Post Theatre - Battle Creek MI

Address: 19 McCamly St S
City: Battle Creek
State: MI
Zip: 49017
County: Calhoun
Open: 1902
Capacity: 902
Owner History: Butterfield Theatres
Theater Type: Neighborhood House
Number of visits to this page: 6992

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"Battle Creek was then (1901) and is now, on the main line of the New York Central Railroad, and Post Tavern became known to traveler from New York to Chicago as a fine accommodation with excellent dining rooms. By the time the hotel was opened in 1901, the old La Vita Inn was needed for plant expansion. Accordingly, an apartment was established in the new hotel for C. W. and his family. This continued to be their home as long as they remained in Battle Creek, and was maintained for subsequent visits.

Battle Creek did not have a downtown office building until Post built "Marjorie Block," in 11901, across from the hotel. Another building is still in use as an office building with a large department store occupying the ground floor. In back of that, facing the hotel, was the Post Theatre which was also opened that year. Post had long dreamed of bringing drama and good music to the citizens and workers of Battle Creek. It was with the feeling of great pride that he watched his teen-age daughter march to the stage and present a large bouquet to the then very popular Maxine Elliott who, on opening night, with Nat Goodwin as her co-star, initiated the new theatre." from "C.W. Post - The Hour and The Man" by Nettie Leitch Major

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