Keith - Albee Theatre

Address: 16533 Woodward Avenue
City: Highland Park
State: MI
Zip: 48203
County: Wayne
Open: 1927
Capacity: 472
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3/14/2021 - Cinema Treasures

Located in the Highland Park district of Detroit. The Keith-Albee Uptown Theatre was opened on March 7, 1927 for Keith-Albee, the 3,500-seat Uptown Theatre was designed to as a sister theatre to the downtown Oriental Theatre. The opening movie was “Getting Gertie’s Garter” starring Marie Prevost plus 5-acts of Keith-Albee vaudeville.

It was originally a venue for vaudeville, but later switched to movies and contained a large organ. The Uptown Theatre was, like the Oriental Theatre, designed by architect of Percival R. Periera.

Renamed the 6 Mile Uptown Theatre (for its location at Woodward Avenue and 6 Mile Road in Highland Park) in 1954, the Uptown Part of the name was dropped five years later.

Starting in the early-1970’s, it switched from movies to live strip shows, and later that decade, pornographic films.

After it closed in 1980, plans were laid to convert the 6 Mile Theatre into a playhouse called the Eighties. However, this idea came to naught, since it was razed by the late-1980’s. Contributed by Bryan Krefft

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