Rivola Theatre

Address: 4703 Cadillac
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1923
Owner History:
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10/28/2013 - Ron bellisario
Jerry laporte angelinas pizzeria was on st. Clair and Harper ave. That the only pizzeria that I remember in the area. The wolverine potato chip factory was on shoemaker near hurlbut not Harding. on Harding was toms barber shop,a drug store,a Sinclair gas station and a sewer pipe distribution company.
12/22/2010 - Jerry
Does anyone remember the name of the pizza joint on McClellan and Warren and the Wolverine Potato Chip factory on Shoemaker and Harding?.
11/5/2010 - Jerry Laporte
Oh the memories. Double features and cartoons between them. I lived on Lemay and just a short walk. If i only knew what I know now I think I would have enjoyed much more. Anyone remember the pizza place on Warren and I think Pennsylvania.
11/2/2010 - Alan Harvard
This was my GROWING-UP movie house. 1946-1953 +/-. Double features, nickel popcorn, the Lash LaRue or Flash Gordon, etc SERIALS and of course the CARTOONS. My routine was this: I had a quarter. That bought me a ticket (13 cents) popcorn (5 cents) two 100-candy dot strips, leaving me a nickel to call home to get permission to stay longer. Then THAT DAY came! As I put the nickel into the pay phone I didn't get the familiar dial tone. Instead an operator came on and told me I had to put in another nickel. YEP. that was the day the Detroit rates went to 10 cents. I panicked. No amount of pleading with her helped. So I ran home hoping to explain that I tried. mom and dad's laughter gave a whole new meaning to the expression LOL! Funny and fun what you remember!.
9/15/2008 - Kurt Langeloh
In the photo the wide street at the bottom is Forest Ave. It ended at Cadillac. The Rivola was located on the second vacant lot on the northwest corner of Cadillac. My grandmother used to live on Yates and my aund & uncle lived on Rohns right off of Forest. When my sister and I would spend a weekend at our grandparents my grandmother or my aunt would take us to the Rivola for a Saturday matinee.
1/2/2007 - Marie Marchetti
This does not look like the location of the Rivola. It was on Cadillac and Forest. It was next to a drug store that was on the corner of Forest. Across the street was a Florist, and an Italian soda shop. I can't believe Cadillac is so barren of buildings. Cadillac was a very busy street.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
June 1959 - The Rivola, operated by Harry Nott and John Sizemore of the Tower, has been closed.
Rivola Theatre - 1970S FROM FREDERICK
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