Krim Theatre

Address: 16531 Woodward Ave
City: Highland Park
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1941
Capacity: 760
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 11504
Notes: AKA: Trans-Lux Krim
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1/20/2017 - judy shippy
I lived in an apt in my teens over the car dealership across woodward from the Krim, I knew Sol as he was a friend of my uncles and I met Mac a couple of times. The restaurant across the side street from the Krim was the Flo-Wood if I remember correctly.
3/24/2016 - Don Webb
I worked for Sol at the Krim Theater in '58. Staff Cathy Coutour, Lois Logamasino, Donna Henderson, Mr. Rose from NY was the manager. Pet store next door and then Fish and Chips on the corner of Florence. The RKO Uptown was a theater in the next block between Florence and 6 Mile. The bar across Woodward from the RKO was the Dew Drop Inn and the new and used car dealer across from the Krim was Snethcamp Plymouth-Dodge. There was a restaurant on the other corner of Florence named the RKO Grill…. I think. We showed And God Created Woman for nearly a year and then had the world premier of The Case of Dr. Laurent. Also ran Gigi for many weeks. Sol did a U-turn in front of the show and got broadsided by a DSR bus. The car had to be shipped back to Italy for extensive body work. The Rat Pack car was there for over a year. Sol spoke often of a younger brother named Lenny whom I never met.
11/4/2015 - CareyVigor
I think I met Mac Krim in a deli in Beverly Hills in1989 We struck up a conversation in Polish He said he came frim Warsaw before WW2 and bought the Martha Washington theater in Hamtramck and sold it to move to Hollywood The waitress who spoke Polish told me he was married to Kim Novak and took her to Detroit to oprn the Trans Lux Krim theater and was a founder of Paramount Studios.
1/23/2015 - Mary Barson
My Uncle Bob was killed March 28th, 1948 in front of the RKO Theatre. He was stabbed to death. He went to Catholic Central High School, and had a football scholarship to MSU. He was murdered on Easter Sunday morning. Does anyone remember this murder. It was big news back then. I just want to know if anyone remembers my Uncle Bob. I never met him and would love to know what he was like. I hear he was a great guy, and was so handsome!! I have a picture of him, but don't know how to submit it. Thankyou. Please e-mail me at toza37@yahoo. com.
8/16/2014 - Lillian Murdock-Angelo
I have been searching for an hour on RKO Cafe and I do not remember it. I do remember a used car dealer directly across from Krim Theatre. And the soda shop either right next door or something in between. My The difference between Krim Theatre and the RKO Theatre was the ticket price. Those were the GOOD OLD DAYS. Lil.
8/16/2014 - Lillian Murdock-Angelo
I was disappointed when I previously left message on here hoping someone would remember and get in touch. I worked there from May, 1946-almost 1947. I could relate so many happy times there. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Leonard, the young brother. I had a terrible, teenage, crush on him. I even think all the girls did. We just didn't talk about it. Please get in touch. Lil.
6/13/2014 - stuart wilhelm
I lived behind the Kessler house on Ohio St. Growing up. Camille Kessler was the sister of Mac Krim and Harry and Sol Krim. I met Kim Novak when she was going with Mac Krim. My best friend was Leon Kessler the son of Camille. So when we went to the Krim Theatre Sol would let us in free.
5/15/2014 - Lillian Murdock
I know of this arrea. I was employed for 17 years with ABITIBI-PRICE CORPORATION LOCATED IN TROY, MI. My family has spent time up at the lake. Do A-Price employees ever contact this website? I would love to hear from them. Lil.
5/15/2014 - Lillian (Murdock) Angelo-Crawford
I'm trying to pull material together for writing a book one day. I thought of my life in 1946 when I worked for Mac and Sol Krim. Also, Harry and Leonard. I forget their sister's name at the moment. They hired Andy Lucas as manager so all his employee's were Pershing students in 45-48 as we graduated. I knew much of Krim brothers as Sol would sit during my breaks and talk of Hollywood as I was a star-struck teenager then. Please email if I can help you. Perhaps we might know one another or someone in the family. So happy my curiosity happens now and then. Lil, Surprise, Arizona.
2/9/2013 - christopher barson
Does anyone know anything about the RKO Cafe across the street from The Krim Theatre?.
1/27/2013 - nori rosenberg
Lucille Ball laid the cornerstone for the Krim Theatre. She and Mac Krim were friends.
10/10/2011 - michael barson sr.
My father grew up at 172 W. Nevada during the 30's & 40's. Our family owned the house up until 1996 when my brother sold it. As a young child living near 6 & Schaffer we used to pass the Krim every Sunday when we would visit my grandmother. My uncle (who I never met as I was born in 1958) Robert Charles Barson a St. Benedicts, Catholic Central & MSU Tackle was murdered directly across the street from the Krim @ 16526 Woodward on Easter Sunday morning 1948 in a place then called RKO Lunch. I would appreciate any photos of that address during the late 40's should anyone have them. He was murdered when he was attacked by Walter F. Thibodeau, Carl Welsh & Dennis F. Mallon members of the Six Mile Gang. Should anyone have any information that I could add to my scrapbook I'd be appreciative. Email to mikebarson@aol. com.
9/24/2009 - Denise Rothstein
Sol amd Mac Krim are my husband''s Uncle''s. We also lived in Claifornia thru 2003 from 1977 and would see Mac at all family gatherings. We really hit it off and really had a great time tallking about Kim Novak, the Thalians etc. I can ask relatives about pictures, I don''t know if I have any but you can contact me with any questions you may have and I''ll try to get you an aanswer.
5/2/2006 - Mortalman
If I read your comments correctly Tom Seller concerning Charles Chaplin’s twentieth-anniversary re-release of his famous silent "City Lights." You said, “Thanks to the artistic level headedness of Sol Krim I got to see it and never have forgotten it.” I am intrigued that you credit Sol Krim in your statement. First of all how do you know Sol Krim was involved, next how do you know it was Sol Krim that made the decision and finally, “Do or did you know Sol Krim?” The reason I am asking is that my mother and father both worked for Sol and Mac Krim when Mac still lived in Michigan. I am keen to find any photos of Sol and Mac Krim. I have much more information about the Krim Brothers that I can share with you privately if you read and respond to this comment
4/6/2006 - Tom Seller
In 1951 the Krim booked Charles Chaplins twentieth-anniversary rerelease of his famous silent "City Lights." Other Detroit theaters would not touch it because of the bad reputation Chaplin most unjustly acquired after his 1947 "Monsieur Verdoux," which was considered sacreligious (it was banned entirely throughout Ohio). Thanks to the artistic levelheadedness of Sol Krim I got to see it and never have forgot it. That year, incidentally, Time Magazine called "City Lights" the best movie of the year.
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
The Krim, designed by Charles N. Agree in his usual Streamline Moderne style, opened in 1941. It could seat over 760. During most of the 50s, the Krim screened art and foreign fare, and featured a nearly year-long run of "Julius Caesar" with Marlon Brando, which outgrossed most of the downtown movie palaces. Later renamed the Trans-Lux Krim, the theater turned to pornographic films in the 70s and 80s, before being purchased by the Revival Tabernacle Assembly of God church in 1990. Still owned by the church, the former theater is now dwarfed by the church's new building next door, which opened in the summer of 2002.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
The Trans-Lux Krim Theatre, has obtained the American premiere of the new Pathe Cinema-Janus release, "Heroes and Sinners". Manager Eric H. Rose reports. The film stars Curt Jurgens, Maria Felix, and Yves Montand. This the second time the art house has been able to secure an American premiere in the 16 months it has been under Trans-Lux management. The earlier debut was made by "The Night Heaven Fell", which proved a strong box-office grosser.
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