE OLD PLACE. 19 MILE ROAD AND VAN DYKE.
12/11/2007 - Ron Nelson
Yes, please bring the tapes and make some copies to sell. I would like to buy one please. Jr. Hanley fan here so if anyone has anything on him please bring it I would love to see it and possibly get copies of things.
12/10/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Didn't get to race last year, want to race this year. what are the costs. Is there a sound system for showing video's. is one required?? Sean Fitz
12/10/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Pat Haywood come to the get together.
12/8/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Uh, Yeah......Please.......!!!!!!! Awesome.
12/8/2007 - Tom Urban
Kevin, Bring them to the Get Together on Jan. 26th. Lets see what you have. You may get some requests for copies.
12/8/2007 - Vyn Polmanteer
wish i could get back for this years get together but not going to be possible! I would be interested in some of that video footage if it reasonable!
and somebody please take some photos of the party for those of us that are far away!
won't be all bad, by that time I will have been to the races here 6 times already in 2008 lol we have a big dirt late model series here with some of the top national drivers in january!
12/6/2007 - Kevin
I came accross some old video tapes in perfect condition (1982) of some races - The fifth turn series. Would anyone be interested in these? I was thinking about selling DVD copies.
12/6/2007 - Tom Urban
Due to bureaucratic red tape involving the new karting center, the Mount Clemens Get Together will be held at the same location as this year. Kart2Kart at 19 Mile road and Van Dyke Ave. I need a head count as to who wants to race. This is important. Please people respond here if you`re going to race. Prices are the same. Thanks.
12/6/2007 - Hal Brey
Anybody have info or photos from Mt Clemens when they ran "Supers" (mostly Sprints with roofs) on Wed nights on the 1/2 mi. dirt in 1962? Some of those who ran were: Johnny White, Jimmy Nelson, Mickey Shaw, Dean Mast,
Nolan Jolhncock, Dick Carter.
12/4/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
hey Brent, love to use your 003 photo for a cd label or cover. How do I get your permission or compensate you. Sean
i thought jack goodwin had an edsel in the 1965 season, or there abouts. i sure could be wrong. i remember byrd's edsel. and maybe that's what i'm thinking of.
12/3/2007 - Randy
I do not right off hand, but oddly enough, I have 2 - 1959 Edsels (one 2dr and one 4dr) that are cruisers for the summer.
12/1/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Anyone remember an all edsel demo derby?
12/1/2007 - Randy
Steve, I think you mean Danny Byrd's Edsel. He ran a 58 Edsel and of coarse his # was 08.
I do not remember Jack Goodwin running an Edsel.
11/30/2007 - sreve pastorino
does anyone have a picture of jack goodwin's packard or his edsel?
11/25/2007 - darrell
does anyone still have contact with the newbys charlie or bobby bobby an old friend and i have lost touch. also im interested in the get togeather at kart to kart, thanks
11/17/2007 - Robert Krupa
To = Bill Eison, I sold all my pictures. you can download the picture from this site.
Robert Krupa
11/15/2007 - Hugewally
Looking for a race program from the 18 Aug 1973 ARCA/NASCAR Grand National East race. Was there a particular name for that race? Can anyone help?
11/15/2007 - Bill eison
Hello the "140 car is not Don Ilson its Don Eison . Robert i wood like two git a cope of this for my dad's shop . ty Bill Eison .
11/13/2007 - Arnold Kirsch
Please bring YOUR old racing videos so that we can play them at the 2007 get together at Kart to Kart.

WE NEED TV's and VCR'S FOR THE 2007 GET TOGETHER,,, bring them with you.

Dave DeHam or wild bill can you bring a Tv and VCR?

anyone else have a tv and vcr that they could bring?
10/23/2007 - Tom Urban
The Get Together will be on Jan. 26th, 2008. Got a bit more info on the new place. They plan to have an Italian restaurant on the premises. The karts are going to be electric with something like a rheostat on them to control the power. Electronic restrictor plate????. Still would like to get a head count for those of you who want to race. Still would like to rent the track also, so please let me know ASAP. Don`t forget. Mark your calenders on Jan. 26th.
10/2/2007 - Dave DeHem

I'll be there for the get together again this year. I probably won't be driving the carts this year as I am scheduled for knee surgery in December and will be spending 6-8 weeks on crutches, ahh the joys of getting older, arthritis, and cartilage loss. If you need some help just give me a shout and I'll do what I can as I will have a lot of time during recuperation, therapy, and crutch time.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the get together. I have run into a lot of MCRT Alumni in my travels this summer at the local short tracks. Always makes it feel like old home week when I get to spend a night at the races with some of our old co-horts.
9/30/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Tom, I'm there. I hope they put in the facility for a reconfig to Oval and include some banking.Renting it for a few hours sounds good. Maybe you guys could give some of us novices some tips.Sean
9/28/2007 - Tom Urban
The Mt.Clemens Get Together is a go again in January. It will be the weekend after the Fan Club Banquet. Kart2Kart will be the location. I would like to rent the track for X amount of hours in order to keep outsiders from messing up our racing. I need some feedback on this issue as time is of the importance so I can lock in that weekend. It will be a go on the Saturday after the banquet. Kart2Kart is moving. Their new location will be in the old Sam`s Club building on 14 mile road between Dequindre and John R. It`s located on the south side of 14 mile. They are going to have two tracks inside with faster carts. As of today, 9-25-07, the prices are the same as last yearfor the Grand Prix format. Renting the track may cost $5-$10.00 more per person. All that attended the inaugural event, I will try to contact you by phone if I don`t hear from you here. Thanks all. Please let me know. I need a head count for racing.
9/15/2007 - Unknown
The photo of the cars in the pits and backstretch is Deleware Speedway not Mt Clemens as is evidenced by the large billboard in the background that welcomes race fans to Deleware. Also the photo of the 003 on the Thunder Road page is Mt Clemens according to the wall, fence backstretch and light towers. Although some of these things are blurry if you compare grandstand shots looking at the track from Thunder Road and Mt Clemens from that era you can plainly see the difference. Thunder road doesn't have a white fence or backstretch wall then. Great shots though as the 003 looks like it's about to take flight.
8/30/2007 - Randy
To Al Blixt, did you and your dad 'sell' the photos right under the stands entranceway? If you were the one's set up there, I can't tell you how many pix I bought from that booth. Unfortunately, when I moved out of my house at 19, all those were left behind and disgarded once my parents went to move. I am very bummed about that as I had a photo album of those pix and others I had taken as well (along with newspaper articles from the local papers).

Great sight, everytime I read something about MCRT or MCS, I WISH I could turn back the hands of time...the drivers were so good back then. It was not about $$$, it was about who was gonna win that night. And being a 'clay' track back then was perfect for MCRT. Made for some awesome, exciting racing.

I again have to say how nice it is to have this site to share so many memories with so many perople with such a passion for the track...just goes to show how MCRT was a 'legendary track' back in the day for the Detroit area (and still living through this site).

thanks to all that share there memories!!!

Oh a side note, I tried to contact Lloyd Goodrich with no sucess...
8/30/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Al has really cool pictures on his site, not just the Clem but Jackson as well. Hey randy and Nate, maybe we should all find a cornfield and race ford tempos and geo Prizms, Hah That's the way they used to do it.
8/29/2007 - BOB kRUPA
Hey, Al Blixt - Do you have any pictures of Mt. Clemens Racetrack? If so, you should post them here.
8/20/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
That's awesome too hear that he's running. I think I met him for a second at Toledo a few years back and someone said that's Norm Tuckers grandson. Spark plug on the roof, my dad's favorite driver next to Carl
8/20/2007 - Tommy Gullett
Jimmy Tucker is the son of Jimmy Gullett and Norms grandson. Yes that was his first race he ran great that was the first time out on the track and was running in the top ten after starting 17th and ran into battery trouble.
8/20/2007 - Joe Colliss
I'm a long time mt. clemens race fan and just learned of this site last sunday down at flat rock i havent been to the races in years so my son asked me to go to the enduro but still was ammased at all the new gereration of mt. clemens racers and some of the old guys to Jeff Rohde,Jeff Metdepenningen,Derrick Sheppard,and Jimmy Tucker. Is that Norms son or grandson they said it was his first race he did good beside a spin he ran good. Derrick is Rick Sheppards son someone told he ran great its good to see these mt. clemens guy still running. But they make me feel old.
8/16/2007 - Chuck
For those who remember long time race fan Robert "Ram" Socia passed away of congestive heart failure August 16, 2007.
8/1/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
That's a great point about the road course Bruce, one that owners and promoters should think about today. Waterford hills is a club and so it has survived where others have not. Think about how great it would be to have a road coure combined with a 1/2 mile oval inside it and a dragstrip. I for the life of me don't understand what is so hard about getting the concept of strength in #s and multi use. These divisions of labor from motorsport to motorsport make little or no since. Racing is racing and needs all the support it can gather what with every farm field in Michigan being turned into a breeding ground for repulsive half million dollar condos and wall marts. All the michigan tracks ought to run ethonal too, it's grown here, why not use it. To Nate's point, I will never give up on the idea that a racetrack can exist somewhere between Chelsea and Port Huron. You can't honestly say it's impossible. Heck, why not turn Detroit city airport into a multiuse racetrasck. The locals already have drag races on the road behind it every week. Why not get Detroit involved. If Nat, Randy and I only had about a billion bucks, or 500 more people like eachother......
7/31/2007 - Bruce Freeburger
Folks, I can only recall visiting MCRT twice. First time in the summer of 1963 for a USAC Midget points race (Mel Kenyon won), then later in 1983 or 1984 for a regular stock car night. I saw a couple of Motor City Speedway races on 8 Mile when I was in kindergarten back in 1956. By 1989 I was a reporter for CompuServe's Motor Sports Forum and posted onlne Flat Rock ARCA results I covered. Things were dial up back then and Flat Rock did not have a phone jack for the media, so I drove back home in Roseville and posted the stories online from there.

When I was in grade school a classmate gave me a Mt. Clemens Race Track program for a SPORTS CAR race there. It used part of the oval and went out back where the motocross track was made decades later. New Hampshire's road course was shaped like this. I now realize that this sports car race would have had to be an all dirt road course! The year would have between 1957 and 1959. I wonder if the MCRT road course even lasted more than one event. NOBODY seems to recall a sports car race at MCRT, but I had a real program from the event! Cheers, Bruce Freeburger

7/30/2007 - todd
does anyone know if Lloyd Goodrich is still in st. clair shores? im looking for information on a owner he used to drive for Ed Adams. He drove his # 85 car. if anynoe has any pics of the 85 car or of the owner, please let me know im tring to help Ed Adams grandaughter put a profile together as a gift for her father.
7/27/2007 - Dan Grinde
Congradulations to Brian Norton for 50 featrure wins in the A-Main Street Stock division at The Flatrock Speedway. I wish I could have half the chance.
7/26/2007 - Dan Rinke
The picture from Bill Murawski of the #1 yellow chevelle in front of Jack Goodwin in the #78 car dated June 1970 was being driven by me. It was sponsored by Centerline Auto Parts and we were 3rd in points behind Art Sommers & Ray Niece at the time. I'm sure Art can verify this. Thanks, and you are doing a great job with this site! Dan Rinke
6/20/2007 - Dave DeHem
Tom, The MARFC Banquet is usually the third Saturday in January. It should be on the 19th of January, 2008. As far as renting the track for a couple of hours goes, I would say yes to that and I will be more than happy to front some money for my racing. Catering would be alright I think, as long as everybody knows they have to pay. It could turn into a nightmare though as last years was pretty easy with people sliding in and out of the room swapping stories and remembering the good old days. In any event, you can count on me for help again.
6/20/2007 - Tom Urbanom Urban
The Mt.Clemens Get Together will happen for a second year. It will take place the Saturday after the Fan Club Banquet. I need some input for this year. Do we want to rent the track for a few hours? This will keep intruders out of our races. Last time, we had some outsiders, and they kind of messed up some of the racing by crashing people. Do we want to have catering? It`s an extra charge of $12.00 per person. Food would be pizza/pasta and pop. As soon as I find out what the fan club date is, I`ll post the get together date. Any ideas on how to improve on the last get together? Any and all ideas/suggestions will be considered. If we decide on track rental, I`ll need money up front from those that are going to race.
6/12/2007 - LAURA TUCKER
6/2/2007 - Paul Michelsen
i am the son of Frederick Michelsen. i am looking for any info on my late dad's racing career. if u have any pics plz send me a copy of them if at all possible.his car number was 166 or 66. he used to work at midway auto parts in detroit. in now as been removed. fred pasted away in 1980 from cancer. i miss him. my step mom has since destroyed his career. im trying to rebuilt it if at all possible. he had a very disticted hand injury. it was smashed in a crane accident. it looks like he was giving u the middle finger.
5/16/2007 - Randy
Thank you Louie...I will give this a try. I didn't think of zabasearch until I saw your post with a 'born date'.
5/10/2007 - louie bennett
for Lloyd Goodrich born june 1939 try 28111 SHOCK st. st.clair shores mi. 48081 have a great day louie!!!!!! ( not shook) p.s. congrats to Leslie"s son ( billy) MOM an DAD gotta be proud
5/10/2007 - Greg Aknderson
I'm new to this website ( and to high-tech and computers generally), but I "lived" at Mt. Clemens Race Track Mon. Thurs., and Sats. from early sixties to mid-seventies (when the track was finally paved) and witnessed some very fine racing including some nationally famous racers ( Benny Parsons, Joe Ruttman, Iggy Katona, etc.). I'm a first cousin to Dan Baumbarten. and I spent many a summer night in the late '50's and early 60's in the playground at the track and absorbed all the tire smoke and high-decibel engine wines that are indelibly stamped in my psyche. I spent my entire teens until my mid thirties living under my and friends cars, and I still have grease under my fingernails to prove it! My unconscience is a treasure trove of memories of MCRT just waiting to explode with data and anecdotes. Talk to me, and I will spew out reminiscences of Jack Goodwin, Chuck & Artie Sommers, Homer Newland, Bob Fredericks, Ralph Young (I can never forget when he won his first feature, and in the winner's circle they popped the hood on that blue '60 Plymouth to reveal that 426 Hemi with those huge chrome valve covers with plug wires going through them); In the sportsman class I was always an Art Sommers fan (with Chuck Sommers in the "2-11 '56(?) Chevy as much a threat to win as Art hinself) always looking at Marv Parenteau's #68 '57 Chevy in his rear-view mirror. This is my introduction to this venue, so just picque my memory and let me fill in the gaps of your memories that are just as erroneous as mine!
5/9/2007 - Randy
Anyone know the wereabouts of Lloyd Goodrich? He drove the #85 (pale lavender 57 Chevy) in the sportsman class in the 60's and early 70's. This was when the track was clay. He won a 1/4 mile championship as well as a Double "O" Championship. He use to live in the East Detroit area back in the day. His brother Gene took over driving after Lloyd stepped out and the car was then an orange 57 chevy, but still #85. He did not have the success that Lloyd did. thanks!
5/8/2007 - LAURA TUCKER
I forgot to tell you that Billy Leslie's first ARCA team win included Tracy Leslie as the spotter, Lee Leslie as the crew chief, Chuck Carroll and Larry Lamay crew members. Sound familiar? How could he lose? It was all left up to the driver who was awesome!
5/8/2007 - LAURA TUCKER
Billy Leslie, son of Tracy Leslie, won his first ARCA Remax Series race on 5-7-07 at Winchester Speedway. It was really exciting to be there watching the second generations of Leslie and Keselowski. Billy led the last 60 laps and finished 2 car lengths ahead of Brian Keselowski and Frank Kimmel. At age 19, the young man showed that racing is in his blood. Billy has a Titan Tire sponsorship for a 10 race deal in the ARCA series. His next race will be at Toledo Speedway on May 20th. He will be running MIS and Talladega too!
5/3/2007 - Pat Collins
Looking for Jim Hehl from Flat Rock, MI.
4/21/2007 - lance skotcher
Hi Tom. How are you? How's your mom & dad and brother Bill? I remember racing against your brother and Dave Randa when your dad sponsored them. Wish I still had some of those dodges now. Sure would be worth alot of money now.
4/21/2007 - lance skotcher
Hey Louie. How are ya? All those cars were from the '70's. Raced from 1972-until the track closed. 1970 Duster # 51 orange/black/white. 1969 Dodge Charger # 51 black/red. 1970 Dodge Challenger # 51 black/red was raced as a sportsman car. They were all sponsored by Michael E. Wilkins Excavating and were street stock. In the '80's, I raced a 1984? - Ford Thunderbird in late model division # 11 black/white/orange sponsored by Al Long Ford. Sure would be cool to see some photos of them. The first car I ever raced there was a 1964 Dodge black/red # 55 - when they first started the street stock class. When I raced the 1964 Dodge, Larry Carpenter won the track championship in street stock. I was 17yrs old then. Rick Sheppard, Tracy Leslie, "Trailor Rod" (anyone remember him?), Jeff Jagota, Jimmy Nevel and I all strated racing for the first time that year. Don't recall what year that was.
4/21/2007 - lance skotcher
Hey Dan, how are you? How's your dad? Moved to North Carolina a year ago. Came to THAW-OUT. Will never miss Northern Michigan snow. I am driving truck now-all local and home every day. Live about 10 minutes from Bowmen Gray Stadium Speedway. They race modifies & late models. It's cool. Really awesome to see you on this site. Enjoy looking back at alll the photos. My home email address is in this site's guest book. Email me.
4/21/2007 - Ron Nelson
1-Louie Bennett-Thanks again for the Hanley hat. It is the same as the shirt I got from a guy in florida just recently. Also, d