Ward Theatre - Mount Pleasant MI

Address: 218 S Main St
City: Mount Pleasant
State: MI
Zip: 48858
County: Isabella
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 9073

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General Information:

Source: Darla Moore

This theatre was built by Lee Ward and his father. His father and uncle also owned the Broadway Theatre in Mt. Pleasant. The elder Mr. Ward passed away a few months before the Ward opened. They did a large grand opening with lights out front and the owners and managers in tuxedos. They were able to seat over 700 patrons including a balcony. I was married to Lee Ward's son, Kent, from 1971 to 1986 and when I locate pictures and other information that I have I will post those also. The Ward and Broadway Theatres were sold to the Loeck's organization out of Grand Rapids around 1987. They were still operated as theatres at that time. The Ward was later sold to the church group when the Loeck's organization built a large multi-plex in Mt. Pleasant that contained less seats but more screens.

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Info Updates:
2/5/2007 - Seth Landon
When I was younger I went to the theater for the last showing be for it closed, the movie I saw was Alaska at least they kept everything outside looking the same and inside pretty much accept for the added extension to the stage, the screen appears to be their and is used for the services, How I found this out was watching their services on the local broadcasting network, and seeing the outside when I go to town.
1/13/2004 - Steve Allen
This has been sold and converted to a youth church.
Ward Theatre - June 2022 Photo From Ron Gross
June 2022 Photo From Ron Gross
Ward Theatre - October 2002 Photo
October 2002 Photo
Ward Theatre - October 2002 Photo
October 2002 Photo
Ward Theatre - 1947 Post Card From Paul
1947 Post Card From Paul
Ward Theatre - Old Pic From Ron Gross
Old Pic From Ron Gross
Ward Theatre - 1946 Ad From James
1946 Ad From James
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