Hampton 4 Theatres - Rochester Hills MI

Address: 2155 S Rochester Rd
City: Rochester Hills
State: MI
Zip: 48307
County: Oakland
Owner History: Nicholas George
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 9669

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General Information:

It appears the Bed Bath and Beyond was indeed the old theater according to an article doing the rounds back in 2001. I found the identical piece in papers all around the country as it was produced by Gannett News Service. As of 2022, a Dunham's is in the building although it appears to be heavily remodeled. I do believe the bones of the building are still the old theater though. The historical aerial photos do not indicate any sort of major demolition on the property. The footprint is much the same going back to the 1970's when the plaza opened.

Source: Cinema Treasures

Built for Nicholas George about 1974, the Hampton 3 opened adjacent to the Hampton Plaza Shopping Center. In 1979, noted theater architect Louis Wiltse was hired to add another auditorium, bring the Hampton's total seating to over 900. In 1986, the theater was sold to the AMC chain, which operated it as the AMC Hampton 4 until they shuttered it in 1999. It is rumored that the quad was haunted by the ghost of a construction worker killed either during the theater's original construction, or during the addition of the fourth screen.

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Info Updates:
4/14/2017 - Dan Wieczorek
I was the projectionist when Vicant ( Bob Vickery and Gabe Anton ) acquired the 3 screen theatre around 74 or 75. We used 1 reel to reel xenon bulb system in the main theatre and 2 platter systems with xenon bulbs in the smaller 2 rooms. I remember the private screening room well. My girlfriend and I used to make out in there when she would visit me at work. It was a great experience ( being the projectionist ) one I'll never forget.
12/24/2015 - Greg Hunt
Don I have two chairs from the private screening room at the Hampton. When I got them they were orange crushed velvet and I of course had them recovered. Also I was the GM at the Sterling Center 10 and was also in charge of the Hampton near the end and was actually the GM that closed it.
4/23/2013 - Jim Thompson
The 'ghost' story seemed curious to me, but I heard of it later. The building was reconstructed and used as a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store, and its manager, who was quite credible, told me that the 'hauntings' continued and were very consistent and real. Shortly before the Hampton closed as a theater, it had a period of showing films such as The Wizard Of Oz and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The theater had been a dual or triple screen theater in earlier years.
10/21/2011 - Don Topolsky
I was the theater's first manager in 1971. It was an awesome show place with the private viewing room where you could order drinks/food and host private parties. I think the place was haunted then, so it must have been due to a worker dying during construction.
12/19/2006 - Jan
The Hampton 4 Theaters weren't really demolished, they just morphed into the Bed, Bath, and Beyond store, on east side of Rochester Road, south of Hamlin. (The Marshall's store, etc. is located on the site of the former Winchester Mall - Winchester Theaters.) In the late 80's and early 90's the AMC shows had pretty good crowds - of course the moves were discounted at $1.00! They were a popular hangout for the high school age crowd. When the theaters closed the Avondale High School Theater Company obtained some of the seats to use in their MIFA production of "Audience." One of those seats wandered home with my son...and it's still here in the garage.
Hampton 4 Theatres - 1974 Rendering From Ad
1974 Rendering From Ad
Hampton 4 Theatres - Grand Opening Jan 11 1974
Grand Opening Jan 11 1974
Hampton 4 Theatres - Now Dunham May 14 2022
Now Dunham May 14 2022
Hampton 4 Theatres - Now Dunham May 14 2022
Now Dunham May 14 2022
Hampton 4 Theatres - Now Dunham May 14 2022
Now Dunham May 14 2022
Hampton 4 Theatres - 1973 Aerial Photo
1973 Aerial Photo
Hampton 4 Theatres - 1985 Ad As Ngt
1985 Ad As Ngt
Hampton 4 Theatres - 1999 Ad As Amc
1999 Ad As Amc
Hampton 4 Theatres - 2001 Article About The Conversion To Bed Bath And Beyond
2001 Article About The Conversion To Bed Bath And Beyond
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